Aparajita zeeworld update Wednesday 19 July 2023

Aparajita 19 July 2023: Aparajita looks at herself in the mirror and recalls Akshay applying sindoor to her, she thinks this is getting difficult for me. She is about to wipe it off but Chhavi comes there and stops her, she sits with her and says the man who applied this sindoor to you is not the one who cheated on you but the person who loved you the most, the person you gave yourself fully too, if you wipe it off then you will wipe away the best memories of your life. Is there a way to go back 20 years and live that truth today now? Aparajita says you are just seeing half-truth but I saw the truth later on and lived in pain with it, these memories are forgotten for me and this sindoor is pale after seeing all colors of your father. Chhavi says but you do apply sindoor. Aparajita says yes but I apply it as my kids’ right and not of Akshay’s name and especially not from his hands, he wants me to wear a mangalsutra but I don’t want to, I used to wear it for Amma’s happiness but they took it away from me.

Now he has lost his memory so he wants me to wear it but when his memory is back then he will take it away again. This happy family is just a fever dream and it will be destroyed when reality hits it.Mohini applies sindoor to herself and thinks only I have a right on this sindoor.Akshay is angry and asks Dadi to give the repairer’s number, I will call him and asks for the mangalsutra. Dadi says I lost the number. Akshay says I will go the shop then. He leaves from there. Asha comes there and says he can’t go out otherwise he will know its 20 years later.

Niya comes to Mohini and asks why is she applying sindoor? Mohini is angry and says he applied sindoor to Aparajita in front of me. She can never snatch him from me. Niya says you and dad are made for each other but you don’t need to do all this. He is not falling for Aparajita, he used to love her really. Mohini gets angry and slaps her. Niya is shocked. Mohini panics and says I am so sorry baby. Niya says calm down, she makes her sit down and says why can’t you understand that Akshay is not your husband right now, he is the person who used to love his wife Aparajita and his 3 years old Chhavi. He is not our family right now, the doctor said we have to take care of him till his memory comes back. Mohini says till then what should I do? I am not the only one losing my husband but you are losing your father. You trust Aparajita but it will be broken one day, I don’t care what the doctors say, Akshay is mine and I will get him back at any cost. Niya says you are a stranger for him right now. Mohini says I know that but I was a stranger 20 years ago but he became close to me and left Aparajita and his daughter for me. Akshay has to come back to me again.

Scene 2
Disha tells Aparajita that this seems difficult. Akshay comes there and asks what’s going on? I am going to get the mangalsutra. He sees little Chhavi there, she asks where are you going? the doctor said you can’t leave the house. Akshay says really? I am totally okay. Chhavi says play with me, you can’t go. Aparajita smiles seeing Akshay play with little Chhavi. Akshay says if you let me go then I will bring sweets for you. She says okay then you can go. Aparajita whispers to Asha to call the shop-owner and tell him the situation. Akshay tells Aparajita that I will go now. She stops him and says I will come with you. Akshay says you want to eat gol gappas right? don’t be shy to accept it. All laugh. Aparajita says its not like that. Akshay holds her hand and says don’t be shy about our love, he pulls her closer and goes with her. Asha says I never saw our parents like this. Disha says I am just worried that he might find the truth.

Aparajita and Akshay are on the streets. Aparajita thinks he can’t find out that its 2023. A bike is about to hit Aparajita but Akshay pulls her closer and says be careful, you can’t walk 2 steps without me but don’t worry Akshay is with you. He offers his hand but she tries to leave so he stops her, Aparajita holds his hand and they both start walking together.Asha tells Disha that I called the seller, he will be careful. Chhavi says papa is so romantic and I am sure he loved Maa a lot 20 years ago, he would never leave her alone. Disha says then he left her and us for 15 years without looking back. Once he has his memory back then he will go back to Mohini. Dadi says I wish he would never get his memory so he will stay with Aparajita. Asha says I am just worried how Aparajita is handling the situation.

Aparajita sees the billboard which says 2023 so she pulls Akshay away from looking at it. She says do you remember our blindfold game? The flashback shows how Akshay would blindfold her to surprise her. The flashback ends. Aparajita says I will blindfold you today. The newspaper falls from a bystander, Akshay is about to see it but Aparajita pulls him closer. Akshay says you are being romantic. She blindfolds him. Bappi sees them and says they are cute. Akshay tells Aparajita that you have to help me walk now. Aparajita holds him and starts walking with him. Mohini comes in the market and the flashback shows how Bappi called her. She looks around for them and says I will bring Akshays’ memory back today.

Scene 1
Asha comes to the jeweler’s shop and helps the seller in removing all items related to 2023. Aparajita comes there with Akshay so Asha hides from them but drops a calender mistakenly. Mohini is searching for them and thinks Aparajita is having a date with Akshay? I will make it memorable for her. Asha hides and gives a thumbs up to Aparajita. Akshay asks the seller about the mangalsutra. Asha sees a calender near Akshay’s foot and gives a hint to Aparajita, she tries hiding it. Akshay is about to see that but Aparajita picks it up and gives it to the seller. Aparajita says we should leave as they haven’t repaired mangalsutra. Akshay says we can look at some other items. Akshay chooses a necklace for her and makes her wear it. She says what are you doing? Akshay says making my wife more beautiful. He makes her wear some jewelry while Asha makes their video.

He hugs her and says I love you the most in this world, I get happy just by looking at you. Asha smiles at them and thinks my papa is more romantic than SRK. A couple gushes over their romance. Aparajita moves away and says I don’t want anything. Akshay says at least we can get some clothes for you. Aparajita says Chhavi must be alone. Mohini comes outside the shop and calls Manish, she says I just have to take Akshay away and bring his memory back.

A customer comes to the laundry shop and shouts at Disha where is her clothes? is your mother focusing on her husband more now? Disha fights with her but Chhavi stops her and says don’t give more stress to Aparajita, she might be coming back. Disha messages Asha to keep Aparajita busy in the market for some time.Akshay and Aparajita come outside the shop. Mohini hires a bike rider and says they shouldn’t get hurt. The bike rider moves towards them and races away between them. Akshay looks around and sees Aparajita gones.

Mohini pulls Aparajita aside and says you are on a date with husband? Aparajita asks her to go and have a drink to cool herself down. Aparajita starts looking around for Akshay in the market. Mohini finds Akshay and asks you here? Akshay says Aparajita is missing, I am looking for her. Mohini says maybe she is hiding something? he says what do you mean? Mohini says I feel weird about her. Akshay says you are talking too much. Mohini says don’t you feel she is a little reserved around you? Akshay says don’t worry about me. Mohini stops him and says you don’t even know that Manish and I got your house renovated. You know Manish and I are living there. Akshay is stunned and says what? Mohini says you should come with me and see how much your house has changed. Akshay says okay but I have to tell the jeweler to inform Aparajita that I am going with you. Mohini thinks he will come with me now.

Mohini brings Akshay to their house. He enters it and looks around. He looks around and gets dizzy. Mohini thinks I have to take this risk to bring his memory back. Akshay says everything has changed here, this doesn’t seem like my house.Asha meets Aparajita in the market who tells her that Akshay is missing and Mohini was in the market too. Asha tells Aparajita that a customer is creating a scene at the laundry so we can’t take Akshay back home. The jeweler comes there and tells Aparajita that Akshay said he is going home.

Akshay asks Mohini what is going on? Mohini says Aparajita is hiding something from you. Akshay shouts what is she hiding? Mohisni says think about it, can’t you see that things have changed. Are you happy in your marriage? if yes then why is she lying to you? She has told a big lie to you. Akshay’s head starts spinning and murmurs what is going on? he screams for Aparajita and falls down while Mohini looks on. Akshay falls down and faints. Mohini is shocked.

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