Blue venom girl update Wednesday 23 February 2022


Blue venom girl 23 February 2022: Kalpana tells malay’s father, that now he shall see his son, paying and for his and his wife’s mistakes. his wife eyes her with her husband, and hollers for her. she turns around, while she comes there and asks what was she talking about. she says that she was merely enquiring with him regarding his health, and that he should keep himself well, since he has to see a lot. she excuses herself and leaves. bado did i tensed.In the room, the mitta family ladies talk amongst themselves, as nandita is informed that the priest has delayed the engagament time for an hour to buy time as vardaan shall find a clue by then against kalpana. but just then, the priest calls nandini to come there for the rituals of the engagement to start. they are all tensed.

kumkum is enraged. nandini stops her saying that the priest has already started the rituals, and now if they raise a hue and cry, kalpana shall be alarmed. vardaan steps in. she says that she shall keep an eye on kalpana and appu so that she can find out what they are upto during the ritual. she complies and joins.The priest asks nandita and kalpana to give the ring for engagement. nadita complies, while kalpana says that she forgot it at home, and asks for two minutes, to retrieve it. she rushes out.

Kalpana rushes and goes to the secret alley, while she is oblivious that she is being followed by vardaan. meanwhile, she draws out the poison from her bejewelled box, and laces the poison on the ring and then puts it back in the ring box. she is aghast to see this. kalpana smiles smirking, and then leaves hurreidly packing everything back, and locking the door to the secret closet. vardaan accidentally crashes into some cartons, and creats a a noise alarming kalpana. she deperately hides and kalpana doesnt see anything. she is tensed, but nevertheles she leaves from there, while breathes a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, her mother picks her up, and asks her to compose herself as she is gone now. she is relieved. they then go in and after much searching they find the poison powder sprayed on the floor, out of the bottle, that she had accidentally left on the floor. they are aghast. vardaan is about to smell it, but her mother stops, as its definitely dangerous.

vardaan says that they have to find out. but her mother says that one thing they are sure, that she was trying to harm malay through this ring. they are about to walk out, when they find a rat scurrying near the powder, and immediately dying. they are all aghast. vardaan understands that its definitely poison. they rush out.Kalpana arrives back cheerfully with the ring, while nandini and kumkum wonder where is vardaan and her mother, who had promised to stop the engagement. the priest asks malay to don the ring. malay happily smiles at oppu, and then complies, as he puts the ring in her hand. nandini and kumkum are thoroughly tensed. all cheer as he finishes the ritual. malay tells appu that she belongs to him now. then the priest asks appu to don the ring, and she eyes her mother, smirking evilly, and then picks up the ring and eyes malay with love. appu makes him raise his hand, and is about to place the ring determinedly, when vardaan comes in rushedly and determinedly, and snatches the ring away from appu’s hands, startling and shocking everyone present.

malaya is tensed, while appu and kalpana fume at their defeated attempt. he confronts vardaan and then asks her whats the reason for this, as she scurries and retreats back, fearing his anger and hatred. he asks her whats hr problem, and asks how dare she do this. nandita and kukum are tensed. vardaan tells him hesitatingly kalpana poisoning the ring meant for him, nandini and kumkum are aghast and eye kalpana fumingly, while kalpana and appu are tensed. vardaan says that kalpana intends to and then stops….kalpana asks her to continue and finish the sentence. all eye her tensedly. vardaan’s mother says that she means to kill malay. all are stunned. vardaan eyes her mother distraughtedly. she tells malay that she herself saw kalpana doing this. he eyes kalpana and appu, while kalpana picks up the ring. he starts walking towards kalpana, while she eyes him tensedly with appu too standing beside her. vardaan’s mother then also tries to confirm to nandita that this was their plan all along.

Nandita stops malay, and then calls him, as he takes the ring from her. he then asks appu to make him wear the ring. all stands shocked. vardaan tries to intervene, while kumkum reminds that its poisoned, nandita begs him not to do so, hile he says that he accept th poison too. appu eyes the ring, and then dons it on his ring, while all stand distraught, anticipating what shall happen nxt. after the ring ceremony, kalpana smirks with relief, and appu is herself shocked, as he is safe, as malay kisses the ring. all are boggled. malaya thanks them all that they all participated in the function, but now he wishes to sort some things with his family, and politely requests them to leave. they start commenting, while leaving. after all disperse, he apologises to kalpana for delaying the fact that he couldnt trust them as its difficult to think that your own family betrays you. he talks to nandita that he never thought she could do this, as after joining hands for the relation, she is resorting to such measures. he says that he didnt believe them then, when she had alarmed him the other day. he remembers how appu had spotted the red thing on his neck. she asks him if he is okay. he says that he is. then she takes his phone and clicks a pic of it, and shows it to him. while he is shocked, kalpana too joins her. he says that he had no clue what it was, but kalpana clarified that it was black magic, that his own mother used to keep him distanced from appu, through vardaan.

all are shocked to hear this. kumkum and nandita stand tensed. he confronts vardaan regarding her accusations along with her mother, and says that she cant deny this, as appu herself saw her entering in malay’s room. he says that just like him, even she couldnt understand, but when the tika started showing its effect, and he retreated fom coming to her, she understood. kumkum says tha this means the mother-daughter duo befooled them. kalpana retorts back saying that they are the ones befooled, and they were actually playing a game with malay. she says that she merely made the mistake that she exposed them in front of him. they vehemently try to defend and prove their innocence, and talk about what they had seen, but evidences prove against it. Kalpana tells malay that a marriage isnt only between two people, but between their families too and today his family proved that they dont want to keep any relations with her. therefore, she says that she calls off the relation this very minute.

Kalpana tells Malay that his family proved that they don’t respect her and family, so she breaks this alliance. She tries to remove Apu’s engagement ring. Malay stops her and says his and Apu’s engagement has already happened and nobody can break it. He asks Renu and Vardaan to leave from his house. Kumkum says they were just helping him. Malay says he can help himself and says whoever tries to stop his marriage will have to face dire consequences. Mittal family at him in a shock while Apu looks at him emotionally.

Kalpana at her home dances with Apu and laughs that they won their first battle. She reminisces seeing Vardaan listening to their plan and acting as executing her plan. She laughs further that their enemies are out of their way now.Renu with Vardaan packs her bags. Kumkum tries to stop them. Renu says Malay insulted them a lot and they don’t want to stay back. They walk with bags. Malay asks Abhi to drop them to station. Renu says they will go back as they came in alone. They both walk in storm cursing their fate. Vardaan sees temple and enters asking god what wrong did she do. She calls Apu and says even she must be disturbed with yesterday’s inident, says she knows she cannot harm Malay, asks to meet her at temple for Malay’s sake. Apu informs Kalpana, assures her that nothing will happen to her, and leaves.

Nandita and Kumkum come to Malay’s room to calm him. Malay asks why did they come here after trying to ruin his life. Kalpana comes and informs Malay that Vardaan called Apu to temple and sneh may harm Apu. He rushes towards temple.Apu reaches temple. Vardaan asks if she really loves Malay. Apu stands silently. Vardaan says she kept saulvan somvar vrat to get a good life partner, but Apu got a good life partner like Malay and why she is doing this to Malay. Apu runs out and steps on construction bamboo’s by mistake and bamboos fall on her. Malay reaches the spot and picks Apu, saying he will not let her happen anything. Apu falls unconscious. Malay gets worried that she is dead and rubs her extremities, does not feel it, and cries loudly holding her. Vardaan tries to touch Apu and Malay warns her to stay away.

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