Anupama starlife update Thursday 11 April 2024

Anupama tells Pakhi that if she is Devaki maa for her 3 children and Yashoda maa for her Bebli Choti Anu/CA, even Pakhi can become someone’s Yashoda maa. Anuj says this way, there will be happiness in her and Adhik’s and some child’s life like him who was adopted by his adopted parents.

Ankush says he bought up Adhik as his own son and even Sarah considers Adhik as her brother and not uncle, relationships would be molded the way they want to. Anupama says Pakhi can bring happiness in her life right now. Pakhi says she wants her own child and not an adopted one, Anupama already 3 chldren when she adopted CA, own blood is always prioritized first and then Barkha had another baby even when Adhik was present. She tells Anuj that he adopted CA as he was also an adopted child, but his and MD’s has a blood relationship and hence let her stay in his house even after so many complaints, a relationship of heart can never overtake relationship of blood.

Pakhi says she is not great to love someone else’s child like her own child, she wants to experience pregnancy, pregnancy-related mood swings and weight gain, etc.. and runs away to her room crying. Adhik walks behind her. Barkha says there is no use of thinking about something which she can’t get. Anupama prays god to make Pakhi either Devaki maa or prepare her to become Yashoda maa.

After sometime, Anupama with Shah and Kapadia family performs navratri pooja. She sees family’s sad faces and says people will think that they have gone mad to celebrate navrati when their son died recently, but navrati was Samar’s favorite festival and he used to excitedly dance during navratri; Samar is watching them and expects them to move on in life.

Laksh walks in with his mother. Anupama greets them in and informs Vanraj and others that Samar is having Samar’s eyes. Vanraj smiles at Laksh. Leela thinks Vanraj is silent now and will burst any time. Anupama dances with Pakhi and Kinjal on Nagare Sang Dhol Baaje… song. Whole family joins them. Dimpy imagines Samar comforting her and asking her to dance. Toshu also imagines Samar dancing with him. Each family member imagine Samar dancing with them. Anuj gets inspector’s call and walks aside. Inspector informs him that there is a bad news. Anuj asks what is it. Inspector says someone made Vanraj and Shreya’s fight video viral and it will badly affect their case, Shreyas and his lawyer will show this video and try to prove that Vanraj is mentally imbalanced.

Anuj says it means Vanraj’s evidence will of no meaning and only his evidence matters now. Inspector says Shreya will try to get Sonu’s bail with his video.

Anuj turns and finds Anu listening to him. He assures Anu that everything will be alright. Anupama says lawy may not punish that boy, but Devimaa will punish that boy during this navratri. Anuj tries to comfort her, but she stops him. MD hears their conversation and thinks Anuj got more pressure on him now and his life is in danger now, Anuj doesn’t matter to Anupama at all as her preference is just Shah family and her children, she needs to protect her son somehow. Anupama thinks she needs to increase Anuj’s security. Vanraj asks Anuj if they can speak to his friend’s lawyer. Anuj asks him not to worry as they will manage. He thinks Vanraj doesn’t know that he is out of this case now. Leela brings milk for Kavya and asks if she slept well. Kavya says she had to sleep tying her hand with Vanraj’s hand, but managed somehow. Leela says they have to take care of her in this condition, but she is taking care of Vanraj in this condition. Kavya says it’s okay as they are family.

Next morning, Anuj prepares breakfast for himself. MD walks to him and asks if she can help. He says he will manage. She asks where is Anupama. He says he doesn’t want to disturb Anupama as she is already disturbed. MD thinks Anuj’s life doesn’t matter to Anupama, but she has to protect her son somehow. At Shah house, Toshu and Kinjal hurriedly try to leave the house for visa embassy and request Leela to take care of Pari till they return. Leela refuses and tongue lashes them for not supporting Vanraj in need. They hurriedly try to leave and papers fall down from their file. Kavya notices visa papers and thinks why they are going to embassy. After some time, family watches news about Vanraj attacking Shreyas and reporter saying Vanraj is mentally imbalanced and his evidence doesn’t matter in this case now and Sonu may get a bail. Vanraj panics and breaks things around.

Anuj and Anupama bump on each other and stand nervous. A romantic song plays in the background. Anupama asks if CA already went to school. Anuj says MD went to drop her to school. Anupama says it’s good if grandmother and granddaughter bond well. Anuj says he has a business meeting. Anupama asks him not to go alone as his life is in danger. Anuj says he knows and will manage.

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