Aparajita update Monday 26 June 2023

Aparajita 26 June 2023: Niya tells Disha how can someone write those taunts on the walls. Disha says we will find out soon. Niya takes Chhavi from there. Disha tells Asha I think Mohini is behind this, I will find out.

Niya sees Asha crying alone and consoles her, she says please don’t cry, you are always happy so please don’t be sad. You are not like Disha who is always ready to beat someone. Asha says you don’t know her, she acts like a strong girl but she is very caring and soft. Niya says I am impressed by her bravery. She says you all are lucky to have someone for support. Asha smiles. Niya says I think we should make mint tea for her. Asha says let’s make green tea. Niya asks for an electric kettle. Asha says we don’t have it, I will teach you how to make it on the stove. She teaches Niya.

Guggo brings the kid to Disha who had written those comments on the wall. Disha glares at the guy.

Dadi hurts Anish with her wheelchair mistakenly, he cries in pain. Dadi says you should leave from here with your sister. Mohini comes there and hears Dadi saying that your sister doesn’t know how to earn love. Mohini glares at her and says you have to live to see a lot more. Dadi leaves. Anish tells Mohini that we have made her silent.

The guy tells Disha that you can’t do anything.. Disha glares at him and takes a stick. She is about to hit him. She says just tell me the truth otherwise.. she slaps him and says just tell me the truth. All people come there. She scares him with an iron. Mohini watches all that from the balcony. She kid screams that someone asked me to do all this. Mohini is scared that he will speak up. She comes there and says I asked the guy to do all this.

All are shocked. Mohini tells Disha that I know you want to hear that, I can take the blame if you want. I know I don’t like Aparajita but I am a mother so I can never do that. Disha asks her to stop her drama. Mohini says you know I won’t stoop that low. Niya says Disha won’t ever do that. Anish gives money the guy and whispers to him. He asks who did this? The guy says no one asked me to do it, I did it myself. I am sorry. Anish says I won’t spare you, he takes him from there. Niya goes away with Mohini.

Mohini tells Niya to stay away from Aparajita’s daughters, you saw how they were blaming me. Disha keeps insulting me. Niya says I am sorry on Disha’s behalf, I know you could never hurt Chhavi like this. Dadi comes there and says I can’t believe Niya is Mohini’s daughter. She tells Mohini that you can’t even help Aparajita, I should go there and be with the daughters. Niya goes to her and says don’t take stress. She takes her from there. Mohini says this girl is stupid.

Aparajita and Akshay are waiting for Sunil. Akshay says we should leave, he might be busy. Aparajita says I won’t go till I talk to him. Sunil’s wife Usha comes there. She says Sunil is angry with Veer so please don’t complain about him. Veer did a mistake but I know he wouldn’t do anything wrong with Chhavi, he has anger but he is just a kid. Aparajita says I love my daughter like you love your son. People are taunting my daughter because of Veer.

Sunil starts a press conference and tells them that Aparajita used her daughter to trap my innocent son.

Akshay gets a call and says press conference? He tells Aparajita that Sunil is doing a conference and has put all the blame on Chhavi. Aparajita is angry hearing that.

Sunil tells the press that Aparajita is playing a politics and using her daughters. I am sure she must have made this video viral to get fame. The reporter says she is the same woman who said she could do anything for her daughters during the riots?

Sunil says yes and she is doing this to get fame for her daughters, she is trapping my son. Aparajita comes there with Akshay and says yes there was a trap. Akshay whispers to her to not create a scene in front of the media. Aparajita says you want me to be silent when my honor is being tarnished? The reporter asks if she did all this deliberately? Aparajita says money talks and this person is saying that I trapped him when he has all the power?

The truth is that his son kept following my daughter, he called my daughter alone and trapped her there. Sunil says your daughter wanted money and fame so she trapped my son. I am sure she made the video viral, you thought I would bow down to your forcing and blackmailing? Akshay thinks how this will destroy Chhavi and Veer’s relationship. He asks the media to leave as its a personal matter. Aparajita says no, this is about my daughter’s honor now. She tells the media that we are honorable women but this Sunil is lying. Akshay asks Aparajita to calm down, we will talk later on. He holds her hand and drags her from there.

Mohini and Anish watch the video. He says now Veer and Chhavi won’t marry. Mohini says now my plan will work. Akshay wants them to marry and Aparajita doesn’t. They will fight more over this topic. I am sure they will get married but Akshay will hate Aparajita more now.

Akshay tells Aparajita to think about Chhavi. They love each other so think about their relationship. Aparajita says Chhavi’s honor and self-respect is above everything. Sunil tells the media that she has no proof that my son trapped her daughter. Why did she go to meet my son if she didn’t want to? The reporters ask Aparajita if she has any proof that Veer trapped Chhavi? Aparajita looks on.

Asha checks the news and they all see media questioning Aparajita.

Aparajita tells the reporters that Chhavi went to meet Veer because she trusted him. She didn’t do anything. The proof is that I trust my daughter, you should ask Sunil what proof he has against my daughter? The video had Veer too but my daughter is being blamed only. How will world change if we don’t change our thoughts? You people just want drama against women. You all watched the video and made fun of that girl without thinkin how it will impact her? Stop hurting women like that. That video doesn’t prove my daughter did anything wrong.

I am standing with my duaghter as a woman and I will fight for all women. If I win this fight then it will be a lesson for all that we are not weak as women. All clap for her bravery. Sunil glares at her.

Chhavi cries watching Aparajita’s speech. Disha asks her to stop crying, we are all with you. Disha says lets take care of our neighbors.

Akshay tells Aparajita that you gave a good speech but nothing can be proven. Aparajita gets a call from the principal and says we saw your speech. I am sorry for before, Chhavi can come back to the college. She is happy to hear that. Sunil comes to Aparajita and says nothing can happen between your daughter and my son.

Aparajita says you are right, my daughter will marry the person who will respect her which your son is not. She starts to leave. Veer rushes to Aparajita and says I am sorry for my father’s behavior. you think I can’t keep Chhavi happy? I promise to keep her happy. Aparajita says I don’t want to talk about it. She asks him to leave. Akshay comes there and says you do everything you want, you don’t care about Chhavi’s happiness. I worry about her honor but Chhavi wants to be happy with him. Aparajita says do all people in love marriages are happy? Chhavi will marry the person who will respect her. Akshay says if you are wrong then Chhavi will breakdown, I won’t let you play with her happiness. He leaves from there..

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