Blue venom girl update Wednesday 9 march 2022

Blue venom girl 9 march 2022: Malay with his team comes to Apu and asks why did she harm Atosh mama. Apu stands silently smiling. Nandita says it is waste talking to them and signals her puppet inspector to arrest Apu. Inspector arrests Apu on attempt to murder charges. Kalpana says he cannot prove her daughter guilty and will drop her back respectfectully. Madan comments and taunts her. She says soon culprits will be punished and asks inspector to take her daughter. Apu walks with police smiling. Vardaan thinks getting arrested is Kalpana and Apu’s plan.Malay angrily breaks things in his room reminiscing Kalpana’s words. Vardaan comes and says it is Apu and Kalpana’s plan to get arrested and they are up to something big. He says what will Apu plan in jail.

Blue venom girl 8 March 2022

Madan, sunder and grave digger get Apu’s signatures on documents and force her to accept her crime. Inspector says they cannot force Apu and asks constable to lock Apu in a cell and not let any criminal around her. Sunder holds inspector’s collar and shouts to be in his limits. Inspector pushes himm and says he can arrest him for misbehaving with senior officer, he knows what to do. They all walk out angirly.Vardaan prays at home temple. Malay comes and stands behind her and after pooja asks if she has split personality. She asks why. He says she becomes detective ones and then adarsh bahu next. Their conversation continues. Kalpana brings food for Apu. Inspector comes and she says he can check food and give it. He says she cannot give home food and Apu has to eat jail food. Kalpana says she is allergic to outside food. Apu eats food and falls down. Doc checks her and says she is allergic to some food and has to be taken to hospital immediately. Apu is taken on stretcher. She looks at Klpana and signals. Kalpana smirks.

Apu acts as falling ill after eating jail food and is taken to hospital. Kalpana enters hospital wearing nurse’s dress. Constable stops her and asks where is she going. She says to check patient. Constable checks her tray and sends her in. She rushes and wakes up up. Sunder ad his siblings are busy boasting abot themselves. Kalpana sends Apu out via window and keeps pillows in her place. constable peeps in and thinks Apu is sleeping. Sunder and grave digger sit outside room and do their jokergiri, applying face cream, etc.Apu silently moves via window and gets into Atosh mama’s room via window. Vardaan and Malay come in car. She sees Apu entering via window and says someone was there. Malay says it was her imagination. She rushes in and Malay follows her. Apu frightens Atosh that he can die with poison. Vardaan comes and informs Sunder and grave digger that Apu entered Atosh mama’s room via window.

Atosh shouts from inside. They all 4 run inside and see Atosh panicking in fear. Atosh says Apu came via window and tried to kill him. Vardaan reminisces Apu entering via window and checks it, sees it locked from inside. Grave digger says he told it is Atosh’s imagination.Vardaan runs towards Apu’s room. Apu rushes via window and sleeps back on her bed. Constable peeps in again and sees her sleeping on bed. Vardaan tries to enter room, but constable stops her. She says if she saw Apu, a tall woman with long hair passing by. Constable says she is inside room. Malay runs in and pampers Apu’s head. Vardaan enters and gets sad seeing this. Doctor comes and Malay asks what happened to Apu. Doc says she got allergic to jail food and is brought here, she cannot even move due to sedatives. Apu opens eyes, says Malay and falls back asleep. Doctor asks them all to go out.

Vardaan goes and informs Atosh, Sunder and grave digger that Apu is under sedatives and will not wake up. Atosh says Apu challenged to kill him within 24 hours with poison. He resquests to take him home and is taken home. Vardaan brings food and eats in front of him. He says he will die if he eats. She says nothing will happen to him and goes out. He gets afraid seeing cat dead after eating food. Kalpana smirks standing near door.

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