Bridal Material July 2022 teasers


Bridal Material July teasers 2022: An Unknown girl claims to be Vivian daughter, could they be another sinister motive?

June 28 2022 : Tulika uses Meera nail and perform black magic on Paromita skeleton inflicting injure on her. Vivan and Meera shoot ravan effigy and burn it. Tulika shouts for help after her black magic is destroyed. Tulika turn to witch and strangulate a bride but Meera caught her.

June 29 2022: Meera strangulate Vivan after being posses by Tulika leaving Vivan worried. Guruma fight with Tulika.and she warns her not to intefere with her fight, she traps guruma in bottle. Tulika traps Meera in an enchanted fire. Vivan search for Meera.

June 30 2022: Vivaan free guruma for Tulika trap. Meera blindly believe Tulika after Vivan confronts her to be a dayan. Meera attack Vivaan again. Meera try to stab Vivan at Tulika order. Vivan tells Meera that Tulika is dayan but she won’t believe.

July teasers 2022

July 1st 2022: Tulika posses meera’s body to get intimate with Vivaan. Doctor calls and inform him that Meera is the suspect on doctor’s murder. Tulika thinks she will kill Vivan tonight. Tulika poison Vivaan halwa but Vivan exchange it. Tulika accuse Meera of trying to harm her.

July 2nd 2022
Tulika hypontize Meera and everyone after Meera caught her performing black magic and marries prince. Vivan say Tulika is a dayan but prince refuse to accept. Vivan ask Tulika to light temple lamp to prove her innocence. Tulika posses guruma who after lighting the lamp burns. She accuse guruma to be the Dayna and not herself. Meera thinks she has to go to the mehandpur temple for the safety of her family.

July 3rd 2022 : Vivaan find out Meera is being taken to the temple. Tulika turn to Dolly and send everyone home. Vivan insist to stay with Meera. Vivan fight with sunny.Tulika kills Vivaan while Meera kills Tulika. She ask guruma to save Vivaan.

July 4th 2022: Meera save Vivaan and he woke up. She recount their ordeal with Tulika to prince. Sunny thinks to escape and found map to hidden treasure in d house. Vivan and Meera find a girl in their car dickie. Mahi lies she from orphanage.

July 5th 2022: Meera returns mahi to orphanage but they said they don’t know her. Meera wonders whose child she is. Tulika laughs that she sent mahi to destroy Vivan and mahi.vinspectors came for Mahi but she refuse to follow them. Mahi lied to Vivan that Meera ask her to sweep after bewitching parminder. Vivan takes mahi for DNA test to find out she’s truly his daughter.




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