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Love by chance 7 November 2022: The Episode starts with Anu leaving from the house. Gungun asks Riddhesh not to worry, he will get fine. Riddhesh is taken to the OT. She asks Shyam what happened to her dad. He says it’s a heart attack. She gets shocked. He says we have called Dr. Rathi, don’t worry, we will try our best. She asks him to save her dad. She sits crying and recalls Riddhesh. Anu comes and calls her out. She asks why did he come, he has no relation with her and her dad. He asks how is Riddhesh, I worry for him. She says sit at home and worry.

He asks why. She says I will decide who can meet him and who not. Anu says fine, you have a problem with me, I will sit somewhere else, I won’t leave. She asks why, you got married today, you should be at home with your wife. They argue. He says I didn’t come here just for your dad. She asks for whom did you come, tell me. He asks her to shut up, and focus on her dad. She cries. He asks what happened to Riddhesh. She says he was fallen unconscious, Shyam said he suffered a heart attack. Anu worries.She says his surgery needs to be done, if anything happens to dad, then I will give my life. Anu asks her to shut up and not say the nonsense. He says don’t worry, I m with you, I mean with both of you, even if we have no relation, I m with you.

She says you are saying this as a formality. He says I have worn the ring you gifted to me without worrying about my family questioning me. She asks why are you telling me. He says I don’t know. She says thanks, it was just a gift. He asks was it just a formality. Nurse comes. Gungun asks how is dad. Nurse says his surgery will begin now, you have to sign the papers. Gungun cries. Anu consoles her. Akriti’s mu dikhai rasam happens. Sunanda asks Charu to give some gift to Akriti. Chandru says we got the gift. Sargam says he spoils the surprise. Charu asks Akriti not to see the price of the gift but their love. Divya gets the shagun. Sunanda asks Akriti to wait for Anu. She asks Yug to go and call Anu. Yug looks for Anu. He says Anu isn’t in his room. Golu says check my room. Yug says he is nowhere. Chandru asks where did he go. Divya says maybe he went with his friends. Golu goes to look for him. Shyam says Riddhesh got a major heart attack, we have to do an open heart surgery. Anu asks the survival chances.

Shyam says I can give you a hope, but not a guarantee, his condition is very critical. Gungun gets the signed form.Shyam says there is nothing to worry, all the hospital employees are praying for Riddhesh, they love him, nothing can happen to him. She says right, he promised me that he will always stay with me, he never breaks his promises. Shyam asks for another sign. He sees her with sindoor and asks when did you both get married, anyways, so you are our son in law, you can sign this form. Anu signs the form. Shyam says this formality is imp, give the papers at reception. Anu gets Akriti’s call. Gungun takes the papers and says your wife is calling you, you should answer it. He says please. She says you are nothing for my dad. He asks are you sure. She asks who are you. He says I don’t need to answer you, your sindoor is the answer. He takes the papers. Golu and Goli say we couldn’t find Anu. Charu says no need to call anyone. Ankit says Anu isn’t answering. Charu asks Akriti not to cry.

Akriti says he should have sent a message at least. She complains about Gungun.Khushi says Gungun came to congratulate you because you invited her. Akriti asks why can’t she say who she married. Golu says she would have married Ranvijay, who else. Charu says it doesn’t matter. Sunanda says we should worry for Anu. Akriti says he said he went to the temple in Gungun’s marriage, he got hurt there. Goli says maybe he fell down. Akriti asks did you believe what he said. Golu says we trust him, why, don’t you trust him.Gungun crying for Riddhesh. Anu holds her hand. He gets Akriti’s call. She asks where are you, everyone is worried for you, its our marriage day.

Anu says I know, marriage is over and also the rasams. She says its my first day here. Anu says I don’t need to become a bridge between you and my family, you know them. She asks where are you. He says I m at the hospital. She asks are you okay. He says yes, Riddhesh is hospitalized in emergency, he suffered a major heart attack. She asks how do you know this, did Gungun tell you, she called you and you went there. He asks do you know the meaning of emergency, is it wrong to help anyone. She says she is your ex fiancée, by which relation did you go there. Anu says you mean I should not help Riddhesh, is there relation of family and inlaws, not of humanity, you have a relation with them, your concern is not for your uncle’s health, I didn’t know you are so insensitive, did you think Gungun and your uncle would be hurt, you have no regret, you are lecturing me. She disconnects the call.


Everyone asks Akriti who is in the hospital. Gungun hears him and asks him to go home, his family would be worried. Anu says I will go after your dad’s surgery happens. She says your family will think I called you here. He asks how does it matter. The family worries for Riddhesh. Akriti says I have to go to see uncle. Sunanda asks what will people say if you go now. Akriti says let me go there and see him. Golu says we will go there. Sargam asks Akriti to stay back. Akriti says no, I want to go, Gungun has no sense. Goli says Gungun is not alone, her husband would be there. Akriti says don’t know, I have to go. She leaves with Golu, Yug and Ankit. Charu says we should also go to see Riddhesh. Sunanda says we will go when they come back, guests are here.

Garima comes to Gungun and asks what happened to Riddhesh, how is he. Gungun asks why did you come here, go and attend the guests. Garima says don’t say this, how much will you punish me. Gungun says dad and I got punished by trusting you, go away and take your son in law along, we don’t need anyone. Garima says you think I will leave you alone here, I don’t care for the marriage rasams, I won’t go until Riddhesh gets fine. Nurse asks them to come to reception. Gungun says I will come. Anu says wait, I will go. Garima prays for Riddhesh.

Gungun hugs her and says I missed you. Nurse asks Anu his relation with Riddhesh, he is his son in law, right. Akriti comes with Golu and others. They ask about Riddhesh. Anu says it’s a major heart attack, doctors are performing the open heart surgery, Gungun is outside OT, I came to pay the deposit amount. She asks why, her husband would be here. He says she was alone, her Bua came just now. She asks is mum here. He asks why, shouldn’t she come, Riddhesh is her brother. She says I was just asking. He says you shouldn’t ask this. Golu says don’t fight, we came to meet Gungun because she needs us, we don’t know if she has money or not, I will go to Gungun and come.

Garima says everything will be fine, how did your husband leave you alone in such a tough time. Gungun asks her not to talk about it. Akriti asks how is Mama ji, I couldn’t stay back knowing about his heart attack. Golu asks what did doctor say. Anu says we will know it after surgery. She asks about Gungun’s husband. Golu says yes, he should be with you. She says he should know his responsibility, I know you would have married Ranvijay, what can we expect from an irresponsible guy. Gungun asks why do you care, why did you come, go from here and take your husband along. Anu says I won’t go anywhere until your dad gets fine, are we clear on that. Riddhesh is treated. Garima cries and says its my mistake, I should get punished. Khushi asks where are you going. Garima says Shiv mandir to pray for Riddhesh’s life, I m sure that he will get fine. Golu says but you are needed here also. She says no, I have to get prasad flowers for him. Anu says I will get it. Garima says no, you already did a lot for us, you should go home. Gungun says I will go and bring the flowers, where is the temple. Garima says outside the city, it’s a famous temple, anyone can tell you about it. Charu calls Golu and asks about Riddhesh. Golu says operation is going on.

Charu says Akriti should be here. Golu says I will talk to her. Sargam says ask Anu to bring Akriti home. He says Anu said he will stay here until Riddhesh gets fine. Charu asks him to get Akriti. Golu says Akriti, Charu called you home for the rasams. Akriti asks Anu to come. Anu refuses. Golu says Charu asked us to let Anu stay here. She says Anu should come. Anu says I have to be here, its more imp. She asks is my happiness nothing. He says someone’s happiness can’t be bigger than someone’s sorrow. Golu says we will go, let Anu stay back, he will update us. Yug says sorry Gungun, we have to go home with Akriti, marriage rasams aren’t complete.

Gungun says I asked you all to go, I don’t need anyone. Akriti asks Garima to come. Garima says I m here for my brother. Akriti argues with her. Garima says I have kept my responsibility, I promised you that I will stay there till your marriage, I did the duty of a mum and now I have to do the duty of a sister. Akriti looks at her.

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