Brave and Beautiful Update Wednesday 3 February 2021


Brave and Beautiful 3 February 2021:  started  with Mummy taking care of Kittu. Kamini calls her. Mummy asks her to talk to kamini. Kittu rejects the call. Kamini is annoyed and upset. Everyone take care of Kittu and does not allow her to do any work. Shraddha plans for a party. Ishaan is upset. Jaya says she wants to go to parlour. Everyone ask Ishaan to give some idea. Shraddha says lest keep any theme. Kunal says Dildaar will handle everything, I called him. Everyone are shocked. Papa says I will not leave him if he comes again. Kunal says he is so cute. Kunal says I m joking, he is not coming. Everyone laughs.
Ashish and Anand again talk about party themes about blue and pink colors. Anand praises Kittu and says my daughter will be like Kittu. Papa jokes and says the baby should not be like Ishaan. Ishaan says yes, why will he be, I m his own uncle, you all have hidden it and cheated me, but now I know the truth, tell the baby who I m and I m not related to this family. Everyone are shocked. Mummy asks who told you, are you mad. Ishaan says yes, I m mad, why did you not tell me that he is not my father.

Everyone looks shocked. Ishaan cries.
Mummy scolds and slaps Ishaan asking him to shut up. Ishaan says if you slap me, will you truth change. Papa talks to Ishaan. He says its true that you are not my blood, but you are my son. Ishaan says I m not your son. Papa is hurt. Ishaan says everyone knew this, why did you hide from me, tell me who is my real father. Mummy says this is your Papa, he loves you. Ishaan says he always scolded me and got angry on me on petty things, he told that I m not like him. Mummy says Papa scolded his son, he scolds Anand and Ashish also.

Ishaan says I know he has ill treated me. Mummy says how can you blame your Papa like this. Shraddha says Papa loves you as he loves us, how can you think this. Ishaan says now I can’t call you Didi. He says I do’t have any sister, brother, no one. Kunal says they are more than that. He says how am I connected to you all, only by love and care. He says you are grown up by Papa. Ishaan says don’t try to fool me. Ashish says I m also shocked. Ishaan says everything is finished for me. Shraddha says everything is still the same. Ishaan does not understand and says this house is not mine.

Anand says we are yours. Ishaan says don’t lie to me, I m fed up hearing this. Mummy says stop this, you don’t know everyone gave you so much love. Ishaan says I don’t want any more favors, I m going leaving this house. Everyone are shocked. He says Mummy, you have lost every right on me, you have cheated me, I m going. Anand stops Ishaan. Ishaan does not stop. Mummy asks everyone to let him go. Papa feels bad. Everyone get upset. Jaya says OMG, Ishaan is not our family member. Papa looks at her.

Some guests come to meet Kunal and Shraddha. Kamini realizes how much important is Kunal for her. Kamini comes to her room and cries thinking Kunal and Kittu left her. Purshottam comes to her and says you can’t bear all this. Kittu talks to Papa and says Ishaan is in shock, he will not understand now. Mummy says its Ishaan’s mistake. Jaya says I did not know Ishaan is not Papa’s son, why did you lie to him. Papa says I should have told him when he was small. I did not wish to hurt his heart, I did a big mistake. Mummy says you have given him so much love, he never felt the truth, don’t know how did he know today. Shraddha says if he do anything wrong. Kunal says no, he will do nothing.
Anand says don’t worry, I will go and catch him. Kunal says I will come with you.

Mummy asks Kittu to take rest, everything will be fine. Papa thinks where is Ishaan.I Ishaan sitting in the bar and drinking. He meets Ritika there and tells her everything that he is not Papa’s son, everyone knows this in the family, except me. A waiter bumps into Ishaan and he gets into a fight with him. Anand and Kunal says they did not find Ishaan anywhere. Papa is hyper and says I will find him. Shraddha gets a call from Ritika. Ritika tells her that Ishaan is with her, come soon to police station. Everyone are shocked. She says Ishaan is arrested, come soon. Everyone go to the police station. Jaya gives all the news to Kamini. Kamini is shocked and happy hearing all this. Jaya talks good about Papa and Mummy. She changes her heart for them. Papa talks to the inspector and frees Ishaan.


Papa comes back home. Shraddha asks him to have food. Papa says I don’t want to. Kunal says now Ishaan came home, everything will be fine. Shraddha says Ishaan is sleeping and did not have food. Mummy is angry on Ishaan. She says why did he behave like this, let me go anywhere. Kittu says he was in shock. Mummy says why, does he know anything, he knows incomplete thing, how can he blame Papa, did he know how we got married, we did so much for him. Papa says we did not do any favor for him. Mummy says he does not know anything, he is not talking to you, no, I will not bear that he points on you, you changed his life.

What would have happened with him if you were not there. She says he will lose me if he misbehaves with you. Everyone are shocked. He says he does not have any right on my love. She leaves. Papa comes to Ishaan and sees him sleeping. Its morning, Ishaan wakes up and sees Papa sleeping on the chair. He goes and packs his bag. He is about to leave and PApa wakes up. He sees him leaving with a bag and is shocked. Papa asks Ishaan will you leave me and go, sit for two mins, I need to talk, you are right, its my mistake, I should have told you, but that truth did not come in between us, I felt the truth has changed, you are my son, but I was wrong, the truth does not change. He says when could I tell you, when I took you in my lap for the first time, you were innocent and small. I hugged you to protect you from any wound. Ishaan drops his bag. Papa says you entered my heart. Ishaan sits. Papa says then you grow up and I did not tell you the truth fearing you will break, I was wrong.

I did not feel that when you passed with 99% in 10th class, I felt I won as a father and when you did not study. I scolded you and got angry on you as I did not want this father to lose. He says I forgot that I have to face the truth one day, today you are sad. Mummy comes and hears them talking. Papa says I apologize to you folding hands. I m sorry. Mummy cries. Papa says you were always my son and will always be my son and today if you don’t want to tell me your Papa, this is my failure. But I waas happy that when you find this, the world will speak against me, but you will say that I m your father, and all this is a lie. Papa cries.

Papa says I lost. I m sorry. Mummy says why will you apologize, for what? She says you have given him so much love, accepted him being someone’s son. She says Ishaan has lost, you have not lost. She tells Ishaan that Papa used to give him bath and gave him everything he wanted, he loves you more than his children. She says Papa gave you the right to do his last rites. Ishaan is shocked and cries. Mummy tells Ishaan about his real father and says Papa has accepted you at that time. Ishaan cries. Mummy says you are not his blood, then who are you.

Papa says why did you tell all this, what I did was by my wish and happiness, it can’t prove Ishaan wrong. Mummy says you did not tell, but I know everything. Mummy says his own dad did not ask about him. He used to beat me when I was pregnant, I would have lost him, he gave me so much tension, you were born before me, he did not make me live. She tells him everything about his father, he made her leave the house and they have spent a night on the footpath. She wanted to die with him, but then Papa hold her hand and saved her life.

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