Anupamaa starlife update Thursday 17 August 2023

Anupamaa 17 August 2023: Leela fumes on Anupama and says she called herself a heroine and left like a guest artist. Hasmukh says Leela’s life is she was born, cursed Anupama, and ended. Samar asks Leela to calm down and not stretch the issue. Kinjal says Toshu is calm and happy with Pari, soo he should stop now. Vanraj also says same. Hasmukh tries to cheer up Kavya and asks her not to worry as she will get back her modeling assignment. Kavya says she will not as Mohit completed it already with another model. She goes to sleep. Leela yells that this heroine is also going. Hasmukh says lady villain Leeela is sitting though.

Maaya makes decoration for Little Anu and says let us cut cake first. Anuj says its a good idea. Little Anu feels sad and says it would be good if mummy was present. Maaya feels jealous hearing that. Anuj says its okay, they will send this cake to mummy. Little Anu prays god to get Toshu well soon and send mummy back home. Anuj holds Little Anu’s hand to cut the cake. Maaya extends her hand to join them. Power goes off. Anupama enters and holds Anuj and Little Anu’s hands. Power returns. Maaya stands frowning seeing Anupama. Anupama thanks Maaya for the cake and decoration and cuts cake holding Anuj and Little Anu’s hand. Maaya thinks they shouldn’t together again. Anupama feeds cake to Little Anu and Anuj and offers Maaya. Maaya holds her hand and says she mixed almonds in cake and is allergic to nuts. Anupama says why did she make so much efforts when can’t have cake. Maaya says she is right, my efforts fell short. She changes topic and asks how is the cake. Anupama says very tasty.

Maaya asks why did she return so soon, they thought she wouldn’t soon. Anupama says she was missing Little Anu and Anuj. Maaya asks if Leela didn’t stop her as they way she took her from here, she wouldn’t have let her go easily; will she return back. Anupama says she returned back home forever. Little Anu excitedly says then they can go on a school picnic tomorrow. Anuj asks why didn’t she inform him before. Little Anu says she thought mummy wouldn’t return soon. Maaya says she would have informed her, they would have gone to picnic. Little Anu says she wants to go with mummy and papa. Anupama says they will and asks her to pack her bag. Anuj asks Anupama if she is sure as he doesn’t want her to break Little Anu’s heart again, can she live away from Toshu for a whole day. Anupama says yes. Maaya says she will go instead and tries to convince Anyapam. Anuj says he can’t tolerate if her daughter’s heart breaks again. Anupama promises she will manage everything and will not hurt Little Anu’s feelings again.

Samar calls Anupama and asks about Toshu’s medicine. She informs location and says even Kinjal knows its location. She then apologizes Anuj and asks what was he saying. Anuj says last time not only Little Anu’s heart broke, even he broke and he doesn’t want it to repeat again. Anupama says this time it won’t, she will handle everything. Leela calls her and says she left like a heroine without listening to her, tomorrow she should come home and take Toshu for doctor’s appointment. Anupama says she would have come if it was necessary, she already spoke to Vanraj and he along with Adhik and Samar will take Toshu for the appointment. Leela yells she is a paralyzed son’s mother. Anupama says even her little daughter is important and she needs to attend her school picnic tomorrow. Leela continues yelling, but Anupama disconnects call.

Anuj tells Anupama that Shahs can’t manage without her, so she should go. Anupama insists that she will manage. Leela calls Anupama repeatedly. Anuj says Anupama’s mind would at Shahs even if she is at picnic. Anupama repeats she will attend picnic. Maaya says she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer between their issues and hence she will go with Little Anu tomorrow. She insists Anuj and he agrees. Anupama feels heartbroken. Little Anu returns with her list and shows it to Anupama. Maaya tells Little Anu that she will accompany her tomorrow instead of Anupama. Anuj tells Anupama that he doesn’t want any issues between them again. Anupama recalls last time’s event and agrees. She tells Little Anu that her dolly will enjoy picnic with her papa and Maaya and will send lots of pics to her. Little Anu says she will miss her. Anupama says even she will miss her and asks her not to make any mischiefs. Anuj asks Little Anu to obey her mummy and gets busy with her and Maaya. Maaya feels disheartened.

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