Faltu starlife update Thursday 17 August 2023

Faltu 17 August 2023: In today’s episode of Faltu, we saw that Ayaan has recognized Faltu who is disguised as Anmol. Faltu is shocked and thinks about how he found out about her disguise. Ayaan tells her that she is bad actor and tells her about the mistake she did which revealed her disguise. He says that he is proud of her and will support her in her endeavor to help her father. He says that if he will be careful about her disguise then no one will be able to defeat her in this game.

Ayaan works on Faltu’s disguise. He says that she should wear a mustache to look more convincing. Ratan comes to his room and knocks on his door. He asks him to come for the breakfast. Ayaan says that he will come in sometime. Faltu feels sick. Ayaan asks if she has some problem with her eyes. Faltu dodges the question and says that it is all because of dirt. She recalls the doctor’s warning.

Pratap brings the groceries from Ayaan’s mart. Faltu’s sister comes to the house and tells her mother about the domestic violence they are facing because of dowery. Faltu prepares food for the family. She sees grocery items with two labels. She also finds out that the products are expired. She rushes to warn Ayaan about it.

Faltu goes to the mart and asks the villagers to shop later as they will get a special offer. She tells Ayaan about the conspiracy. Ayaan resolves the issue and thanks Faltu for her help. He wonders who is behind this conspiracy. He sees Pappi and his goons outside the mart and realizes that its all his doing. He is about to confront him but Faltu calms him down.

Meanwhile, Pappi gets suspicious about Faltu and Ayaan’s relationship. He plans to find out the truth and defame Faltu in front of the village.

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