Anupama starlife update Tuesday 21 May 2024

Anuj and Anupama see Romil driving the scooty. Anuj asks Anupama if Romil has gone mad, who drives scooty like this, and he is not wearing helmet also. Dimpy thanks Titu for the costume and says it is good. She asks him if he wants coffee. Titu tells that coffee is good in cold weather and asks why it is his favorite season. Dimpy says the same.

Titu asks if she sings the song. She says sometimes she just humms the song. He asks to take permission from Kavya or Anupama and come to the next lane. She asks where? He asks her to trust him. Dimpy tells that she will inform Kavya. Romil comes home. He sees Anuj and Anupama standing and asks why you didn’t sleep yet. He asks if anything happened? Anuj says it is good that he asked. He tells that a boy of our house was driving the scooty rashly and asks if he has driving licence, if that scooty is yours, if you was wearing helmet. Romil says I was driving carefully and says everyone drives it in my college. Anuj says if they fall in pit, will you fall. Romil asks why you are over reacting. Anuj says your Dad didn’t know anything till now, don’t know he will do.

Titu brings Dimpy to the other lane. The singers are playing guitar. Tapish says this is called jamming and asks if she didn’t like the surprise. She says she liked it a lot and knows that it is called jamming. Tapish says you must have known how the name came? He tells that music works to connect the hearts, it is like Jammed and says Jazz musician did this in 1930. Dimpy says Kanha ji used to play flute and says that was really jam. Titu introduces Dimpy to his friends. The friend asks him to play guitar. Dimpy asks if you know how to play it. He asks her to hear it herself.

Anupama tells Romil that they are asking him as they are concerned and asks why we are asking you. She asks why you didn’t wear the helmet. Romil says it was hanged on the side. Anupama says everything seems to be good in this age, and tells that what happens if something wrong happens. She says I have lost my young son, and asks him to think about Mr. Shah and her, what they had gone through. She asks if he wants to live as handicapped. Romil gets teary eyes, hugs them and says sorry. Anuj and Anupama ask him not to do it again.

Tapish plays guitar and sings the song. Dimpy and the others enjoy the song. Anuj asks Romil if the girl was his girlfriend. Romil says no, just the friend. Anuj asks if the friend holds like this. Barkha hears him and asks if this is the age to make girlfriend and says his focus shall be on the studies, and tells that their supports promotes him to misbehave with others. She goes. Romil also goes. Anuj asks Anupama if they shall do the shanti paat. Anupama says she can walk on the fire for the peace. Anuj says if I am not there then how you will handle. Anupama says you are not going anywhere, how many times shall I tell you, don’t talk such things.

Dimpy and Titu are leaving. The friends tease Titu for looking at the girlfriend and singing. He says she is my boss. The friends argue. Dimpy leaves. Titu goes behind her.

Anupama takes Anuj’s specs and romances with him. She wears it to study the book for Choti. Anuj looks on. Tapish comes behind Dimpy and apologizes to her on behalf of his friend. Dimpy apologizes to him and tells that she wants to be happy for her baby, but this society don’t let her be happy. Anuj throws the toy lizard on Anupama and shouts. Anupama says I am scared and throws it. Anuj says I was scared when Choti threw it on me and says she is dangerous woman. Anupama hugs him and says you threw it so that I hug you. Anuj says you are learning.

Baa comes to the kitchen and takes milk. Malti Devi says you drink slim milk three times, but here the milk is thick and from a reputed diary, and you can’t digest it. Baa tells her that in her mayka, there were three buffalows. She asks her to have milk and goes. Malti Devi says she is taunting me.

Tapish asks Dimpy to think about her happiness, and ignore the society. He says he wants to become her friend. He asks her not to make the world as her life’s stake holder and says you are alone strong and don’t need anyone, but I will be with you as your friend. He says lets dance and says I will show you moon walk. He teaches her dance. Dimpy also does the same. Pakhi and Adhik see them and get shocked.

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