Bitter Sweet Love Starlife Tuesday 26 March 2024

Kunal is arriving Mumbai. He is on a flight. He says I hate coming back to this city. He recalls talking to his dad. His dad says our business had a loss because of your decisions, we have done a lot here in London, there is much competition. Kunal says there are many artists in India, waiting for one opportunity. His dad says your Pammi bua and others just want to spend my money. Kunal’s sister runs to him and asks are you going to India. Kunal says yes, for business. Vedika says take me along, what will I do here. His dad asks her to spend time outside. Kunal encourages her and asks her to talk to him. She says take me along. I don’t like it here.

He asks her to smile. She says your face is just like mum, I find peace. His dad gets upset and controls his anger. Kunal says thank God, just face is like her, nothing else, go and take rest. She goes. He asks his dad not to taunt Vedika. His dad says I want her to change, smile and live, your mum ran away and left us, we have to move on, I hate her a lot. Kunal asks him to stop it. His dad Kuldeep says I want to get back my era, we have to take our company to number one position, we want one voice that can take us to heights, just one voice. FB ends. Kunal says I will find that one voice.

Vandana is seen singing. Her little brother wakes her up from the dream. She kisses him. She gets ready. She sends an audio message to her fiancé Vaibhav. Her dad calls her out. Vandana goes out. Kunal leaves from the airport. He calls Bobby for the car. He gets Bobby’s pic. Bobby says we will take selfie in low angle. He talks to the fans. A lady waits for Kunal. The media goes to click snaps. The lady calls out Kunal. She says my son, Kuku, welcome to India. Kunal greets Bua ji. She hugs him. Bobby says love you, welcome to India. She says Bobby is famous. Kunal taunts them. She says come home, I have made food for you. He says sorry, my hotel is booked, I will go straight away.

She asks him to take the car, she will get a cab. Kunal leaves with Bobby. Bobby asks where do you want to go. Kunal says Rohan’s studio, we will go and see the unique voice of the singer, is the contract ready. Bobby says yes, I m always ready. Kunal says I hope this voice is the one I m finding, I need it.

Vandana sings. Her dad plays the music. She dreams to get the best singer award. Her dad blesses her. She praises his music. He says you got a big chance, you work hard, your voice will become your identity. She says yes. He encourages her. He says your first song should be big, live it well, sing it the best way. She says sure, you have the entire life to the music industry. I will sing your compositions and make it hit song, I want to become a singer to fulfill your dream. He says my dreams got the rust, forget it. She says it’s a big day for me, lets make this bigger, I promise you, I will give the compositions to the music company which values it. He cries happily. Bobby shows the property pics.

He lies to Kunal. He says you can shift tomorrow, check out the view, its so amazing. Kunal looks at the traffic jam. Vandana is with the family. Bhabhi asks her husband to pay Shivam’s fees. He says I run my business. Vandana and her brother wish each other. Bhabhi hugs Vandana and wishes her. Vandana’s brother also hugs and wishes her. Her dad says call us when everyone claps for you there, we will clap for you here. Aaji says its our dream, get successful. She feeds her the curd. Vandana’s sister comes and says I have to make a video or selfie. Vandana says I don’t have time. Her sister says we are waiting for your big break. Vandana says they selected my voice, we will take before selfie and then after selfie. Neighbors also wish Vandana.

Everyone wishes her all the best. Her dad says her dreams will turn true today, her voice is different. Kunal comes to the studio. Rohan says her voice is unique. Vandana thanks him for giving the chance. She sings. Kunal hears her. Rohan signs and asks Kunal…. Vandana says nonsense, no one will buy this voice, I don’t want such unique voice that people think an alien is singing. Vandana hears this and cries.

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