Blue venom girl update Thursday 24 February 2022

Blue venom girl 24 February 2022: The episode starts with Malay carrying dead Apu to shiv mandir and address god that he cannot live without Apu and has to give Apu’s life, else he will kill himself. He beats his head on temple bell and then tries to stab himself with trishul when Apu chokes and wakes up. He runs and hugs her. Vardaan tries to speak, but he warns her to back off and takes Apu with him. They reach near home and before Apu leaves for her hoome, he holds her hand and says he realized that he cannot live without her and will die if something happens to her. She cries emotionally and her tear is about to drop on his hand when she takes it on her hand and says she has to go home now.

She says whatever happened today, she does not mom to know about it as she will be worried, already a lot of bad things happened. He says he will not let anything bad happen. She walks towards her home.Renu reaches temple and meets Vardaan. Pandit there asks if they prayed here. Renu say snot yet. Pandit says this is broken idol and praying here is inauspicious. Vardaan tells Renu that Apu was dead and got life after Malay prayed this idol. Renu says she read that usually evil spirits, vishkanya, etc., get back to life after death. Varadhan asks if she means Apu is evil spirit or vishkanya.

Apu informs Kalpana and Dida what happened at temple. Dida says Apu got back life as she is born in vishkanya’s womb. Kalpana happily says now nobody can save them from Mittal. Apu reminisces Malay’s love for her and feels sad. Kalpana asks what happened, if she does not want to punish Mittals. Apu says she is ready to go through pain as she loves Malay.Vardaan calls Nandita to temple and informs how Apu got back to life and says either it was god’s magic or Apu is not human. She says she and mom stayed back to find out the secret. Nandita thanks her. Renu says there is no need to thank.Kalpana asks Apu if she is read to accept defeat. She says she loves Malay, but it will not deter her motto as her mom and Dida are her inspiration.

a man snatching Kalpana’s purse and running away. Kalpana, Dida, and Apu shout thief thief… Thief goes and hands over purse to Nandita. Nandita hands it over to a rajasthani veiled woman. Renu asks if she knows what to do. Lady nods yesand returns purse to Kalpana. Kalpana gives her money, but she does not accept it and says she came from Rajasthan in search of job. Apu says they need a maid for home for marriage chores and should hire her. Nandita and Renu smirk watching lady’s drama. Kalpana says they cannot hire unknown person and says she cannot hire her. Lady walks and acts as falling unconscious. They run towards her and Apu asks what happened to her. Lady says she did not eat since 4 days. Kalpana offers her more money, but lady says she is not a beggar and will not accept money without doing any work. Apu insists again and Kalpana denies but finally agrees. Apu asks girl’s name and she sayes Roshi. Apu takes her along. Vardaan is seen in same attire with Renu and Nandita.

Apu brings Roshni home and gives her food. Kalpana says she brought her unnecesarily. Once they both leave, Roshi walks out and Vardaan enters in. She sees Apu walking inside a store room with blucket and soap and gets suspious. She tries to follow her, but Kalpana catches her and asks what is she doing here and asks her to take money and go back to Rajasthan. Vardaan apologizes her and says she was searching kitchen. Kalpana shows kitchen and asks her to clean even her plates.Kalpana also gets into store room. Vardaan also tries to enter, but Malay comes and clashes with Vardaan. He scolds her and asks where is Apu and Kaaki and calls them. They both get tensed hearing his voice.

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