Bitter sweet love starlife update 16 June 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu making Kunal and Tara sleep well. She leaves. Kunal wakes up in the morning. He sees Tara sleeping. He recalls telling Sonia that he wants a baby. She says I don’t want a baby. He says please, I will get sad then, just agree, give me a lovely daughter, I have thought of the name too, Tara. She says fine. He thanks and hugs her.

She says there is no guarantee that it will be a daughter. He says my wish will get true, I will become the best dad in the world. FB ends. He gets a paper and checks. He recalls getting the paternity test reports. He says I got the test done without telling Tara. He checks the reports. He is shocked seeing the positive results. He says it means Tara is Sonia and my daughter. He cries. He says Tara is my daughter, I m her dad. He smiles and cries. O sona…plays…. FB ends. He sees Tara. He recalls the past moment. He sits crying. Vedika asks him to stop drinking and come to senses.

She says alcohol makes a person sink, listen to me, why are you not listening to me. She hugs him. They cry. He says I can’t tolerate this pain. She says your love didn’t lack anything, it was Sonia’s nature to cheat. She motivates him to quit drinking. FB ends. He recalls drinking last night. He sees Tara feeling cold and covers her with the quilt. He cries and steps back. Vandu comes to her balcony. Kunal comes to the balcony and sees her. He recalls the last night. He says listen, sorry, whatever happened last night. She says your head will be heavy, have lemon water, you will feel better. He goes. Vaibhav looks on. Vandu says the pain relations give get healed by relations, I wish this relation gives you peace. Vaibhav says I will hit on the hot iron, I have come, Vandu.

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