Barrister Bahu Friday 4 November 2022


Barrister Bahu 4 November 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh saying I have filed a complaint in police, you also publish Sumati’s missing news in the newspaper. The editor agrees. Bondita is decked up by the girls. Trilochan comes to talk to her. She shows her clothes and get up. He says you will be performing a wife’s duty today. She says I will keep all the duties. He says promise me, you will start a new married life, you will not step back, when you are taken to the room, you won’t leave the room. She nods. He says you will fulfill all the rituals explained by Sampoorna. Bondita says don’t worry, I remember everything, until Anirudh lifts the ghunghat, I have to be in ghunghat. She says Sampoorna said that my bangles will break, anklet will break and then the bed. He says enough, you just remember it. She says I promise I will not come out of the room without completing the rituals. Anirudh comes home.

Bihari runs to tell Trilochan. Binoy, Sampoorna and Bondita come. Bondita asks where is my mum, tell me, what happened, you went to take him right, where is he. Anirudh says I will get her soon. Binoy thinks Anirudh may find Sumati. Sampoorna asks Anirudh to come for rasams. Anirudh says I won’t do any rasam. Thakur meets Anirudh. He says you are doing a good work for the welfare of women. Trilochan says Anirudh will not be senses and do whatever we say, he has to start his new life. He asks Bihari to just obey him. He says every husband and wife have to start a new life, soon they will get a child, they have to follow the customs of the society.

Bondita and Sampoorna dance in the Jashan. Anirudh takes some drink. He feels dizzy. Binoy packs his bags to leave. Sampoorna asks are you going somewhere. He says away from this house, Anirudh will know Sumati’s truth, I don’t have courage to face him. She says don’t worry, I will talk to him. He says they will believe that I have killed Sumati. She shouts Sumati is alive. She tells him everything. He asks is Sumati alive, you have taken an advantage of this matter, you are such a liar, you are so clever. She says I did this on my mum’s saying, I didn’t do anything. Mama says Sumati has to die now for Sampoorna’s betterment. Mama and Mami bury Sumati and ask her to get freedom from the world. Anirudh gets intoxicated. Trilochan gets him for the rasams. Anirudh sits wit Bondita. The ladies do their aarti. Pandit guides them for the puja.

Sampoorna comes to Mama and Mami. Mami asks what are you saying. Sampoorna says I told Binoy that Sumati is alive, just go and find out if she is alive, bring her back. Anirudh swears that he will fulfill his duties and take his married life ahead. Bondita also swears. She says I will never step back from my duty. Binoy asks Sampoorna where was she, where is Sumati, why didn’t she get her. Sampoorna worries. The ladies take Bondita to the room. Sampoorna says you will be staying in Anirudh’s room now. Bondita says I will let Anirudh rest. The ladies tease her. Sampoorna says you both will be giving happiness to each other.

Bondita says I always take care of him and give him happiness. Thakur gives a drink to Anirudh. Trilochan asks Anirudh to his room. Anirudh is taken to the room. Bondita waits for Anirudh.Anirudh being drunk and talking nonsense. Bondita thinks what is he saying. Anirudh says Bondita…Trilochan says I know Anirudh will be very angry on me, but I have to do this, I m ready to face any storm for getting my heir. Anirudh asks Bondita to smile if she is there for real. He falls down. She thinks I m feeling sleepy, how shall I sleep, he isn’t lifting my ghunghat. He sleeps. She says I m pinching myself to stay awake and Anirudh slept. She goes and wakes him up. She says I feel suffocated. He says then lift the ghunghat. He says then lift the ghunghat. She says how will I give you a milk glass, how will my bangles and anklet break, our new married life will begin, what are you thinking, lift the ghunghat, I m feeling sleepy, I m looking very beautiful. He sleeps. Thakur enters the room. He drags Anirudh to the bathroom. He thinks Anirudh will faint completely after this medicine, I will become Bondita’s husband and do his work.

She asks him to lift her ghunghat. He thinks she will see me in Anirudh’s place. Mama and Mami run to get Sumati. They find the grave empty. Mama say she isn’t here. Mami says where shall we find her, she doesn’t die. He says wild animals would hunt her down. She asks what will I answer Sampoorna.Sampoorna says Anirudh can’t go to find Sumati tonight, I will get Sumati in the morning, I promise. Binoy asks her to get Sumati. Bondita asks Anirudh not to test her patience, he will open her ghunghat, they will complete the rituals. Thakur touches her. She feels strange.She thinks I feel bad by the touch. She recalls Anirudh’s words. Anirudh is still locked. Bondita says you have to lift my ghunghat, why are you touching my feet, its wrong, I can’t even see you until you lift my ghunghat. The ghunghat flies by the wind. She asks who are you. She shouts to Anirudh. Thakur asks her to be quiet. Anirudh falls in the water tub. He comes out. He hears Bondita shouting. He opens the door and goes to see her. He sees Thakur on the bed and shouts. Thakur asks him to listen. Anirudh asks how dare you touch Bondita, I will kill you, get out of here. He drags Thakur outside. Trilochan asks what are you doing, he is our guest. Everyone comes. Anirudh says this man is a devil, this man entered Bondita’s room and tried to molest her. Everyone gets shocked.

Thakur says no, Anirudh is misunderstanding, I was finding a way to the bathroom. Anirudh says lie, I have seen it myself. Thakur says you were not in senses. Anirudh scolds him. Bondita says he had touched me, it was a bad touch. She cries and hugs Sampoorna. Everyone gets shocked. Thakur says she is a kid, she was scared and shouted to Anirudh, I was just helping her. Anirudh says you locked me in the bathroom, what help were you doing, have shame, don’t lie. Thakur says why would I lie, I do a lot for little kids, they respect me. Bondita says you should be insulted, you are lying.

She says I was shivering from inside, I didn’t feel scared before, you are a very bad man, your touch was bad, Anirudh had taught me about good and bad touch, your touch was bad. Thakur asks will you believe a little girl or me. Anirudh says I will always believe Bondita. He slaps Thakur and says just a girl can understand the touch, bad men like you touch a girl’s body, but that fear shakes the soul. He scolds Thakur.Thakur says yes, I had touched her. Trilochan scolds him. Thakur asks Anirudh will he go to the society and tell this. Anirudh says yes, I will go and get your face blackened. Thakur asks Trilochan to explain Anirudh, his wife’s face will be blackened, man doesn’t lose anything. Anirudh says this time, the society will support the woman and believe her, you will be punished. Trilochan says wait Anirudh, he is saying right, I can’t put Bondita’s respect at stake. Anirudh asks what. Trilochan says girl’s name gets spoiled, even if a man does a sin, but women get the poison, I can’t let any stain get on Bondita’s forehead. Thakur says we will compromise, we both won’t say anything, any ways, I didn’t do anything much, I just touched her. Everyone gets angry.

Thakur goes to Bondita and says so its decided, we will forget everything, like nothing happened. Bondita pushes him. She says I will not stay quiet, your intention was bad, not mine, your thinking was bad, not mine, why would I get blamed. She argues.She says its injustice with women. She asks Trilochan does he differentiate between Devi and Devta, why are the mistakes and punishments different for men and women, why don’t we think that we encourage men by supporting their mistakes, we break the women strength. She asks will the women always cry by the fear. Anirudh says this time you have faced Bondita, she will not sit quiet, she will punish you, I will also not sit quiet, nothing can calm me down, it will be justice.Trilochan says law will punish him. Anirudh says yes, I will get him jailed, but Bondita will get justice first. He asks Bondita to punish Thakur Bondita keeps a stool and gets on it. She slaps Thakur.

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