Bitter sweet love starlife update Thursday 25 April 2024

Pammi saying Kunal did good to remove Vandu from her house. Kunal is shocked seeing Vandu. Vandu says we have spent the night on the road, I m here because my courage broke down, I know wrong happened, I told you sorry before, I m sorry from my heart. Vedika and Bobby feel bad.

Vandu says you punish me, not my family, don’t oust them, let them stay in their house. Kunal shows the house keys. He asks her to write whatever he dictates her. Pammi smiles. Vandu cries and writes. Kunal makes her write an apology letter. He says your punishment is, you will be my personal assistant and you will work in Kanak records. Pammi asks what. Kunal says write it, I m eager to work in Kanak records, I m dying to work there, I m thankful to Kunal for giving me this work, I will do any work for him, he has given me 25 lakhs loan for the house, I will return it by EMI, I want to thank him but the house is still of him, I will be present whenever Kunal calls me, I have no option to leave the job, else Kunal has all the right to oust me and my family from the house, which is his property even now.

Kunal asks her can she do this, sign the paper. Vandu recalls the family and signs it. He says you will get the details by mail. He asks Bobby to send the copy to Vandana and him. He says your reporting time is at 9am sharp, don’t be late. She asks how will I come in one hour. He asks shall I cancel the offer, sorry. She says no, I will come in an hour. She asks for the house keys. He gives the keys to her. She runs out. He says just see what I do.

Vandu takes the family home. Vandu smiles. she says this house also cried for us, like we cried. Anagha says I have to make Shivam ready for school and go for work. Mrunal says I will check my social media account. She runs to her room. Aaji asks how did they become like that. Vandu says don’t worry, everything will be fine, I have to fix this before dad comes. Aaji says we told them what you are doing to do to get this house back, they don’t care, you signed the papers for this house. Vandu says I can do anything for this family. Aaji praises her.

Vandu says you say that no work is small or big. Pammi shows the letter to Kuldeep. He asks why did you do this. Kunal says I will punish her, she will become a drama herself, I have learnt this from you to keep enemies close, they will stay in control. Vedika hears them. Kunal says I have to open the studio today. Bobby says we didn’t make any preparations. Kunal says chill, I will get the work done, dad you relax, Vandu’s bad time will start now. Vandu gets ready and prays to Bappa.

She says Kunal is angry, he will understand once he calms down. She stops Anagha. Anagha says I have to go for job, Shivam’s exam is there, take him or leave it, its your responsibility. She goes. Vandu says listen to me, I also have to go. Shivam says I will go. Vandu says I will drop you, come. She gets Kunal’s message and worries seeing the time.

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