Anupama starlife update Tuesday 8 November 2022

Anupama 7 November 2022: Anupama performs Hanhaji’s aarti singing Aarti Kunj Bhiari Ki bhajan. Bapuji, GK, and others pray behind her. Anu then presents aarti to everyone. At Shah house, Kavya continues provoking Baa that Anu’s own house mean full enjoyment without any restrictions, whole family is enjoying festival with her and 3 of them are sitting here like donkeys. Vanraj warns her to mind her language and says for the first time Bapuji and kids are not with them, he is not feeling good. Kavya says he should get habituated to it. Baa says this will not happen until she is alive. Kavya says she didn’t marry him to see this day. Baa says this will not repeat again, she will break Anu’s all relationships before she breaks her family. Dolly with Sanjay enters and says she will break her relationship with Baa.Anu takes elders’ blessings. Youngsters congratulate her for her new house. GK says this house will bring peace and wealth in her life. Bapuji says there would be many hurdles ahead and gives her advice to keep smiling in every situation in poetry style. Anu gets happy and asks if he wrote this poem.

Bapuji says Anuj did. She then thanks Anuj. Youngsters gift her a painting. Kinjal goes to bring sweets for everyone.Dolly tells Baa says she will break her relationship with Baa and this house. Baa asks what is she saying. Sanjay says Dolly is right, they didn’t do right with his sister Anupama. Vanraj says they don’t know what happened here. Dolly says she knows everything, she didn’t here to count their mistakes as they will not accept it. She confronts Baa that she considered son’s affair right and daughter’s friendship as debauchery, Baa has done pHD of double standards. Baa asks if she will misbehave with her brother and mother for Anupama. Dolly says Anupama served her brother and mother for 26 years and loved her and Sanjay like a true sister and Meenu like a mother, she is not cheap like them. Baa says she is calling her mother as cheap. Dolly says she forced her to say this, she is ashamed to discuss that they forcefully took Anu’s signatures on property papers, Baa has gone worst now. Vanraj asks if she is not ashamed to misbehave with her mother. Dolly says she is ashamed to call her as mother. Baa asks then why did she come here instead of going to Anu’s house; Anu snatched her husband, brother, and daughter now. Dolly says bhabhi didn’t snatch them, but Baa pushed them away. Vanraj shouts to dare not speak rudely with maa. Sanjay says even he cannot speak rudely with his wife.

Anuj gifts Anu a fairytale snow globe and says he imagined Anu in it. She smiles. Kinjal serves Anu’s prepared laddoos to everyone. GK says he will finish them all. Anu thanks them all for making her 4 walls as house, continues expressing her joyful feelings and hopes Toshu would also have come. They all cheer her up and dance with her on Na Na Na re Na Anu thinks her happiness is incomplete without Baa and Toshu and knows Kanhaji will refix her relationship with them. They then play dumb charades.Back to Shah house, Dolly continues confronting Baa and Vanraj and says they did wrong with Anu for 26 years and crossed limits today, Vanraj and Kavya themselves had an affair and pointed at Anu instead. Kavya asks her to shut her mouth and get out. Dolly asks why should she as this is also her house and asks if they want her also to sign on property papers. Kavya says she came here to show her right, she is sure Anu must have sent her here. Dolly says she hopes Anu would have, she is ashamed to call them as her family. Vanraj shouts enough and brings property papers. He says Anu is everything to her and a devi, they are evils and Kavya chudail/witch; Anu served this house for 26 years, but he made this house; he took care of Dolly’s studies, bought her up, and got her married and did everything for her; instead of thanking him, she is showing rights on this house.

She says she is not. He says this house belongs to only him and insists her to sign property papers and sacrifice her right. Kavya also insists and emotionally blackmails her. Dolly signs papers saying she cannot become great like Anu and doesn’t want be like Vanraj as she cannot stoop so low; she become a stranger after marriage for namesake, but today they literally made her a stranger; she never saw such an ill fated house which disowned both daughter and DIL; they light lamp on diwali to ward off darkness, but their life will be filled with darkness forever. Vanraj asks her to leave if she is done. Dolly walks away saying one who makes other’s life dark can never be happy.

Dolly walks away after signing property papers Vanraj insists her to. Vanraj realizes his mistake and scolds Baa and Kavya for provoking him to snatch is sister’s right. Anu and team continue to play dumb charades. Anuj enacts. Anu saves hum tumhare hain sanam. Anuj hopes so and says she is right. Everyone clap, and Pakhi says she didn’t understand gestures at all. GK says Anuj and Anu’s team is best. Pakhi says she should have been in their team and not winter/Samar’s. Samar says are losing because of her. Their nok jhok starts while everyone laugh. Anu noticing time tells Bapuji that she doesn’t want to send them, but its late now and even Toshu must be coming home for diwali celebration. Bapuji says he doesn’t want to go. Kinjal says they know she doesn’t want any problem again because of Baa, but they don’t want to go. Paritosh/Toshu reaches Anu’s house and watches them hiding.

Vanraj scolds Baa and Kavya for provoking him against Dolly and says he will never snatch his sister’s right and will return her property share to her. Baa blames Anu for the rift between Vanraj and Dolly and shouts she will never forgive her. Back at Anu’s house, Anu asks Bapuji and family to leave or lese Baa will feel bad. Mamaji jokes. Bapuji says a house is with family, but without her, its not a house, anyways they will leave now. GK says he will drop them home. Kinjal says she will stay back to help mummy. Samar says he and Nandini will go to dance academy to prepare diwali dance sequence. Anuj says he will also stay back to discuss a business proposal. Anu offers sweets for Baa. Bapuji asks Kinjal and Anuj to take care of Anu and walks away with Pakhi and others.Anuj picks used plates to wash. Anu scolds him to keep them back. He asks why is she scolding him. Kinjal laughs seeing their cute nok jhok and says will barge in any time here and will visit often for a sleep over. Anu says its her house and she can visit anytime.

Toshu enters and shouts nobody will come here for festival, illness, happiness, birthday or death. Anu asks not to say that on festival. He says he came here for the first and last time, he didn’t come here to congratulate her. Kinjal asks why did he come then. He says he had to as water has crossed the line, he was controlling till Bapuji left. Kinjal asks since when he started bothering. He shouts he will not tolerate his mother’s debauchery and adultery. Anu controls her anger. He continues. Kinjal drags him away. He frees himself and shouts at Anu that she ruined her own life and now is ruining her son’s life, she darkened her son’s life and is celebrated diwali, etc. Anuj gets angry but controls himself.

Bapuji returns home. Baa asks where was he. Bapuji asks Mamaji to tell her that a person whom she critized sent her halwa, there is still time to change or else she will be left alone. Mamaji says jijaji is right, she should mend her ways or else will be left alone. Baa throws away halwa, takes oath that she will never forgive Anu, and curses that Anu will never be happy. Back to Anu’s house, Anu asks if she is destroying his life. He says she already did as mom/Rakhi kicked her out of pent house and job after knowing Anu left Shah house and ordered she will return his job and pent house only if Kinjal comes and stays in pent house. Kinjal confronts him and asks if he has lost his shame and self-respect for being a ghar jamai and is blaming mummy instead. He shouts that mummy’s boyfriend interfered and ruined their life. Anuj gets more angry when his name is dragged. Toshu continues character assassinating Anu and shouts how can she be so shameless being a mother and is thinking of romance at the age of playing with grandchildren. Anuj breaks his silence and warns him to shut up or else he will see his different form which he left 26 years ago, he will not tolerate him insulting his mother.

Samar at dance academy hopes Anu gets Anuj as a life partner. Nandini says mummy just needs a friend. Samar asks why society cannot accept a 40+ woman’s remarriage, mummy is busy in work now and will feel alone later without a life partner. Back at Anu’s house, Toshu continues humiliating Anu. Anuj warns him to get out before he loses his calm. Toshu shouts because of him, their house shattered and on every festival, there was a fight in their house. He reminds each incident and blames Anuj for it.

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