Blue venom girl update Tuesday 8 March 2022

DeBlue venom girl 8 March 2022: Kalapa brings Apu home. Neighbors start yelling and order to get out from their area. Kalpana says she bought this house and nobody can dare kick her out from her own house and asks if anyone has any question now. Malay comes and says he has a question and asks Apu why did she betray him. Apu walks into home and lock doors. He shouts he wants to listen what she told over phone. Vardaan comes and takes him from there.

Sunder, Madan, grave digger, and taxi driver Adarsh are sound asleep. Nandita throws water on them. Taxi driver wakes up shouting tsunami, Sunder asks if it is morning already. She says Apu is alive. They all are shocked and say she is lying. Grave digger says she does not want give money, Sunder says it is her childhood game to lie. Nandita takes them to Kalpana’s house and Sunder climbs ladder and tries to jump in via window when Kalpana sees him and locks window. His hand gets injured and he shouts in pain. Harsh and Malay come and ask what are they doing here. Madan says they could not see Malay in pain, so they came here to confront Kalpana and Apu, but Kalpana shut door on Sunder’s fingers. Malay says he will ask them, but Nandita takes him from there.

Nandita and he puppet team discuss if it was Apu or someone else came in and decide to send Adarsh at grave venue. Adarsh taxi driver goes to jungle and digs grave yelling at his siblings. He sees Apu’s torn cloth in and senses someone standing near. He comes out of grave and is shocked to see Apu standing. He starts running and Apu follows her. He calls Malay and tries to speak but could not in fear. Nandita and his rest of puppets gather and and ask where is he. He says in jungle. Apu throws his mobile. He falls down and pleads her to spare him. Malay says he is coming there. Sunder and Madan call inspector and inform him that Apu is alive and Adarsh has gone in jungle to search her.

Malay gets ready to go in search of Adarsh. Vardaan says she will accompany him. He says no, it is danger in jungle. Their nok jhok continues a bit and Malay leaves.Apu locks Adarsh in a dark mango van. He shouts please save me, get me out of here. Lights get on and Apu comes near door. He gets more afraid and asks if she is human or ghost. She says whatever he thinks. He pleads to spare him.Malay with Sunder and Madan reaches jungle where inspector waits for them. Inspector says Adarsh’s phone is still not traceable. Malay says he will go into jungle and search Adarsh mama. Madam gets tensed and says he cannot get into jungle, they feel it is not safe for him. Malay insists.

Apu says Adarsh she will spare him if he eats all mangos in van. He starts eating and stops at half. She insists to eat. Malay drives car near van and stops. He stops car and walks towards it when Madan and Sunder call him near bushes and he leaves. Apu notices everything and forces Adarsh to eat more mangoes. Malay comes back slowly and sees no one on driver’s seat. He sees backside and sees Adarsh there. He calls Madan, Sunder, and inspector and they all rush Adarsh to hospital. Apu smirks seeing them carrying Adarsh.Adarsh is brought into hospital and doc treats him. Vardaan, Harsh and Nandita come there. They discuss who must have harmed Adarsh. Adarsh wakes up. Nandita asks what happened to him. He says Apu is alive. She signals him to stop. Malay asks why did he go to jungle at night. He says Apu, apu.

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