Blue venom girl update Thursday 17 March 2022

Blue venom girl 17 March 2022: Apu throws Nigam’s money in air and then burns it. Nigam picks money and stuffs it in his shirt and gets burnt. He dies shouting save me save me…. Apu says today Nandita’s second culprit brother died. Kalpana says soon Nandita will also die.Vardan gets ready for Teej ritual and gets happy thinking of Malay. Apu also wears yellow sari and gets ready thinking Malay likes yellow color. They both walk in balcony with aarti thali. Vardaan gets jealous seeing her. Apu calls Malay and asks if he got her message and is coming. They both sight moon and start pooja.

Blue venom girl 16 March 2022

Malay enters street. Vardaan gets happy thinking he is coming to her, but he walks into Apu’s gate. Kalpana gets more jealous while Apu smiles. He goes and stands in front of Apu and starts staring her. Apu emotionally performs his aarti looking at jealous Vardaan. Air starts blowing and kumkum falls on Malay’s shirt. He turns and sees Vardaan waiting for him. He reminisces Vardaan requesting him to come on time for Teej pooja at least as a friend. Apu tries to feed him sweet, but he stops her and says he has to go back to Vardaan and apologizes her. Apu says it is okay, but she will wait for him. He walks towards Vardaan and she happily looks at him and Apu in a taunting way. She performs Malay’s aarti and feeds him sweet while Apu sadly looks at them.

Vardaan repeately looks at Apy in a taunting style. Malay says he came to her just to keep his friendship promise, nothing else He leaves. Vardaan thanks god smirking at Apu. Apu angrily drops thali.Vardaan changes her clothes at night and sees Malay looking at Apu’s window. She purposefully slips and writhes in pain to get his attention. He turns and asks how did she fall. She says quilt was slippery. He makes her sleep on bed and corrects her pillow while she stares at his face. Mujhko hai tujhse rabta…song…plays in the background. he says good night and sleeps on floor. He starts looking at Apu’s window again. Apu is seen weeping in bed.

Apu lying on her bed reminisces Malay telling her that someone has right on him now and going to Vardaan. Her good inner self says Malay did not do wrong as Vardaan is his wife now. Bad inner self says so what Malay loved her and not Vardaan. Good inner self says what if Vardaan got a bit love from Malay. Bad inner self says Malay loves only Apu and cannot love anyone else, her enemity is with Mittal family and not Malay, she should snatch her love from Vardaan. Apu looks at Malay and Vardaan’s marriage pic and says Malay ishers and will be hers forever. She burns Vardaan’s photo and says till now she did not think Vardaan as her enemy, but after today’s incident, she is biggest threat to her, she will get Malay back at any cost.

Vardaan gets kachoris for Malay. Malay asks why she got out of bed. She says tese kachoris are Veda’s special. Malay says he does not like junk food and she should serve it to maa and Kaki. Apu comes running and says Malay that her bathroom’s valve is not working and plumber is not picking call, if he can come and check it. Vardaan says Malay is busy, she will send Abhi. Malay says he will go and says Apu he needs to talk about yesterday’s event. She says it is okay as Vardaan is his wife. Malay says he will change and come. Apu taunts Vardaan that Malay will nottry her kachoris and she should try it on someone else. Vardaan says in marriage, people will like which they hate at first. Apu says her fake marriage will break soon. Vardaan says her marriage is real and soon Malay will love her. Apu asks her to try her best. She drops her chutney and laughs. Vardaan cleans chutney. Apu then takes Nigam’s letter and and peeps into hal;l. Madan passes by and shoots lewd comment. She leaves from there keeping letter.

Malay fixes bathroom valve. Apu comes back. Malay says he fixed valve but whole house is full of water. She says it is okay, if he had not come on time, whole colony would have been drowned in this water. Kalpana says water has stopped. Apu sees Malay fully drenched and gives her pallu. he wipes his face and leaves.Apu and Kalpana clean house. Kalpana asks if she kept letter properly. She says yes. Kalpana asks who is their next target. Apu reminisces clashing with Malay and says Madan. Kalpana says she does not like evil madan mama wandering around her, but there is no other go. Apu says she is ready fo face anything for revenge.

Madan gets Nigam’s letter and reads that Nigam got 1 crore lottery, so he left to Dubai. He informs Sunder who says now didi will know who are her real brothers, Malay and Madan.Vardaan sadly tells Abhi that Apu dropped her chutney. he asks her to prepare it again and special this time. She says yes. He goes to market. Apu sees Madan misbehaving with maid. She then sees Abhi going to market and sprays something on pudina. He gives pudina to Vardaan who prepares chutney with it. Apu watches it hiding and smirks that Vardaan will know whom she is fighting with.

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