Anupama starlife update Tuesday 4 October 2022


Anupama 4 October 2022: Anupama prepares laddus to celebrate 15th August Independence day. Samar walks in and munches laddu acting as in sleep. Anu says she will slap and wake him up and describes how they used to get 2 laddu in childhood on 15th August after their dance performance.

Samar says he learnt dance in the greed of laddus then. Anu says whatever it is, they were excited for independence day from 1st August itself. She further says how parents keep away their children from the national festivals and not let them experience it completely. He prepares laddu unevenly. She laughs. He prepares it with 2 big spoons and says lazy people find a way out. She laughs more. Toshu watches her from behind and remembers insulting her. Anu notices him.

Samar says its good that bhai stayed back with bhabhi tonight as bhabhi needed his emotional support. Anu hopes he stays back even tomorrow as its a holiday, let him not return to this house, he should return into everyone’s heart.

Kavya insists Vanraj to answer her question while he is asleep. He wakes up and says he is tired and let him sleep. She says he loves sleep and not wife, she wants to know how they celebrate independence day or else Baa will taunt her. He agrees and says let us make arrangements for tomorrow. She excitedly hugs him. He writhes in pain and says she is not light anymore like before. She says she is, maybe people are taking her lightly and not offering her job.

He says he knows how it feels, every person has to go through this phase, being jobless is not a joke. She says money is important and being useful is more important than that, she likes enjoying Sundays but not everyday as Sunday. He says she can do household chores. She says she is not born for that as she has seen Anu working hard and its not her cup of tea. He consoles her that she will get a job soon. She thanks him.

Next morning, Anu walks out of house dressed as a Maharashtrian woman holding laddu thali, Vanraj and Kavya as a South Indian Man and a Muslim woman, Baa and Mamaji as Rajasthani woman and man, Pakhi as a Punjabi girl, Toshu as a Muslim man, Kinjal as a Bengali woman, Samar as a Punjabhi man, and Nandini as a Kashmiri girl. Hum India Wale.. song plays in the background. Baa looks at Kavya and says good girl, she then tells family that they will celebrate independence day first and Bhaila’s surprise happy birthday next. Mamaji jokes that Britishers left India after knowing that didi/Baa is going to be born soon.

Family laughs. Anu searches her money and says she had brought it to give it to Anu. Pakhi asks her to relax as its just 100 rs. Anu says one who earns money knows the value of even 1 rs. Samar finds her 100 rs. Anu checks it and says its her money itself. Samar says mummy is cross checking it. Vanraj says Anu from the beginning checks serial number.

Rakhi walks in wearing a gown as a modern girl. Baa says today is independence day and not a fancy dress competition that she dressed like an angel. Mamaji jokes. Anu thanks her for coming and says she didn’t feel Rakhi would come. Rakhi says independence day is the only festival she celebrates. She asks Kinjal what did she and Toshu decide. Kinjal says let us discuss about it later. Samar asks Pakhi if she changed her DP with a national flag. She says yes. Samar says its for only 1 day as they are not soldiers to show patriotism at border. Anu says fighting at border is not only patriotism, benefitting the nation is also patriotism as nation is not just a land but them all; people complain that this country’s system is bad,

but they are the system who spit pan on street, give bribe, fight with each other on the basis of religion; they talk about changing the nation, but don’t realize that they need to change themselves first. Toshu says he agrees, but their country is far far away from development. Anu says there will be a few defects in everyone. Baa says just like every mother is imperfect, but child loves her immensely. Vanraj gives his opinion next. Anu says they should work for the nation and take it on the path of success. Baa says let us celebrate independence day first.

Shah family hoists national flag and sing Vande Mataram song (what about national song?). While returning home, Baa says its good that flag hoisting finished on time, now children can show their dance performance. Whole Shah family dances on Humlogon Ko Samajh Sakho to Samjho Dilbar Jaani… song. After dance performance, Mamaji gets happy seeing cake and asks Baa its whose birthday today. Family at once say its his birthday and he is lucky that whole nation is celebrating his birthday.

Bapuji sends him happy birthday message. Mamaji says even jijaji remembers his birthday. Vanraj reminds how Mamaji wrote his name on his birthday. Anu reminds how Mamaji forgot when she was newly married and thought her as thief. Mamaji says sorry. She says they are thankful to him instead. Kavya says she used to feel irritated with Vanraj’s love for family, but now realized its value. Anu asks Samar to check if loan amount is credited in account. He asks her to relax as they still have a whole day left.

Shah family celebrates Mamaji’s birthday. Pakhi asks him to make a wish before cutting the cake, and Vanraj asks him to seek some memory. Mamaji jokes, cuts the cake, and offers it to Rakhi instead of offering it to Baa. Rakhi fumes. Kinjal says its okay as its Mamaji’s birthday. Mamaji says this is his life’s best birthday and hew ill never forget it. Toshu feels guilty for insulting his parents and apologizes them. Anu says there is no need to say anything more and emotionally hugs him. Kinjal gets happy seeing that. Nandini says she told her that bhai cannot stay away from family for long. Toshu tells family that he has big ambitions in life and wants to grow big, he can shift the house and express his wish to his family, but he doesn’t have right to insult his parents and elders. Vanraj says even they want him to succeed in life. Toshu says Kinjal was right that their consciences alerts them when they are wrong. Anu says one must respect the family and do right always.

Toshu then apologizes Kinjal and says he will not force her again to shift. Rakhi fumes seeing that and thinks she thought Kinjal will also move out once Toshu moves out, but all her efforts went in vain. Kavya hearing her taunts that she forgot that Toshu is Vanraj’s son, and when being a girlfriend and wife she couldn’t separate Vanraj from his family, Rakhi is toshu’s MIL and will never succeed. Rakhi taunts back that looks like even Kavya wants to Toshu and Kinjal to stay at Shah house and even herself loves staying in a joint family.

Toshu and Pakhi then feel guilty remembering humiliating Samar and calling him a loser and tell him that he is not a loser and always supported mummy when they were against her, he was always right. Vanraj says Samar misbehaved with him when he insulted his mother and he was always an obedient son to his mother. Baa proudly says Samar is her grandson. Samar emotionally hugs his siblings. Rakhi asks Toshu if he doesn’t want to shift to penthouse, she will convert it into company guesthouse. Vanraj says they don’t have any problem with Toshu and Kinjal shifting, she should give them some time to think. Kavya says it doesn’t matter whether they stay at Shah house or somewhere else, they just should be happy.

Anu says same. Kavya says let us celebrate mamaji’s birthday and dances with whole family. Rakhi thinks until Anu is there, she cannot break Shah family; she had made Toshu a pawn, but even he disappointed her; she should now think what else she can do. She asks Kavya if she wants to work in her coaching center where work pressure will be less and salary double, its up to her how she will convince her husband as he wouldn’t agree so easily. Kavya stands thinking. Anu asks Samar if they got a loan disbursal message from bank. Samar says he will inform her first once it comes, she should enjoy the party now. Rakhi walks towards her call seeing off Kinjal. Toshu apologizes her and says he couldn’t reply her. She says she got her answer. He says he wants to shift though. She says he cannot convince his family at all and now Kinjal will never shift to pent house with him, he needs to sacrifice something to gain something or else shouldn’t dream big.

Anu while working at home hears news about a fraud happening in the name of loans, but doesn’t pay much attention. She gets happy seeing family happy and prays god to protect their happiness. Next morning, Vanraj returns from jogging and stands chatting with Anu smilingly. Kavya gets jealous seeing that and thinks she doesn’t know how Anu tolerated Vanraj with her for so long, she can’t even see exes laughing together. She walks to Anu about loan. Anu says its not disbursed yet. She asks to hurry up. Vanraj says she is trying her best for them.

Kavya continues venting out her jealousy. Samar walks to Anu, and she informs him about Sweety going out for a debate competition. He asks that means Pakhi won’t be present during rakhi festival. Anu asks him to go and cheer her up as she is sad. Samar walks to Pakhi and cheers her up with his jokes and assures her that she can tie him and Toshu rakhi once she returns from her debate competition.

Rakhi in office fumes thinking she thought Kinjal will complete her studies and take over family business, but she wants to work under cheap Dholakia and support Anu; she will make sure Anu is defeated by her soon. Anu rushes for work, Baa offers her tiffin and discusses about rakshabandhan festival, she jokes on rakhi. Anu says she will prepare rakhi this time. Baa asks her about loan and says they should stay away from loan and hopes its disbursed soon. Kavya discusses with Vanraj about Rakhi’s job offer. Vanraj denies permission and says though Rakhi is an excellent businesswoman, she is still a nagin/snake in relationships. Kavya says she will be professional. He asks if she saw how Rakhi is manipulating Toshu. Kavya says she is not Toshu to get manipulated. He says no and its final. Kavya thinks she cannot let such a good offer go away.



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