Blue venom girl update Monday 7 march 2022

Blue venom girl 7 march 2022: Harsh gets Malay ready as a groom and walks with him holding his hand. Sunder and his goon laugh on Apu. Apu prays god with closed eyes. Rope burns and Apu falls in acid and shouts. Malay senses her shout. Harsh brings him down to hall and takes him towards mantap. Acid boils after Apu falls down and all goons continue enjoying the scene and laughing. Vardaan is brought to mantap by Renu. Apu extends her burnt hand out and then falls back. Goons laugh that she died finally. Malay addresses guests that they came to attend his and Apu’s marriage, but he is marrying Vardaan. Guests start discussing how can any girl reject Malay, booth badi people are really arrogant.

Sunder asks laborer Nigam to put mud on acid pit. He walks yelling to put mud. Malay sits in mantap with Vardaan reminiscing Apu’s words that she fooled him. Pandit starts chanting mantras and explaining rituals. Laborer fills pit with mud. Madan gives him 500 rs and he starts fighting. Pandit asks Vardaan to promise Malay that she will be with him whole life. She promises. Pandit asks Malay to promise Renu that he will take care of her daughter whole life. Malay sadly promises. Renu and Kumkum smirk. Madan, Sunder and his goons enter dancing on drum sound. Nandita gets happy seeing them. Pandit asks her to stop this noise. Madan says it is celebration of his nephew’s marriage and not noise. All goons continue dancing.

Pandit asks Malay and Vardaan to stand up for pheras. Kalpana comes with police and tells inspector that her daughter’s marriage was to happen in this mantap, but Malay is in mantap with another girl and her daughter is missing, they must have done something. Malay says she cannot allege them like this, he gave her 1 hour to bring Apu and she failed and instead blaming them. Nandita says to save her family’s dignity, she arranged another girl for marriage. Kalpana says she must have kidnapped Apu. Inspector says this marriage cannot happen and Mittal family has to come to police station with him.Madan’s friend goon inspector enters and shows his ID to inspector and asks how can they come here on this woman/Kalpana’s complaint and says Mittal family is a respectable family and this woman is plotting against them. Inspector leaves. Nandita takes Malay back to mantap. Madan and his goons drag Kalpana and Dida out of house and throw them on floor. Sunder brings Didi bhai on wheelchair and asks Kalpana to take her garbage from here. Madan says he saw Apu with a boy in highway jungle, she eloped with him.

Madan, Sunder and goons continue bullying Kalpana. She runs from there with Dida and Didi bhai. Malay’s marriage continues. He exhanges garland with Vardaan and starts pheras. Kalpana searhes Apu in jungle. Ground breaks Apu raises her hand. Malay applies sindhoor in Vardaan’s forehead on the other side. Kalpana isshoked to see Apu’s hand coming under ground. On the other side, pandit says marriage is complete and now Malay and Vardaan are husband and wife. Apu comes out of ground. Kalpana dorns blanket on her. Her tears fall on dry leaves andthey burn.

Malay and Apu pray at home temple and touch Renu’s feet. Renu says this is the reason for them striking each other. She tells Malay that he must be angry that he wanted to marry someone and married Vardaan, Vardaan is a good girl and he will be happy with her. She asks Vardaan to take oath on god that she will take care of this family and will keep their happiness before her happiness. She ontinues her drama.Madan, Sunder and goons continue enjoying postmarriage party. Nandita comes and thanks them for helping and getting rid of Apu. Inspector says he does not need his thanks and needs money. She gives him money. He says handling Kalpana and Apu was an easy task for him, he will soon send them out of her life. Nandita gives necklace to grave digger till she gives money and says they saved Malay’s life and this is nothing.

Abhi drops Malay till his room. Before he could open door, Vardaan opens door from inside and greets him in. He asks how does she know it was him. She jokes at first and then says she saw his shadow down, so opened door. He says they need tim to know each other. She fixes her bed on floor. Their discussion continues and they shake hands as friends. Malay hears someone discussing Apu has come back even after creating so much drama. He runs down towards Apu’s house. Nandita asks Vardaan where is he going. Vardaan says he is going to meet Apu. Nandita stands in a shock.

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