Blue venom girl update Wednesday 16th March 2022

Blue venom girl 16th March 2022: After tej pooja function at Mittal house, Kumkum tells Nandita that function is looking boring and they need some entertainment. Nandita says yesd and asks Vardaan to dance. Vardaan says she does not know dancing. Apu dances on Dola re dola song..Vardaan joins her. The both dance around Malay. Vardaan asks Apu why did she come here even after warning not to come. Apu says she told her that she cannot stop her from coming here. Vardaan slips and Apu holds her, hugs and says she cannot break her friendship like this.

After dance, Malay ignores Vardaan and praises Apu that her dance was good and when did she learn it. She says she learnt for someone. Kumkum serves kheer to everyone saying vardaan prepared it. She asks Apu to take it first. Vardaan tastes kheer and starts choking. Malay asks what happened to her. She says kheeer..Nandita asks Vardaan if she prepared kheer as she taught and washed rice thoroughly. Vardaan says she washed rice with ganga jal to make is auspicious. Vardaan realizes it is gangajal’s effect. She sees her skin turning blue and runs into bathroom. Malay follows her. She looks at her face in bathroom mirror and reminisces her mom’s warning not to eat anything at Mittal house. She repents her deciision and induces vomiting. Malay knocks door and says he will enter now. Apu’s color changes back to normal. Malay enters.

Apu hides her face in towel tensely and when she looks at mirror, she relaxes seeing her color normalized. Malay asked her what happened. She says she got allergic to something in kheer. Malay scolds Vardaan.Apu joins back ladies and apologizes Kumkum and Nandita for spoiling their party. Pandit starts pooja again. Vardaan thinks Apu escaped this time, but she will not next time. Two ladies stand near artifact kept on balcony railing and it starts shaking. Nigam calls Apu and she goes and stands near artifact without noticing it and picks Nigam’s call. Nigam says he wants to invest full savings in lottery and wants to meet her right now. Apu walks down. Malay stops her and starts chatting. She gets call again and leaves. Vardaan tries to follow her, but her pallu stucks in curtain. She turns back and sees artifact falling on Malay. She runs and pushes Malay and takes artifact on herself and falls down unconscious.

Malay shouts Vardaaaan. Whole family runs towards her. Harsh shouts call doc. Malay picks Vardaan and rushes to hospital.Apu gets ready as south Indian lottery seller. Nigam comes out and calls her to come soon. She turns and her hair extension falls in front of Nigam’s feet.Malay looks at Vardaan and reminisces her saying sorry and bearing artifact on herself to save her life. He feels guilty for ignoring her. Apu gets tensed when her hair extension falls down on road. Nigam calls her and says he will cancel his deal if she does not meet him in 2 min. He sees hair extension on road is about to pick it when Apu comes in burqa and stops him. He asks who is she. She shows her face and says she saw someone seeing them, so she came in burqa. She reminisces stealing neighbor’s burqa.

Nigam will give her 50 lakhs and says he is giving his life’s earnings trusting her. Apu says they will meet again tomorrow then.Vardaan wakes up in the morning and sees herself on bed. She sees Malay sleeping on floor and falls on him. He gets up. She asks why did he sleep on floor when he does not like it. He picks and drops her on bed and says she is injured and needs rest. Kalpana on the other side tells Apu that today Mittal family will be performing pooja for their husband’s long life, but Nigam will be crying loudly. He is not even married. Apu looks from her binocular into Malay’s room and gets sad seeing Malay and Vardaan’s growing close proximity.

Nigam brings 50 lakhs in taxi to Apu’s told place. He fights with taxi driver to return his 2 rs change. Driver angrily gives him 5 rs and leaves. Apu comes there and he hands over her 50 lakhs. She says she does not have network in her phone. He gives his phone hesitantly and asks her to make just 45-min call. Apu takes money and leaves. He laughs that he will get 1 crore rs tomorrow. He hears someone else also laughing and turns back to see Kalpana. He shouts what is she doing here. Apu comes back and they both laugh together. Apu removes her makeup and says he easily gave his 50 lakhs to her and says she learnt greed from him, she saw how greedy he is and used it in her favor. She asks if he will not enjoy like he did while torturing and killing her. Apu then shows her real blue color. Nigam gets more afraid and asks who is she. She says she is vishkanya and starts throwing money on him. Money falls in a pit. He falls in and tries to pick money.

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