Bitter sweet love starlife update Monday 3 June 2024

The Episode starts with Kunal and Vandana trying to rescue Tara. Kunal stops the goons’ car. Pammi says Kunal and Vandana aren’t answering the call. Vedika says Tara should be safe. Pammi says I will call Sonia and Inder. Vedika says just pray that they all come back home safely. Kunal asks for the girl. The goons argue.

Vandu asks the goon to leave the girl. She takes Tara. Kunal fights the goons. Vanduy consoles her. She watches the fight. The goons run away. She says Tara, your dad has fought the goons and made them run, we are safe now. Tara holds Kunal’s hand and says thanks Pa… I love you Papa, you are my superhero. She hugs him. He goes to his car. Vandu asks Tara to promise, she won’t go anywhere. She hugs Tara.

They leave. Tara sees Kunal’s hand bleeding. She gives a kerchief from her bag and asks Vandu to do the dressing. Vandu signs no. She passes the kerchief to Kunal. He takes it. Vandu says its Dussehra tomorrow, evil will win over the good. Tara says it means bad things finish and good things start. Vandu says yes, pray for good things. Kunal looks on. Tara prays. Mrunal and Vaibhav talk on a video call. Kunal and Vandu bring Tara home.

Pammi says call Sonia and return her parcel. Kunal calls Sonia and says you are Tara’s mum, right, she is missing from home. Sonia asks what, how is this possible. Inder asks what happened. Kunal and Sonia argue. Sonia says I made a mistake, if I m so bad, then keep Tara with you. He says fine, she will stay here with me from today, okay. She says fine, keep her. He says don’t come crying for her. Inder hugs Sonia and consoles her.

Kunal goes. Vandu says Tara’s prayer got answered. Sonia sees Tara’s pic and cries. Inder smiles. Mrunal sees Vaibhav’s pic. Vijay and Aaji cry. Anagha and Hemant are happy seeing the builder’s proposal. Vandu sees Vaibhav sleeping. Kunal recalls Tara. Its morning, everyone gets decked up and comes to do the puja. Vandu sings Silsila ye Chahat ka…. And dances with the girls. Everyone claps. Vandu says Tara, you know you will stay with your dad. Tara says yes, Vedika told me. Kunal looks on. Mrunal asks Vaibhav to fix a rose in her hair. They go aside. Vandu hugs Tara.

Tuesday update bitter sweet 


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