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Anupama 4 November 2022: Anupama prays god that Shah house’s peace and good luck stays forever. She tells Baa it doesn’t look like it will stay as it won’t wherever a daughter is disrespected. Mamaji requests not to say that. Bapuji enters and says let her go, he will farewell her daughter today. Anu says she can’t stay back today. Bapuji says he will not as he understood what Vanraj, Baa, and Kavya must have told her. Baa shouts he doesn’t know what happened. Bapuji says he knows capability and tells Anu that she should take her self-respect and everything she wants except guilt. He says this dirt doesn’t deserve this lotus. Samar says this family doesn’t deserve mummy. Nandini says anything excess is bad, be it devotion or respect. Mamaji says Anu made this house as a temple, but Vanraj and Baa’s cheap words turned into a market and devi/god always stays in a temple and not market. Samar says even he will leave with mummy. Bapuji asks Anu to go and if someone points a finger at her, she should cut their finger like a kalimaa. He applies devimaa’s kumum on her forehead and with all the supporters chant move ahead.

Anu touches Bapuji’s feet and takes his blessings. She then looks at Toshu and remembers her motherhood for him. She then looks Baa and Kavya and remembers serving and supporting them. Baghban Rab Hai Baghban.. song plays in the background. She then packs her clothes and family pic, prays home temple one last time, touches Baa’s feet who turns her face, then touches Bapuji and Mamaji’s feet and takes their blessings, then hugs her children and walks out of Shah House holding her luggage. Samar also walks away with her. She says this house gave her both love and pain, love became her nest and pain will help her fly, thanks for giving her pain; god knows she always thought good of family and this house and if there is something left, she is sorry for that. Pakhi cries seeing her leaving. Kavya grins. Baa and Vanraj frown. Bapuji cries saying her daughter left.

Samar walks with Anu and says she is going in a wrong direction. She says she knows, but wants to be alone for sometime. He asks her to promise him to return soon. She promises and leaves senselessly. Samar asks god why he did this to mummy, he gave pain to her and should give her strength to cope up or else he will lose faith on her. Anuj calls Anu and then Samar and asks why Anu is not picking his call and gets shocked hearing what happened. Back at Shah house, Baa says she fought with Anu before and humiliated her, but she never left home; today she left without a tear in her eyes. Vanraj says she loves her family most and left it easily. Toshu says he didn’t expect this from mummy. Kavya says she doesn’t understand their reaction, there will be peace in this house without her, noting will change with her absence. Anuj searches Anu. Anu goes and sits in a park.

Anupama walks senselessly on road while Anuj searches her. She sits on a park chair and sees a boy disguised as Bal Krishna walking to her and asks why she is sad, he will solve everything. He hugs her, and she cries vigorously remembering Vanraj and Baa’s bitter words. Bapuji establishes an akhand jyot/lamp and prays Kanhaji crying. Family joins him. Anuj relaxes finding Anu and thanks Kanhaji. Boy tells Anu that Kanhaji can solve anything and blesses her. Anu laughs. Bapuji prays Kanhaji that even Kanhaji must be crying like him; he says a father and Kanhaji both couldn’t stop Anu as they both know this place was not right for her and its better she stay away from here. Boy asks Anu not to cry again. Anu says no, as he said everything will be fine, and thanks him. Boy’s mother takes him away.

Bapuji prays god that people who forced her leave this house can never be happy and a day will come when they themselves will realize their mistake and try to bring her back home, till then akhand jyot will be on, and its a father’s decision. Mamaji plays shank.Anu heads to her mother’s house. Anuj follows Anu and thinks Samar informed that he with Anu is going to his grandma’s house, its good for them. Samar walks to him and asks what is he doing here, mummy. Anuj says she is fine and went into her mother’s house. Samar requests to meet mummy as a person needs a friend’s support at this time. Anu walks into her mother’s house and hugs her mother Kanta . Kanta says Samar informed her everything, she is proud of Anu; Anu was Shah family’s bahu first and then became daughter, they couldn’t respect either bahu or beti/daughter; most of the time a tradition becomes a habit more than tradition, so they see women tolerating injustice and stay in their in-laws’ house for years; she is proud that her daughter broke her habit for her dignity.

Anu asks if she is not angry on her. Kanta says no, daughters are wrongly blamed always, they should be supported instead, giving examples. Anu thanks her Kanhaji for giving a mother and brother like Kanta and Bhavesh, a family like Bapuji, Kinjal, Nandini, Samar, and a friend like Anuj. Samar returns with Anuj.At Shah house, Nandini serves snacks and medicine to Bapuji, but he denies. Vanraj asks Pakhi to feed him, Kavya says he is not even drinking water. Kavya asks him to relax as things will get normal soon, Anu wanted to leave house after spending night with Anuj and feeling guilty and they gave her a chance, its all Anu’s plotting. Vanraj says whatever it is, he wants her not to let family feel Anu’s absence. He removes Anuj’s name plate and says there is no place for Anu in this house of his family and he doesn’t care whether she stays at her mother’s house, Anuj’s, or on road; he will not let her inside his house even if she begs him.

On the other side, Anuj asks Anu if she is fine. She says she is, though she is not completely fine. He apologizes for the problem she faced because of him. She asks not to as its not his fault, its heinous thinking people whom she tolerated her whole life, but she will not. She says she need not worry as she has her mother, brother, son, and her friend who know that she is not wrong. She smiles and continues that she wants to fly alone; her Samar is with her, but she cannot stop his progress and he can visit her often; if she stays at her mother’s house, people will taunt her, so she will stay alone. Bhavesh asks if she will stay alone. Kanta says she will stay with herself and encourages her. Samar says he will be with his mother as her support. Anuj says his company provides accommodation to its employees. She says she will manage. He says she can seek his help if she needs. She determines to succeed high in life and munches laddu. Everyone smile seeing that.

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