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Barrister Bahu 17 June 2022: Episode starts with Bondita asking Anirudh to open the door. Anirudh opens the door and scolds her for calling him her husband. Bondita says I have to touch your feet. Anirudh says you don’t need to touch my feet. She argues with him. Somnath and Batuk joke on her. Bondita says Maa explained me that husband is like Lord, I should touch his feet. Anirudh asks do I look like Lord. She says no, but mum said you did the work like Lord. He says no. She says but everyone says so. He asks will you do what everyone says, don’t you have your own brain. She asks if you say right, did everyone say wrong. Dida asks Saudamini not to get angry. She wants her to get normal. Saudamini is sad.

Barrister Bahu 16 June 2022

Anirudh gives a book to Bondita. He says you have to find the answers, why everyone says wrong. Bondita checks the book and says I will find it. He says read it and find out. Saudamini asks how did Anirudh’s heart get stone. Dida says how can it happen, your hearts are same, you know him well. Saudamini says right, he can’t love anyone else than me. She asks Dida to look into Anirudh’s room. Bondita asks Bihari what does he have. He says its typewriter. She asks is this useful. He says yes, its useful, barister Babu uses it always. Dida sees Bondita through binoculars. Saudamini asks is she pretty. Dida says you think Anirudh loves your beauty, I can just see her long hair. Saudamini says she has done magic on Anirudh. Trilochan does arrangements to do the rituals. Binoy asks him not to do this drama. Trilochan says I will do the rituals, I will make bahu look rich, her poverty will get hidden. Binoy says fine, do it if you want, we can get burdened by the girl, don’t let me become part of the rituals, I can’t tolerate that poor girl. Bondita comes. Sampoorna and Saurabh fulfill the rituals.

Munshi is with Kaki. Sampoorna gets shocked seeing them. She thinks what’s this sin, how can my Sasu’s sister be with her husband, I have to tell this to Sasu ji. She goes to Saurabh’s mum and calls her. Saurabh’s mum doesn’t listen. Bondita says I can’t go to kitchen to gave food. Trilochan says you won’t get food, girls should control their hunger and tongue. She recalls Anirudh’s words. She argues with Trilochan about girls’ rights. She says Anirudh told this to me. Trilochan says man and woman can never be equal, men are always high in status. Bondita asks why, they are same.Trilochan scolds her. He says your husband didn’t read ved puraan, go to your room, wear the costly saree and jewellery for rasam, you can’t eat anything until rasam gets fulfilled. She asks why. He shouts go. She goes. She says I m feeling hungry, how shall I stop it.

She gets an idea. She recalls her Maa .Bondita getting decked up. She feels hungry. She drinks water and says I won’t eat the food. Anirudh comes to Saudamini and says I won’t go even if you say. She says I won’t say, you went on your own. They argue. He says you know the reason why I married that girl… She says you fell for her beauty and long hair, is there any comparison between me and her. He asks her to listen. She shouts on him and argues. She misunderstands him. He asks her to trust him. She refuses. Bondita says I will wear heavy saree and jewellery, Maa will come, I m ready for the rasam. Anirudh says I didn’t love you since you are pretty, but because you are like me. Mini asks why did you marry her, you fell for her. She takes the scissors to cut her hair. He scolds her and snatches the scissors. Bihari comes and says Trilochan is calling you for rasam. Mini asks Anirudh to go to his pretty wife. He leaves.


Sampoorna throws Kaki’s bags and says you can leave from the house now. Saurabh’s mum asks her to apologize. Sampoorna says she has to leave, she has done a sin, she was hugging Saurabh’s dad, he gave her a necklace. Saurabh’s mum asks what necklace. Sampoorna shows the necklace Kaki is hiding. The guest ask about Anirudh and his bride. Trilochan says Anirudh had to marry, it was problem of shubh mahurat. Bondita comes. Everyone gossips seeing her. Anirudh comes and throws the kumkum. He recalls Saudamini’s words and creates a scene. Trilochan takes him aside and scolds him for making their respect shattered. Anirudh says I told you, I won’t do any mistake. Trilochan says fine, don’t call me Kaka from tomorrow, stop thinking for my respect, I m not your dad. Anirudh says I respected you more than dad, what I did isn’t a marriage. Trilochan says do you want to marry for social service. Anirudh says I married her to save her life.

Trilochan says she is your wife. Anirudh says I will not do any rasam. He asks pandit to leave. The pandit and guests leave. Anirudh thinks no one understands me. Bondita thinks I don’t understand him. She recalls her Mama’s words. Sampoorna asks how can Kaki do this. Kaki says I m Saurabh’s mum.Saurabh says yes, you gave me birth but this is my mum, who raised me and wishes for my good. He goes. Saurabh’s mum cries and says I couldn’t conceive, and my husband had to marry again, I have no complains with her, since I got a son like Saurabh, you listen to her. She goes. Sampoorna apologizes to Kaki and goes. Anirudh hears Bondita crying and goes to her. She says I m crying because of you, I m hungry, I didn’t eat food, you didn’t do the rasam.He says I will ask Bihari to get food. She says you should have done it. He asks is it necessary. She says Maa will come when rasam gets fulfilled.

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