Anupama Starlife update Tuesday 3 January 2022

Anupama 3 January 2022: Bapuji tells Anupama that Kinjal has them all, but Anuj doesn’t have anyone. He says a mother’s worries are valid, but that doesn’t hinder Anuj’s happiness as Anuj whatever did is for her. Anu asks what about the problem at Shah house. Bapuji says she followed all the relationships loyally till now as a mother, daughter, sister and cannot forgo her relationship with Anuj; she will face problem from Vanraj always, so she shouldn’t bother about him; she can call Kinjal nearby and meet her; if Kinjal needs her, so does Anuj.Anu meets Anuj at a park and offers her sweet. He enjoys sweets. She asks what next after getting the contract. He says usual paperwork and says he didn’t do anything unethical like Vanraj alleged him. She says Vanraj never thought right till now, she knows Anuj cannot snatch anything unethically; Vanraj and Toshu forgot that they company for which they are crying belongs to him which he built with his hard work, they are thinking themselves as its owner. She asks him to speak to Mukku about the contract before Vanraj provokes Mukku against him. A eunuch walks in and seeks money. Anuj says he will give all the money in his pocket if she blesses them to marry soonn. Eunuch says it doesn’t look like they are not married yet. Eunuch blesses them to marry soon and be together forever. Anuj asks her to bless that Anu’s problems are solved. Eunuch blesses again. Anuj drops Anu back till Shah house. Kaisa Lagta Hai Acha Lagta Hai.. song plays in the background.

Malvika gets angry on Vanraj for not consulting her before bidding a contract. Vanraj says he couldn’t contact her and didn’t have time to consult her. She says when legal department warned him not to bid, then why did he. He says he did what was good for the company and asks what can he do if she doesn’t let him work the way he likes. She asks him to leave the company as their companies are famous for work culture and many other companies want to adopt their work system, but Vanraj doesn’t understand it. She finally says she is dissolving their partnership, he will get remuneration for his work till now and her legal team will deal with him further, Vanika Teamworks is over, and he should visit her office only to back his stuff; she did many mistakes in life and did a biggest mistake by not listening to Anu and Anuj; and disconnects video call. Vanraj frowns at Anu. Anu asks if he will blame her and Anuj for his partnership cancellation. He says he will not blame and will not accept defeat. She says he shouldn’t and not ruin everyone’s holi with his anger.Anuj with Samar and Mamaji prepares for holika dahan. Samar taunts that Anuj is searching Anu. Anuj says he just had video call with Anu since 2-3 days and hence thought of meeting her. Samar says she is preparing gujiya. Anuj jokes that gujiya is more important that him and laughs. Family walks in. Anuj greets Baa and Bapuji and touches their feet. Baa yells at him that he is shameless to return often. Bapuji says he is the one who saved their house. Baa yells that he is snatching her son’s happiness. Anuj says happiness can be shared but not snatched. Bapuji says Anuj is right, that is why Anuj is happy even after losing and her and Vanraj are unhappy even after getting so much. Vanraj walks in and boasts that Malvika returned his partnership. Anuj says he asked Malvika for that and remembers requesting her for Shah family and Anu’s sake.

Malvika says insulting her employees and doing unethical act is not okay and his misbehavior will end the company. Anuj says he knows everything and requests her to give Vanraj one last chance for Anu’s sake. She agrees.Out of flashback, Anuj tells Vanraj that Anu saved his job. Mamaji asks Baa to thank Anuj. Anuj says there is no need for that and warns Vanraj that he should mend his ways and this is his last chance. He asks about Anu. Baa frowning says Anu is preparing gujiya and will not come out without her order. Anuj says he can go in then and walks in. Kavya comments why is he showing attitude. Mamaji says when Baa can show attitude without having anything, Anuj has everything. Anuj walks to kitchen. Anu feels happy seeing him. He switches off gas and asks why is she in kitchen. She says she was finishing work and coming out to meet him as they didn’t meet since 3-4 days. He says he didn’t ask her why didn’t she meet him, he is asking what is she doing in kitchen when whole family is enjoying out. Anu gets emotional hearing that.

Anuj tells Anupama that he can question her family, but he doesn’t want any drama on the festival day. He says he doesn’t have any problem if she has come to this house as a daughter to care of the family, but when everyone are enjoying festival, she is preparing gujiya/sweet when it can be prepared by whole family or bought from a stone; he understands Bapuji, Kinjal, Pakhi, and Samar cannot help her, but why can’t Toshu, Kavya, Vanraj, and Baa help her, etc. He says its not good to be too good and let others misuse her goodness. She smiles. He says he has right to scold her, orders her to accompany him out right now, cleans her hand, and walks out holding her hand.Shahs stand stunned seeing Anuj and Anuj walking to them holding hands. Anuj tells Baa that she can ask Anu to serve her, but not ask her to do household chores. Baa asks who will do household chores then. Anuj asks whose house is this. Baa says her son. Anuj says she got her answer. Kavya asks if V will fry gujiya now. GK and Samar smirk. Anuj tells Baa that Anu is her guest. Baa asks if she should perform her aarti. Anuj says if she wishes so and says he will fry gujiya after holika dahan pooja and smiles at Anu, irking Vanraj.

Baa and Bapuji perform holika dahan pooja first followed by Vanraj Kavya, Kinjal Toshu, and others. Anu performs pooja with Anuj next holding his hand and looking into his eyes, irking Baa and her team and rejoicing Anu’s supporters. Dolly tells Samar that bhabhi and Anuj look pretty together and are world’s best jodi. Baa hopes something happens which makes Anu stay back at Shah house forever and Anuj disappears from his life. A firewood falls between Anuj and Anu. Anuj alerts and protects her.Samar says let us do dhamal after pooja. Meenu says us dance on her favorite song. Vanraj and Anuj dance on O Bidda Ye Mera Adda.. song. They then arm wrestle. Bapuji and Anu look concerned seeing their tussle. Vanraj overpowers Anuj. Anu encourages Anuj to win. Anuj wins, leaving Vanraj’s team frowning and Anu’s team rejoicing and clapping Anuj. Anuj tells Vanraj that he was playing that day and today he was fighting and whenever he fights, he wins. He announces Anuj Kapadia is back, greets Bapuji and says he will return tomorrow for holi celebration. Samar and Pakhi ask him to come by morning. Anu takes Bapuji’s permission and goes to drop him out. Vanraj vents out his anger after losing.

Anu mimics Anuj and says he became a hero today. Anuj mimics her back and says he felt angry seeing her working in kitchen and cannot tolerate anyone pointing at her. She smiles. He asks her to return home. She says she too eagerly wants to return home, but cannot level Kinjal alone until she gets well. He asks why did she perform pooja with him. She asks why can’t she. He laughs and says next year even she will have a baby in her hand. She stands frowning. He says he means Kinjal’s baby. She warns him to stop laughing. Anuj says he will apply her holi first. She says even she wants that, but there are many at home who want that.Anuj says its impossible, recites a shayari, and asks her to promise that he will apply color to her first. She promises and says tomorrow’s holi will be the memorable event in their lives. Vanraj overhears their conversation and grins.

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