Bridal Material June 2022 teasers

Bridal Material June teasers 2022:

June 1 2022 : Vivan blame Meera for his mother death and his sister’s critical condition. Judge refuses Vivan’s quest to divorce Meera. Vivan pushes Meera down from the stairs. Amar filed for domestic violence against him.

June 2 2022: Vivan accuse Meera family of trying to get rid of him to take over his property. He invited Meera to a secluded place and trust to run over her with his car. Amar stop fake doctor who try to poison Amaya. Goon misbehave with Meera and she ran into the jungle

June 3 2022: Family informed Vivan about Amaya and he alleged Amar, Meera defended her father. Kidnapper calls Vivan. Meera fell and get unconscious but Vivan saved her. She went to the tricks Vivan and went to the kidnapper destination alone. Meera is shocked at who she saw.

June 4 2022: Kidnapper confess to his crime and shot Meera. Vivan walks on burning coal pray for Meera. Amar told Vivan to stay away from his daughter and that Meera should choose between her father and husband. Vivan regret mistreating Meera.

June 5 2022: Meera abscond from home. Vivan and Amar finds her in the village and Vivan swore to make Amar give his daughter back to him in five months. Amar and family leaves city moved to the village. Amar challenged Vivan with difficult tasks.

June 6 2022: Amar told Vivan to make breakfast for everyone all by himself. Laali told her pinky to seduce Vivan. Amar’s friend begged him to help keep his golden god for a while but Vivan unknowingly drop god trunk key. Pinky picks it while trying to seduce Vivan. Meera gets jealous seeing them.

June 7 2022: Laali and pinky steals golden god while Vivan and Meera argues. Amar accuse Vivan of stealing it and slap him. Meera defense Vivan. Sweety suppot Laila and pinky evil plan to separate Vivan and Meera.

June 8 2022: Amar disowned Dolly for treating Vivan and performs her last rite. Vivan agree to leave with his sister. Laila, Pinky and Sweety smirk. Laila hide gid in Amar’s room during search. Villager blame Amar for trying to steal the god and also pretending. Vivan argues with Amar.

June 9 2022: Amar inform Meera that he’s getting her remarried. Pinky and Sweety set Vivan up and frame his as the god thief before Amar and Meera. Vivan fight with villagers, he gets drunk and pinky try to use it to her advantage.

June 10 2022: Vivan refuse to make breakfast or snack for the family. Biji advice Amar to pray and listen to his heart. Vivan try to convince Amar and Meera but they both wont listen to him. Meera says wedding will hold only in Hoshiarpur as it all started there. Laila, Pinky and Sweety plan to disrupt Meera plan to reunite with Vivan and get pinky married to Vivan instead.

June 11 2022: Sunny arrives at the Kapoor mansion fully decorated for Meera remarriage. Sweety lied to Sunny that Vivaan force Meera to marry him, Vivaan then confronted Meera as to why he has to be the only one trying to save their marriage. Sweety overhears Meera and sunny conversation about their fake wedding and tells Laila. Vivaan fights Sunny for getting to close to his wife.

June 12 2022: Mera pretends to faint, get drunk and got intimate with Vivaan. Pinky accuse Vivaan of raping him. Meera plan with sunny to reveal Pinky’s lies. Pandit set same wedding and engagement day for pinky and Vivaan with Meera and sunny. Pinky accuse Meera of trying to kill her

June 13 2022: Pinky blackmail Meera before Amar. Dolly advice Meera to confess she was with Amar before it’s too late. Amar cuts his finger and Meera told her father she cannot get engaged to Sunny. Sunny poison satinder and threaten to kill his real son if he disclose his identity. Sunny gets engaged to Meera and Pinky to Vivaan. Sunny says he’s going to get revenge from Vivaan.

June 14 2022: Pinky tries to defame Meera before her Amar but Vivaan twisted the situation to their favor. He and Meera finds out the truth about Sunny’s identity. Vivaan found out fake Sunny is his step brother. Pinky taunts Meera about getting married to Sunny. Vivaan and sunny get into a fight, gun fires.

June 15 2022: Vivaan and Meera got married again without families knowledge. Fake Sunny then attack Vivaan and Meera on their honeymoon night. Meera confess to her parent that she married Vivaan and not sunny but no one believed her. Vivaan escapes Fake Sunny’s goon. A speeding car heads towards Meera.

June 16 2022: Amar sent Vivaan out of his house and lock Meera up. She escape via the window to meet Vivaan at a bus-stop. Fake Sunny followed Meera to the bus but she escaped. Fake Sunny video-calls Amar while fighting with Vivaan and fall off cliff. Vivaan and Meera search for fake Sunny’s body.

June 17 2022: Police arrest Vivaan for fake sunny murder. Meera search for evidence to prove him innocent and found out fake Sunny had everything planned ahead. Meera’s parent slap her for trying to defend Vivaan. Fake sunny kill his fake witness to cover up his lies.

June 18 2022: Meera record fake sunny kindnap and takes it to the station but fake sunny disguised as old man exchange the phone. Vivaan escapes prison after fake sunny kidnapped Meera again. Police shoot at Vivaan as he run to go save Meera. Fake sunny ask Meera to get intimate with him to save Vivaan.

June 19 2022:  Sunny show up at the station with Meera and police freed Vivaan. Meera confess to spending a night with fake sunny to get him out of sunny’s trap. Vivaan is shattered. Meera dance sensuously around fake sunny, Vivaan walks in and ask Meera to come with him but she refuse. Vivaan left angrily.

June 20 2022: Meera attack fake sunny and escape after breaking bomb remote. Vivaan gets angry and doubt Meera. Fake sunny continue to instigate Vivaan against Meera. Meera apply Vivaan blood as her sindoor after he angrily cut himself. Family doubt Meera relationship with fake sunny including Vivaan himself.

June 21 2022: Fake Sunny tell Vivaan to control his wife who is falling love with him instead of hitting him. Vivaan ask Meera to do a virginity but she refuses. Fake sunny confess to kill Vivaan mother and being responsible for Amaya’s condition. He kidnapped Meera again after electrocuting Vivaan.

June 22 2022: Fake Sunny set Meera on fire and blasted gas cylinder at both of them. Meera and Vivan is rushed to the hospital. Vivaan is in coma while Meera becomes blind. Vivaan teaches blind Meera how to navigate round the house. Vivaan metva doctor who told him about an eye donor.

June 23 2022: Temple woman tells Dolly to get Meera away from Vivaan. Meera imagine getting romantic with Vivaan. Sunny molest Meera and Vivaan got him arrested. He inform Meera’s family about the eye donor.

June 24 2022: Doctor inform family that donor’s sister wants to travel and so surgery has to be perform as soon as possible. Vivaan search donor’s box and his shocked at what he finds. Meera can see again and Vivaan worries his past will haunt him via Meera again. Meera start seeing things. Fake Sunny find out about Vivaan first wife.

June 25 2022: Meera swear to find out about the murdered girl she always see. Dolly funds temple lady in the pool of her blood dead. Meera traces girls hat and overcoat. Vivaan worries.

June 26 2022: Meera trace Paronmita old house and imagine her with her boyfriend on her birthday. Bat attack Meera and she ran into Vivaan. He worries she keeps seeing his past. Vivaan warns and threaten doctor not to reveal his past to Meera. Senior temple lady warn Dolly about Vivaan secret which will become a threat to Meera.

June 27 2022:  Dolly take Meera to temple lady who warn her to be careful and tell her the girl she sees is Paronmita, Vivaan ex. Shop keeper call Meera to come check some CCTV footage. Meera sees Vivaan name on Paromita picture. She feels betrayed but Vivaan insist Paromita was his friend girlfriend whose name was also Vivaan. She doubts him.

June 28 2022: Mera visit Paromita house and find her diary. On her first day at SKA acted Vivaan and Paromita drama to make him confess. Inspector told Meera that Vivaan is innocent. Vivaan got evidence that prove his innocence and tells Meera he has to leave since she didn’t trust him.

June 29 2022: Meera save Tulika from being forceful married. Tulika uses black magic and plan to destroy Meera marriage with Vivaan. Tulika does black magic in her hair and tied it to Meera dupatta. Vivaan notice it and throws it in fire. Guruma warns Meera and Dolly against Tulika.

June 30 2022: Meera get severe headache whenever Tulika bite enchanted apple. Tulika swor to revenge her sister Paromita death from Vivaan and Meera. Inspector comes to match fingerprint for murder investigation. Tulika takes meera’s broken nail and bindi in order to use them hypontize Meera. Diwali celebration starts.



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