Lost in love starlife update Thursday 11 July 2024

Savi recalls Panditji’s words that today is Sankashti Chaturti and 11 ladies together pray for their husbands’ long life and family’s prosperity. Savi thinks if she should consider Ishaan as her husband, she married Ishaan for Savi her sister’s life and to avoid god’s ire, she has to remember Ishaan as her husband.

She performs pooja with othr 10 ladies recalling Harini’s last wish. A lady notices her crying and asks if her husband is fine. Surekha continues to shout that Savi trapped Ishaan, she doesn’t consider any video or marriage, and shouts at Asmita to get out of the house if she is supporting Savi. She feels chest pain. Yashwant gets concerned and gives her medicine. Nishi shouts at Asmita.

Savi tells lady that her sister is in the hospital. Lady says with god’s blessings, her sister will be fine soon. Savi leaves. Shukla walks to the lady, revealing she is his wife, and asks if the 11th suhagan came. Lad says god sent 11th suhagan who joined herself and points at Savi. Shukla asks if she is out of her mind, she is Savi who is his college’s student. Lady says she is the one who performed pooja with them. Shukla thinks Savi lied to everyone about her marriage then.

Yashwant shouts that he can’t face Swanand and Ishaan ruined Reeva’s life, he will never accept Savi in this house. Surekha says even she will not let Savi in their house. Nishi says they can’t change whatever happened, but they can keep Savi from reaching our house and make her disappear. Yashwant and asks what will they say Ishaan. Nishi says Ishaan is not in his senses and by the time he wakes up, Savi would have been gone. Surekha asks if he will kill Savi. Nishi says he will disappear her for a few months until everything sets right and asks Yashwant to trust him this time. Yashwant looks at Savi.

Reeva continues to cry profusely recalling Ishaan’s betrayal. Zindagi Me Kabhi Koi Aaye Na Rabba… song plays in the background. She recalls all the recent events where Ishaan was behaving weirdly and finally revealing about his marriage with Savi. She angrily breaks Ishaan’s named light plate. Swati feels concerned seeing her condition. Nishi’s hired kidnapper reaches Savi’s hostel disguised as hospital’s ward boy and says his Tai’s condition worsened and hospital staff was trying to contact her, but she was not reachable. He gets her into an ambulance and informs Nishi that the girl is with him. Savi prays god to protect her Tai. She notices ambulance tgaking a wrong turn and asks kidnapper where is he taking her. He makes her sniff chloroform, and she falls unconscious.

Bhosales call guests and inform them that they canceled wedding due to a relative’s death. Shikha says she doesn’t know what to tell guests as they are asking many irrelevant questions. Anvi says there is already a news in social media. Durva says half of Pune was invited, so obviously people will create an issue. Musician band group plays music. Yashwant shouts to stop them. Ishaan in sleep recalls last night’s incident and wakes up. He hears Surekha shouts at band team to stop it and walks to the balcony. Surekha asks why did they come when the wedding is canceled. Musician says they were not informed and need their full payment. Surekha pays them and sends them out. She cries that Savi ruined her happy house in just one day. Anvi comforts her and takes her in.

Savi regains consciousness and notices herself tied and ward boy busy over phone. She thinks who these people are and where are they taking her. She prays god to protect her Tai. She acts as still unconscious.

Driver asks ward boy if the girl regained consciousness. Ward boy says she is still asleep. Driver says they will reach Mumbai soon and then will reach Nepal, he should give hypnotic injection to the girl till then. Nishi calls ward boy and asks where have they reached. Ward boy says they will reach Mumbai soon and then will drop the girl in Nepal. He is about to inject her when driver applies sudden brakes seeing Ganapati procession blocking a way. Savi frees herself, injects ward boy, and hits him. He falls unconscious.

Ishaan walks down recalling last night’s event again. Yashwant angrily looks at him. Ishaan falls on his feet and apologizes him for his act and requests to punish him. He then apologizes Surekha for hurting her, then apologizes rest of the family members and says they saw a completely different man yesterday who was under the pressure of fate and situation, they shall forgive him if they really love him. Yashwant angrily raises his hand to hit Ishaan but stops and says he wants to slap him, but he can’t as he loves him immensely; he is the most important in this world for him and he can’t hate him or see him in pain. He asks why did he do this. Ishaan apologizes him again.

Surekha warns Yashwant to dare not raise hand on Ishaan again. Yashwant says he didn’t. Surekha says Ishaan is apologizing for his mistake. Asmita brings lemonade for Ishaan to lower his hangover. Surekha asks Ishaan to forget Savi as they help people out of pity but don’t sacrifice themselves. Nishi returns and signals Yashwant that the task is done. Yashwant tells Ishaan that he is kind hearted and would have married Savi when she emotionally blackmailed him. Surekha says when he is repenting for his mistake, they all shall forget whatever happened yesterday; he should go and apologize Reeva and her mother for whatever he did with them; he should forget Savi and think only about Reeva; she shall convince Reeva for marriage and marry her.

Ishaan says they have misunderstood; he is sorry for hurting them and humiliating them in front of everyone; he himself married Savi and will not break his relationship with Savi, even they can’t. Surekha asks what does he mean. Ishaan says he himself forcefully married Savi in Vithal Rukmini’s mandir with all the rituals just like any other marriage and this marriage deserves respect. Yashwant asks if he is comparing his drama with their marriage. Ishaan says he learnt from Surekha that marriage is not a joke and from Yashwant to follow the decision at any circumstance and he expects his family to respect his decision, he held Savi’s hand and she is now his wife and is ready to face any consequence.

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