Bridal Material update Monday 2 May 2022

Bridal Material 2 May 2022: Vivan comes down with Meera. Family surrounds him and asks to have food. He sees lots of food and asks if guests are coming. Biji says it is for him. He says so much food for single man. Biji says he is not a man. Meera laughs. Vivan asks what… Biji says he is jamaiji. Meera stuffs food in his mouth. Family stuffs food next. Vivan angrily gets up and shouts he married Meera to save them and Meera from humiliation and shows divorce papers. Family is shocked. Meera realizes it is her imagination. Vivan finishes food and walks up feeling uneasy. Mera take digestive pills for him and says Daadi sent them. He takes pills saying he is as Daadi sent them. Daadi from downstairs asks if he trust her and not Meera. He says nothing like that. Meera and Vivan’s nok jhok continues. She warns him to continue drama, else she will not sign divorce papers.

A lady watches news about Vivan marrying a Punjabhi village girl and thinks how down markets, Indians won’t change, Vivan should have married at least a rich girl, she will break this marriage now.

Vivan confronts Meera and asks if she thinks she is smart. Meera says she is since childhood and if he troubles, she will not divorce him. Their nok jhok continues.

He says his family overfed him, people like about poverty in India, there is so much food here and they should distribute some to poor. He says he is going to his room. Meera asks not to now. He leaves. Dolly knocks door and enters in, asks where is Vivan. Vivan calls her near swinger and shows rose. Dolly asks what is he doing here and feeling shy says Meera is very lucky, they both can chat while she goes in.

Vivan angrily says what she has made him, he jumped wall and came here. She asks not to act. Their nok jhok starts. She says she will sleep here, nothing will happen to him. Power goes off.

Meera sees falling star. Vivan says it is a meteor. She says they say matioor in English. She says breaking star is fine for her. She says their will wish will come true if they wish seeing breaking star. Vivan wishes Meera should sign divorce papers soon. She makes her win. Sooraj hua plays in the background.. She says one more star wil break, but it does not. She feels sad and sleeps on his chest. They both fall asleep while stars make heart shape.

In the morning, Dolly asks Meera to get clothes for Vivan from her friend’s boutique and sends her. Biji asks Vivan to sit. Vivan says he has some work and leaves. Dolly thinks some or other issues happen in this house and hopes nothing wrong happens.

An arrogant lady travels in car and orders driver to speed car as she needs to reach her destiny soon. Driver rashly drives harming people and breaking things on the way. Meera walks with someone on the road and seeing boys playing cricket on road and speeding car towards them runs and rescues boy Car stops, and lady gets out of car. Meera calls her yamraj ki bhatiji and says this car may be of her father or uncle, she does not car, lady should not drive it rashly.

Lady yells why she is panicking and yelling, throws money on her and says in India only this works, go and gift children some clothes and not disturb her. Meera signals children and they hug lady. Lady shouts yuck stay away. Meera says she tried to kill them, but they are giving jaadoo ki jhappi…

Lady tries to make a call and shouts phone is not connecting. Meera does children’s nazar and returns money to lady. Lady angrily crimples money.

Dolly waits for Meera eagerly. Meera returns with clothes. Dolly asks if she brought clothes. Dolly says she also taught lesson to an arrogant foreigner who was trying to drive car on children. Dolly asks if she is a policewoman, she should not interfere in other’s matters, go and get ready.

Meera comes out getting ready. Vivan gers ready in traditional outfit. Dolly praises Vivan and Meera. Vivan gets mesmerized with Meera’s beautfy. Bebo says Vivan is looking very handsome like raja maharaja. Meera says Bebo changed her side. Dolly says they both are on same side and holds her hand in Vivan’s hand. She says let us start pagdi ceremony. Meera sits next to Vivan and their nok jhok starts.

Bebo goes to get phone. Dolly tells Vivan whenever Meera does mistakes, he handles her. Vivan says even then Meera does not stop making mistakes, if it is her hobby or her childhood problems. Dolly says he can change her. She brings pagdi cloth. Vivan says he cannot. Biji says it is a ritual. Vivan says he cannot wear it, I am sorry. Meera says he forgot that he likes trying new thing. Vivan agrees. Meera drapes padgi on Vivan’s head. Car lady reaches outside Vivan’s house and gets out of car.

Vivan’s stepmother Roma reaches outside Meera’s house. Meera ties pagdi to Vivan. Dolly praises her damad is looking so handsome in pagdi. Vivan jokes something is burning and it is Meera’s heart. Everyone laugh. Amaya walks in and angrily says Vivan that Roma has come. Biji asks who is she. Amaya says Mrs. Roma Kapoor, his dad’s wife and her stepmom.

Biji says let us greet them. Vivan meets Roma who calls him VK asks if he is coming from theme party. He says no. She asks what all he did here, he heard he did a mistake and married. He says yes. She asks how will he correct his mistake. He has solution for that. She asks to shake hands. He does. Dolly walks in excitedly and hugs her followed by Biji and others.

Roma yells to stay away from her. They ask her to go and relax in her room and walk away. Biji says it is obvious when someone touches without permission. Amaya comes. Roma tries to chat with her, but Amaya fumes.

Meera in her room thinks now she has to meet her saas, all saas are arrogant, Sumer’s mother was so arrogant and Vivan’s mother will also be, but hopes she is not like Vivan, else she will sign papers. Dolly walks in and asks what signatures. Meera gets tensed. Dolly asks to get ready for saas’ muh dikhayi/face watching ritual.

Roma fumes at Vivan what is he doing here, why is he behaving with them like family members, they are not even fit to be their servants, how can he do such a big mistake. She continues.. Vivan says these people will perform rituals, she should also enjoy. Roma asks what…. Dolly walks in calling her behenji. Roma shouts what.. does she know age difference between them, how downgrade. Vivan says she is Mrs. Kapoor and he also calls her same. Dolly calls her for bahu’s muh dikhayi rituals. Roma thinks she cannot speak now as Vivan is on their side.

Meera stands wearing veil. Biji tells Roma it is ritual for saas to see bahu’s face first i mirror. Roma fumes, but Vivan signals her to go ahead. Roma and Meera look at each other’s face in mirror and are shocked. Meera drops mirror. Biji says it is good sign and it will be auspicious when Meera’s saas will dorn chunri/veil on her. Vivan signals her to go ahead. Roma thinks she will dorn chunri which everyone will see. She silently burns chunri in aarti lamp. Family gets tensed seeing Meera’s chunri burning.

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