Aparajita zeeworld update Tuesday 19 September 2023

Aparajita 19 September 2023: Mohini is trying to leave the venue but Aparajita stops her and says who are you? she grabs her but its someone else and Mohini runs away. Aparajita sees her face and its another woman, she apologizes for bumping into Dadi and leaves from there. Akshay makes Dadi sit down. Aparajita asks Disha how is she? she says I feel weak. Aparajita says you can rest after the wedding. Ashmit says lets complete the wedding. The priest asks Chhavi and Asha to their gath bandhan. The light is still not coming. Mohini thinks I will continue with my plan. Chhavi does their gath bandhan. Asha asks Disha to not change after the wedding. Akshay thinks I wish Niya was here too. The priest continues the wedding. He asks them to stand for pheras. Aparajita stands back and Disha starts feeling dizzy but Arjun holds her. The priest says lets take pheras. Arjun holds Disha’s hand and says lets do it. Disha starts taking pheras with Arjun. Mohini smirks and thinks they won’t know what game I am playing. Arjun recalls his moments with Disha. He completes the pheras. Chhavi recalls Veer trying to harm her before. She gets a call from Kabir and goes from there. Mohini says this will be my revenge against Aprajita. The lights come back and all are excited. Arjun tells Disha that he will always follow her but she doesn’t answer him.

Chhavi comes to the room and finds Kabir there. She says what happened to you? He says I feel dizzy. Chhavi says you should rest. He says I don’t know how I came here, I have to go for my duty. Chhavi says you need to rest. Kabir says I need my medicines. She takes his wallet and says you keep medicines with you? she gives it to him with water. Kabir says sorry I had to call you, you can go back as its your sister’s wedding, I am okay. Chhavi says you don’t look okay, he says just go.

Disha moves in front of Arjun and they start taking remaining pheras. Disha is in veil and not talking. The pheras complete and they sit down again.

Kabir asks Chhavi if he can ask something? why do you look sad when its your sister’s wedding? Chhavi says you don’t know anything. He says I am sorry. Chhavi says don’t question me too much, you shouldn’t think wrong about me. I am not a girl who would fall in love just when a guy shows interest. Kabir says I don’t know about love but I have started liking you. I want to get to know you more. I am sorry if I have hurt you. He tries to leave but falls down so Chhavi rushes to him. She asks him to rest and don’t try to act strong. He says okay, I will rest and you can go back.

Arjun makes Disha wear mangalsutra and applies sindoor to her forehead through veil. The priest says the wedding is complete. They are husband and wife now. All clap for them. Akshay thanks everyone for cooperating. Aparajita goes to the couple with Akshay. They bless them. Arjun and Disha take Ashmit’s blessings too. Mohini smirks and says Arjun married Niya only, Aparajita doesn’t know the twist coming her way.

Arjun makes Disha wear mangalsutra and puts sindoor in her forehead while she is in the veil. The priest says the wedding is complete, they are husband and wife now. Arjun and Disha take blessings of elders. Sarika says we should see the bride’s face now. All get worried. Mohini thinks they can’t see her face. Kalpana rushes there and cries.. she says I lost Shubh and I can’t find him. Akshay thinks Mohini must have done something. All family members look around. Sarika says drama keeps happening. Aparajita asks Asha to take Disha to her room. Chhavi goes to check on Shubh too. Kabir recalls how a woman attacked him and he fainted. He says I won’t spare this Mohini today. Mohini thinks when they take off the veil then it will be Niya underneath, they all will think he married Niya when he actually married Disha. The flashback shows how Shubh was in the room and Kalpana told him to stay in the room till she comes back. She left the room and Mohini went there. Kalpana thougt to talk to Aparajita about Mohini. Mohini comes outisde the room and asks Shubh to open the room but he says no.. Maa said that I can’t open the room. Mohini says I brought chocolates for you, I can leave if you want. Shubh got tempted and opened the door. Mohini attacked him and took him away. Kalpana comes back to the room and couldn’t find him. The flashback ends.

Kabir comes to Akshay and says we have to find Mohini. Chhavi and Asha takes Disha to her room. Chhavi tells Disha that everything will be okay. Disha goes to her room. Chhavi sees Shubh running and goes to catch him. Mohini goes to Disha’s room and attacks her, she faints so Mohini brings an unconscious Niya there and swaps her with Disha in the bridal dress. She applies sindoor to Niya and puts mangalsutra on her. She drags Disha’s body from there.

All family members are searching for Shubh. They find her with Chhavi and Asha. Kabir sees a woman running away and says that’s Mohini.

Aparajita comes to Disha’s room and sees her sitting in the veil. She asks Disha if she is okay? Mohini comes there. Akshay and Kabir come there too. Aparajita asks Mohini where is Niya? what did you do with her? Kabir puts a gun at her and says speak up. Mohini says Niya is safe, you can’t stop me from winning, I did what I had to do. Aparajita asks what did you do with Niya? Akshay says I won’t spare you. Aparajita searches Mohini and finds something. Kabir says these are sleeping pills. Akshay asks where is Niya? Mohini says I am her mother, I wouldn’t do anything with her. Mohini eats a medicine and faints. All are shocked. Ashmit is knocking on the door so Akshay and Aparajita hide Mohini’s body under the bed. Kabir opens the door. Sarika says what is going? Akshay says we were just checking on Disha. Ashmit says thank God you found Shubh. Ashmit says we should start the reception. Aparajita says sure, we are just bringing Disha. Sarika says we can take the bride now. She tries to pick up the bride, thinking its Disha, she takes her from there with Ashmi. Akshay says what should I do about Mohini? Kabir says she deliberately ate the medicine, you both go and I will take care of her. He is dizzy and says she attacked me too before that’s why I am dizzy. Aparajita says Disha was dizzy too so maybe she gave something to Disha also? she recalls how she had given a medicine from the doctor to Disha and thinks maybe Mohini exchanged those also.

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