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Anupama 10 November 2022: Anuj stops his car seeing Anupama walking on street. He gets out of car nervously thinks she must have found his confession by now. Anu reminisces Anu confessing his love for her. Anuj thinks seeing her calm, it doesn’t seem she knows about it, sorry he will say something which will break her heart.

At Shah house, Baa while drawing rangoli wishes shubh diwali to Bapuji. Bapuji says shubh/happy is incomplete and laabh/profit cannot happen without shubh. Anuj tells Anu that he was going to her house. She says even she was going to his house to ask something. He nervously asks what she wants to ask. She says he loves her since 26 years. He says yes and apologizes for messing up her life, he wanted to sort out issues, she should forget it. She says how can she forget in 26 hours when he couldn’t in 26 years. Bapuji asks Samar if something happened at home in his absence as Vanraj left home on Diwali and nobody is answering him properly. Samar says he will make a call to mummy and walks away. Toshu warns him not to tell Bapuji anything. Samar asks if he fears that Bapuji will bless mummy and Anuj, he is a typical mean son of Mr Shah.

Anuj apologizes Anu again and says not informing her 26 years ago was his mistake and informing her family now is his biggest mistake, but loving her is not his mistake; he can be wrong but not his love. She asks if love is not wrong, then why is he lowering his eyes. He looks into her eyes and says Anuj loves Anupama since 26 years and will continue till he is alive. Anu says thank you for loving her immensely; she heard his and Vanraj’s conversation last night. Samar calls Anu and when she doesn’t pick call thinks she must have gone to meet Anuj.

He prays Kanhaji to protect Anu and Anuj’s friendship. Anu says she got an electric shock sometime ago, but yesterday shock was bigger than that; she was confused whether to get angry or feel ashamed of herself, but when Samar explained her, she understood. She asks how can anyone love anyone for 26 years without seeing or meeting her; even her love was one-sided, but she got relationships and love in exchange; how can he love her so immensely without expecting anything; she was okay in college, but now she is old with 3 children’s mother and 2 MIL’s DIL while he is still fit; she was think what kind of love it is that it couldn’t be defeated by time or situations;

she heard a song in childhood that their love is like clouds, thunderstorm, water; his love is divine like Meera ji loved Kanhaji; thank you for loving her and respecting her so much; she knows she doesn’t deserve it and its his greatness to continue to love her for 26 years; his love is like a prayer, but she cannot love him in return and give him only friendship in return and should not hope anything from her.

He says he left hope when he saw her as Vanraj’s wife and since then his relationship with hope broke down; he had promised her not to cross his limit anytime and will follow it till his last breath for her friendship and to respect her trust. She says yes. He says it used to hurt with each breath hiding her love in his heart since 26 years, he is breathing freely today after 26 years; all thanks to her. She says this world will not understand his love, but her Kanhaji and she understand it. He says that is enough for him. He says their relationship is more than friendship and less than love. She describes woman’s relationship is confined with her parents’ and in-laws house, their relationship will not be understood, but she respects their relationship and wants him to support her forever. He nods yes. She says let us start a new relationship on diwali which is nameless but not meaningless, etc. They shake hands for their new relationship. Darmiyaan… song plays in the background. He wishes her happy diwali. She says let us start new with new new year.

Anupama serves halwa mixed with chocolate to Anuj. Anuj asks what kind of combination is this. She says he likes chocolate and she likes halwa, so she mixed them both. He says this is best combination. Samar noticing them laughing thanks Kanhaji for protecting their friendship. Anu says she wants to leave office early today as she needs to perform pooja at house and dance academy after pooja. He says even he needs to go home early for pooja or else GK will scold him.

Samar hopes they unite as a couple one day soon. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.. song plays in the background. On the other side, Kavya calls Vanraj, but he doesn’t pick call and hence she messages him to call back thinking its her first diwali after marriage and he is not with her because of Anu and Anuj and she knows what to do without anyone’s fear.

Anu gets ready for diwali pooja and thinks children and Bapuji should perform pooja with Baa and they can dance with her after that in dance academy. GK sees Anuj happy and asks reason. Anuj says now there is no guilt of hiding his secret from Anu, now there is only friendship between them with both trust and respect. Anu performs devi maa’s aarti while Shah family performs aarti with sad faces. Kavya thinks why they are behaving like someone stole their kidneys even on festival day. Anuj also performs pooja. After pooja, Baa says they will perform pooja in Vanraj’s cafeteria next. Bapuji says he is going to Anu’s dance academy for pooja. She asks if he will not be with family on festival day. He says its celebrated in a ghar/house and this is just makaan/4 walled structure now.

Sanjay enters with sweets and wishes happy diwali to everyone. Kavya taunts that she thought he wouldn’t come. He says he didn’t want to, but remembering Anu’s words that festival and grudge don’t walk together he came. Baa asks about Dolly. He says she went to Anu’s house, even he is going to dance academy and offers lift to Bapuji. Bapuji, Samar, and Kinjal accompany him leaving Vanraj’s car for Baa, Toshu, and Kavya. Toshu stops Pakhi from going, but she leaves saying she wants to celebrate diwali with mummy. Toshu and Kavya blame Anupama for the situation.

They all visit Anu’s dance academy. Anu notices Vanraj’s cafe closed and thinks she didn’t see Baa’s face for the first time on diwali. Anuj enters and wishes her happy diwali. She says same to him. He says she is looking good. He sys even he is as usual. He helps her arrange lamps around dance academy and cafeteria compound. Their souls enjoy watching them together like a couple. Are re are ye kya hua maine na ye jaana.. song plays in the background. Baa reaches cafeteria and seeing lamps in compound trows them away shouting she don’t need her help after she broke her family. Kavya and Toshu provoke her against Anu and asks her to end this. Baa says she will give Anu and Anuj an unusual offer and end their relationship. Samar and Pakhi’s nok jhok starts and Mamaji jokes on them. Anu and Anuj explain their situation and ask Bapuji and GK not to misunderstand them. Bapuji says they are old but not outdated and upgrade them with time.

Vanraj in his hotel room misses Anu. Anu’s team dances and enjoys on Jhoom Barabar Jhoom song. Baa team gets jealous seeing that. Kavya asks Baa what is her offer to Anu and Anuj. Baa walks to Anu and Anuj. Baa followed by Dolly warn her to return back if she wants to create a drama again. Baa says she came to finish an important task, remembers all the recent fights after Anuj’s entry, and says there are fights in their house after Anuj’s entry and she wants her family to be normal like before even if they stay separately; she wants to correct all the mistakes if Anuj and Anu want to. Anu says Baa knows she can do anything for family’s happiness and peace. Anuj says even he doesn’t want any problem because of them and asks what should they do. Everyone nervously wait for Baa’s reply. Baa shows sindhoor and asks them to marry each other, leaving everyone in shock.

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