Brave and Beautiful Update Tuesday 12 January 2021


Brave and Beautiful 12 January 2021: Starts with Shraddha telling Nisha that she trusts Kunal and the marriage will surely take place. Nisha says I will bring police to your house and create a scene. Shraddha says fine, do what you can. Kittu says what will you say, I have recorded everything you said to Kunal. Nisha tries to snatch the phone. Kunal stops her and says you are a stain on friend’s name, I did not expect this from you. Dildaar gives the car back to the neighbors. Papa and Mummy have a talk. Bua comes and says someone is coming from our village. Mummy talks to her and says welcome. Anand comsoles Mummy and Papa saying the marriage will surely happen but it will take some time. Kittu and Shraddha are on the way coming home.
Kamini thanks the Lord for whatever happened. She is happy that the marriage stopped. Dadi comes and says Kunal and Shraddha will be married soon. Purshottam comes and is happy to see Kamini praying. He tells her that Nisha is caught and Kunal is proved innocent. Kamini is shocked.

Purshottam tells him how Kunal proved himself innocent. he says now there won’t be any hurdle in Kunal’s marriage. Everyone are happy. Shraddha and Kittu come home with Kunal and tell the whole story.Mummy says we were worried, we are sorry to doubt on you, we trust you. Papa talks to Kunal and says sorry. Kunal says don’t say sorry, I understand. Papa hugs Kunal. Everyone smile.

Kamini comes and greets everyone. Anand asks Kunal to be ready for all the fun ahead. Ishaan says I even respect Kunal more. Kittu hugs Kamini. Papa says I was sure that you both have trust in your relation. Dhruv looks at Kunal. Kunal says see I m fulfilling my promise to marry your mum. Dhruv says sorry dad. Kunal hugs him and forgive him. Shraddha smiles. Dildaar comes and asks whats going on, how can Kunal come like this. Papa says everything is clear now, Nisha was trapping him for money, everything ended, call everyone and start the arrangements. Dildaar says why can’t we wait for few days. Ishaan says Dildaar has sent everything back. Papa gets angry and says how can you do this.

Dildaar says what will happen now. Everyone are shocked. Mummy says i don’t understand. Ashish says Dildaar thought the marriage is cancelled. Papa shouts on him. Dildaar says I thought Kunal is fraud so I gave the things back. Papa scolds him and says how will you manage in one day, how will the marriage happen now. Bua says you are scolding him, why. Papa saks where will the guests sit. Bua says they will sit on the sheets. Kamini says our name will spoil. Bua and Kamini have an argument.

Kamini says I have one son. The fight and everyone try to calm then down. Mummy says everything will be done. Kamini asks how. Dildaar says I will manage and says how will it be. Mummy asks them to sit. Its morning, Anand talks to someone on phone and tells Ishaan that Didi and Jija ji are coming, go and pick them. Ishaan says there is a surprise. Kunal agreed. Anan asks what happened. Ashish says its bachelor’s party today. Anand is happy. Papa says relax Anand. Dildaar says don’t worry, I will organize everything. Everyone look at him.


Papa talking to Kamini on phone and he tells her about Bachelors party. Everyone come to know about it and says we will also be a part of it. Ishaan says no way, its only for us. Mummy says we will do ours separately. Papa says inform Kamini also. Bua says whats all this. Mummy calls Kamini and informs about girl’s party. Kamini says what party. Mummy says we will have fun and gossip about men. Kamini says I m busy.

Everyone ask Kamini to agree. Kamini says fine, I will come. Ishaan laughs saying girl’s party will be boring. Bua says I have to see what is it.Dildaar calls the client and tries to take back the marriage arrangements from him. He says postpone your son’s marriage, I will give you 20% discount. The man says are you mad, guests have started coming. Dildaar says change the date, it does not matter, I will pay. The man says we won’t return the arrangements, this deal is done. Dildaar says I have an idea and explains him. He says give half items to us and its final.

Mummy tells Shraddha that everything is ready. Shraddha and Mummy have a laugh about Bua and Dildaar. Shraddha says its good we invited Kamini. Mummy says she will be happy today. Kittu laughs. Kamini comes. Shraddha greets her. Dadi and Nani also come for the party with Kamini. Kittu gives him clothes and asks them to change as there is a dress code for the party. Mummy says its Kittu’s orders. Everyone get ready. Kittu meets everyone. Dadi and Nani look different. Kittu praises them. Kittu says only girls are allowed in our party. Everyone claps.

Kunal comes and sees everyone sitting quiet as their party did not start yet. Kunal calls Kittu and asks her about their party. Kittu asks him not to enter their party. Kunal thinks it will be interesting. Kunal talks to Anand, Ishaan and Ashish. Kunal leaves with them. The girl’s party starts and Mummy is the first entertainer. She acts like Papa. Kamini acts like Purshottam and everyone claps for her. Kittu hugs Kamini and says you are best in acting. She says the best actress award goes to Kamini. Kamini says there are others to act also.

She asks Bua to do something. Bua talks like Dildaar. Everyone laughs. Jaya acts like Kunal. Ritika acts like Kamini and Kittu as Shraddha. They do a skit and everyone enjoy it. Kittu and Ritika dance. The Dhol plays and the women have aa dance on the beats.

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