Aparajita zeeworld update Saturday 22 July 2023

Aparajita 22 July 2023: Chhavi calls Veer and asks where were you? someone attacked papa but you were not here, I trusted you but you were not there when we needed you. Veer cries and says Maa fell down the stairs so I had to take her to the hospital. I should have been there for you, I am sorry. Chhavi says no, I am sorry, I should have asked you first but I was worried about papa.. someone attacked him. Veer says I will find the person who attacked him. He smirks and thinks I will take care of him soon.

Disha tells Asha that I am sure Veer attacked Akshay. Chhavi comes there and slaps Disha. She says you never liked Veer but how can you allege him like this? she is about to slap her again but Aparajita comes there and stops her. Chhavi says do you know what Disha is saying? Aparajita says she is right, Veer is behind the attack but we don’t have proof. Chhavi says you both don’t like him so make up some fake proof against him. You think you are protecting me by keeping me away from Veer? you are taking away my life by projecting your own fear on me. She starts leaving from there while Aparajita looks on, she tells her that we got to know about his ex and her sister told us about Veer abusing her. Chhavi asks where is proof? Disha says we had the video of Ritika confessing against Veer and it was in Aparajita’s phone but it got damaged so Akshay went to get it repaired but someone attacked him before he could get it repaired.

Do you know he wouldn’t be behind the attack? Chhavi says you keep blaming Veer but have no proof. She tells Aparajita that like you don’t trust Veer, same way I don’t trust you. Asha says why would Maa lie? Chhavi says because it will benefit her thoughts, she trusts some strangers instead of me or Veer but I trust my love because I know Veer cares for me and papa as well. You can’t see that because you don’t want to. She tells Aparajita that I know papa left you but that doesn’t mean you will stop trusting every men in the world. Today papa has gone back 20 years and loves you but you don’t want to reciprocate because you are scared that he might realize about his mistake and stay back with us but no you don’t want to do that because you are scared of love and relationship.

Aparajita says why would I want him to leave his wife and his kid to live with us? Chhavi says you let her love go but I will fight for my love. She leaves from there. Niya hides and hears all that, she thinks how can Chhavi think of separating from us. Disha tries to go behind Chhavi but Aparajita says leave her, she is blinded by Veer’s love. They hear a noise so Aparajita rushes from there.

Aparajita rushes to Akshay’s room and finds the vase broken on the floor. She looks around for Akshay, he comes there so she asks if the attacker came back? Akshay says I just wanted my Appu to come to me. Aparajita tries to pick up the glass piece and gets her hand cut. Akshay gets worried and says its bleeding, she says its okay. Akshay panics and brings first-aid box, he applies ointment to her and panics more than her so Aparajita smiles. Akshay says I am sorry, this happened because of me, I would never want to do anything to hurt you as it will hurt me more. Aparajita looks at him and recalls Chhavi’s words, she thinks Chhavi might be naive but I know the truth which will never change. She tries to leave but Akshay stops her and says I am excited about our anniversary, I will make it memorable for you. Aparajita looks on.

Scene 2
Mohini is planning for the anniversary. Manish comes there and says you won’t be able to see Akshay celebrating anniversary with Aparajita so you should leave for a day or two. Mohini looks at Aparajita’s photo and says I am not runnin away, I will shock Aparajita tomorrow in a way that will remind that Akshay is mine only.

Aparajita is sitting alone and recalls Akshay’s words about their anniversary. Disha brings food for her, Aparajita asks if Chhavi ate anything? Disha says no, she is not talking to me. She asks her to eat something. Aparajita says I am not hungry anymore, there is so much going on. Disha says we can’t hide the truth from Chhavi for long, we will find proof soon. Aparajita says how to tell Chhavi that it hurts too much when the trust is broken. I got my trust broken 20 years when Akshay didn’t come for our anniversary and when he came back then he had lipstick mark on his shirt so I asked him. The flashback shows how Aparajita asked Akshay about the lipstick on his shirt and Akshay stuttered that he went to a party and hugged people but how can you doubt me? I work hard for your family. Aparajita trusted his words but he kept his affair with Mohini and kept lying to Aparajita. The flashback ends. Aparajita tells Disha that he kept fooling me and I kept trusting him because we become blind in love. I kept faith that our family would be okay once Asha would be born but then he left us all. She cries and Disha hugs her.

Chhavi calls Veer and says are you sure? She says I trust you completely and will do as you want.Aparajita tells Disha that Akshay wants to make me wear that ring and celebrate the anniversary but he has already lost that right so I won’t do it. Disha looks on.

Aparajita tells Disha that I won’t wear the ring or celebrate the wedding anniversary. I was thinking to leave but I want to keep an eye on Akshay. Disha says I will get a camera then. In the morning, Disha sets a baby monitor in Akshay’s room and connects it with Aparajita’s phone. She says you will be able to keep an eye on them then. She asks if Chhavi talked with Asha? Disha says no. Aparajita says I am worried that she will go to meet with Veer. Akshay comes there so Aparajita runs from there. He finds Disha there and asks where is Aparajita? did you see her? Aparajita hides in the laundry. Disha says she went to the market. Askhay is about to open the laundry door but Disha stops him and says it’s just storeroom. Akshay stares at her but leaves. Aparajita hears all that. She says I should be with Chhavi right now but I am stuck in this anniversary mess. Chhavi comes to Aparajita and hugs her. She says I am sorry for talking badly with you and raising my voice. You know who made me realize about my mistake? She brings Veer there and says I was angry but then Veer told me that I shouldn’t have talked with my mother like this. He also told me his ex-girlfriend Ritika had issues with him and she loved his money and status. When he found out then he tried to end things with her but she was very clever and tried to blackmail him by getting herself attacked and making her sister bad-mouth him to the public. Veer tells Aparajita that Chhavi is right, if you still think that I attacked Akshay then you can punish me. Chhavi asks Aparajita to trust him for once. Veer says everything happens on the right time, he asks Chhavi to go and get ready for school. She leaves. Veer tells Aparajita that your daughter trusts me blindly, she will never trust you because she loves me dearly. Aparajita says if you think your fake love is above mother’s love then you are wrong. When Chhavi sees your real face then she will come back to me only. Veer says I don’t think that day will come. He leaves. Aparajita thinks I am sure Akshay saw his face that day when he attacked him. I have to bring Akshay’s memory back to save Chhavi also.

Scene 2
Mohini is preparing for the anniversary and says Aparajita is planning to have a memorable day right? I will make sure its memorable for her.Asha brings little Chhavi to the shop. Aparajita asks her to go and tell what she has to say to Akshay, she leaves. Aparajita asks Asha to keep Akshay inside the house only. Aparajita sees some women arriving there and chanting against her. They start breaking her shop. Aparajita says what are you doing? why are you breaking my shop? Mohini comes there and says you stole my husband and tried to destroy my life so now I will make you pay for it. The women scream that Aparajita is a husband stealer. A woman says you act pious but you are a characterless woman to keep someone else’s husband in your house. They start making her video while Aparajita is confused. Asha asks them to stop. The woman says Aparajita is taking advantage of Akshay because he lost his memory.

The flashback shows how Mohini gave money to the women to shame Aparajita. Aparajita takes Asha aside and says make sure Akshay doesn’t come outside the house. Mohini tells the women to scream more so Akshay will come out. The women are screaming against Aparajita. Mohini thinks now Akshay will come out and find out the truth.Akshay is sititng in his room. Asha comes in the house and tells Disha about the fiasco. Dadi says this Mohini doesn’t even care about his life.The woman tells Aparajita that you are so shameless to stay with Mohini’s husband. Aparajita says I am just taking care of him, I know Mohini brought you all here.

Mohini says she would never make Akshay remember anything so he would stay with her. The women start physically attacking her but Aparajita shouts that I am not stealing anyone’s husband, infact my husband was stolen and I know what that pain is so I won’t ever do that. I am just helping him as his life is in danger. If you think that makes me characterless then yes I am. The womeen keep chanting against her.

Akshay comes in the lounge and tells little Chhavi that we will go to the market. Asha is shocked.

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