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Barrister Bahu 20 June 2022: Episode starts with Bondita asking don’t you remember, don’t you eat almonds for good memory, I have written the letter for you that I will marry you if you give me sweets handi and let Maa stay with me, if you didn’t had to agree, then why did you send the sweets. Anirudh recalls the letter. He gets shocked and sees her. He asks did you write that letter of conditions. Bondita says yes, I was getting married. Anirudh says stay here, I will just come. She says I won’t eat food without doing rasam. He gets letter and asks did you write this letter. She asks are my conditions written in this, then I have written it, uncle had read the letter, else would I agree to marry you. He says how shall I say that your uncle lied to you. She says I won’t complain if you don’t give me sweets, but get Maa to me, I miss her, I can live without anything, but not without Maa. He thinks was this just a coincidence that I got her letter, I wanted to become that girl’s voice, fate made me tied in this relation, is this fate or Lord’s wish. She cries.

Barrister Bahu 17 June 2022

Bondita says mum says we don’t meet anyone’s eyes, when we are liar, are you a liar, you know to promise, you don’t know to keep it. He says I will keep my promise. She says then fulfill the rasam and get my Maa to me. He recalls Saudamini’s words. She asks will you fulfill your promise or become a liar. He recalls everything. She asks why don’t you say, did anyone get stuck in your throat, that you aren’t answering. He says we will go tomorrow to get your Maa. She asks really. He says yes. She asks will it look good to roam like this red face monkey, everyone will be scared seeing you. Anirudh cleans the colour. She says stop, can I say something, will you scold me. He asks do I always scold. She says you scolded me. He asks her to say. She says thanks for fulfilling promise, I will tell Maa, you are really good. He says stop. She asks did I make a promise that you want to say thanks.

He says I will say thanks if you listen to me, don’t call me Pati babu, call me …. He hears Bihari. He says say barrister Babu.She says barrister babu. He says great, pack your bags, you will meet your mum. She gets happy. Trilochan and Binoy are angry. Binoy says Anirudh will throw that girl away. Anirudh comes and says I m taking Bondita to her mum’s house. Trilochan says you can’t take her for rasam, she can go when her brother comes to pick her. He says there is no invite, I m taking her. Trilochan asks will this suit you. Anirudh says let me say. Trilochan says this rasam means her Maayka will respect you, why do you want to go. Munshi says Bondita doesn’t have any brother, even my bahu doesn’t have a brother. Trilochan asks what, what kind of girl did you marry, she has no brother, does family go ahead without a boy. Anirudh says it doesn’t matter, I m going to get her widow mum, I promised Bondita that she will stay with her. They get shocked.

Bondita gets smell of Rasgullas. She asks Batuk did Anirudh send this. Batuk teases her. She feels hungry and says I will have it. Batuk gets on the chair. Anirudh says tell Saurabh and his wife that they will come with us. Trilochan scolds Anirudh. He says its a sin, her widow mum won’t come here. Binoy says if you ask for anything, we will give you, we won’t agree if you want to ruin our family respect, you can’t get her here, don’t stain us. Anirudh says I can’t understand this, I promised Bondita that I will bring her widow mum, I will keep it. Binoy shouts I m your dad, I don’t change my words, that girl’s mum can’t step in this house, its my house, everyone has to bear my rules. He shouts. Batuk throws rasgullas. Bondita sees the rasgullas on the floor. She says I didn’t get it. He says pick it and eat, I m going to eat sweets. He laughs and falls down. She laughs on him. He asks her to give her hand. She jokes.


Anirudh says I will leave this house. Trilochan says stop, we can talk and sort this out. He says Binoy, this is my house too, I regarded your family as mine. Binoy says you have always given them father’s love, I won’t forget this, IU won’t let children forgive it, will you forget the customs. Trilochan says never, I will never compromise with my traditions, Anirudh you want to get Bondita’s mum here, fine, but you have to do all marriage rasams without any drama. Anirudh says you will blackmail me now. Trilochan says you think anything, Bondita’s mum will come when you fulfill all rituals, get ready and come. Anirudh says I won’t do rituals. Trilochan says then Bondita’s bahu won’t come here, remember this. Anirudh goes. Binoy says you have trapped him well. Bondita comes for rasam. Everyone waits for Anirudh. Binoy thinks we will see if Anirudh does rituals with this girl, how will he get her mum.

Bondita asking everyone to call Anirudh, are they scared to call him. She says I will go and call him. Anirudh comes and asks them to complete every ritual in detail. Saurabh’s mum explains the rituals. Bondita asks what will I do if I m always after him, how will I move on. The lady asks what will you do by going ahead. Bondita smiles seeing the rasam. She says Anirudh won, then I will be after him always. Binoy says if Bondita’s mum comes, then you won’t be able to see my face. Trilochan says be patient, Anirudh is doing the rasams, I won’t let Bondita’s mum come here. He asks Bihari to call Munshi. Anirudh and Bondita complete rituals.

He thinks now no one can stop me from bringing Bondita’s mum here. Trilochan asks Munshi to get car ready, they have to go in evening. Munshi asks where. Trilochan says Bahu’s village, I have imp work before Anirudh reaches, I have to explain someone. Bondita goes to the study and looks for Anirudh. He asks didn’t you sleep. She says no, I have to go and meet mum tomorrow, can I go and meet Sampoorna.Saurabh comes to his room and sees Sampoorna decked up for the first night. He comforts her. They get close. She gets shy and says I feel nervous. He smiles. He asks her to sing a song and see if that ends her nervousness. Bondita comes to Anirudh again. She asks can we dream without sleep. He says real dream doesn’t let us sleep. She asks how to fulfill dreams. He says I don’t like talking much. She says you like to dream. He says yes. She says then see that with me. He says I have seen my dream, I just to fulfill it. She says maybe our dream is the same. She asks him to play. She asks what do you like. She thinks he is reading books, what shall I do now, mum will come tomorrow. She sees his wallet and Saudamini’s pic. Saurabh and Sampoorna romance. Payali jhum num…plays…. She falls down. He asks are you fine.

Saudamini thinks I will see who has Anirudh married. She comes home. Bondita hides the wallet. Anirudh sees Saudamini’s pic spoiled. He laughs. She asks aren’t you angry. Anirudh says no, I was more naughty than you in childhood. Saudamini hears them laughing. She goes and sees Anirudh happy and laughing. She thinks Anirudh is happy after marriage, he doesn’t care for me. Saurabh asks Sampoorna to sleep on the bed, he will sleep on the floor, she is hurt. She says no. They both sleep on the ground. They smile. Mami says sorry, we can’t bear your expenses now.Maa worries. Trilochan comes to meet them. Munshi greets Mama and asks her to wait there. Mami says maybe he has come to take dowry, what will we do now.

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