Anupama starlife update Tuesday 19 December 2023

Anupama 19 December 2023: Anupama takes Leela back home. Maaya nervously thinks how to calm down Anuj’s anger. She thinks of writing a sorry card, prepare halwa or cake for him, etc. Anuj returns home angrily. Maaya thinks surely Anuj would have met Anupama and planned to get rid off her, so she needs to do something. Dimpy tries to justify herself and tells Anupama that she doesn’t know what all Leela said to her. Anupama starts her 100-page long speech.

Anupama 18 December 2023

She says she knows Baa’s extent and even children’s extent; mistakes are done by everyone; family runs smoothly when elders give love to children and children respect elders or else family shatters. She says elders should understand that it’s an era of instant noodles, instant decisions, instant gratification and should speak to children sensibly; even youngsters should respect elders. She says she knows Leela would have spoken a lot and even children would have insulted her;

they are from an era where they are taught that elders are gods and she will not tolerate her gods being disrespected, etc.She continues her moral speech and says this house belongs to Leela and she will not go from here, Samar and Dimpy should shift to a rented house nearby if they can’t respect elders, she doesn’t want daily issues at home and wants peace. She continues her speech and says Hasmukh and Leela built this house with their hard work, Leela works in kitchen and takes care of family even in this age, she took care of her children and then grandchildren and now can’t be burdened with greatgrandchildren’s responsibilities and needs a break,

Samar and Dimpy are young and its their turn to work hard and build their own world. She continues to tongue lash them for trying to live an easy life on their elders’ hardwork.She asks youngsters to decide what they want from life. She tongue lashes Toshu for lazing around and not searching a job; says Vanraj had saved children’s school fees even before they were born, but Toshu didn’t even bother about Pari. She then tongue lashes Pakhi for interfering in other’s lives and asks her to concentrate on her husband and her married life. She then asks Toshu and Kinjal to decide what they want from their marriage and whether the want to stay together or move on, etc.

She asks Vanraj to not let such situation arise at home. She asks Leela to maintain her dignity and not argue with children. She finally asks Samar and Dimpy to shift to a new house as soon as possible. Samar says he will search for a house tomorrow. She says this house belongs to Leela and they should ask her till when they can stay in her house. She tells Shahs that she herself has so many issues in her life and can’t come running to sort out their issues, so they should sort out their issues themselves. Dimpy gets tensed seeing a message on her mobile. Leela notices that.

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