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Anupama 25 February 2024: Anupama tries to explain to Baa that the face can’t be seen in the boiling water and one has to wait for the water to cool down to see the face. She asks Baa to wait and says you are angry and that’s why couldn’t understand that Kavya’s state.

She asks her to calm down and then take the decision, as it is your house and it is your right. Baa asks when you was betrayed, if you had stayed with the betrayal? When Toshu cheated on Kinjal, then if she gave him rights of a husband? She says this family is cheated, then why we shall give right of a bahu to Kavya. She says we don’t want to stay here, I will die but will not accept her child. She says I hate Kavya and her baby, and don’t want to see its face. She says new baby is the avatar of God, but this baby has reflection of a sinner, and says if I am not accepting this baby, then it is not my mistake, but of Kavya. Anupama says you are saying right Baa, you have reason and right to hate Kavya, but whatever is done is done by Kavya, what is this baby’s mistake, he is not born still. She says tell anything to Kavya, but don’t curse the baby. She says it is not ours, but it is of someone, and the baby is baby. She says always the elders do the mistake and the kids get punished.

She says there, Ankush had done the mistake and Romil is being punished. She says here also, Kavya has done mistake and you are punishing the baby. She says you used to tell that good things shall be read and religious books shall be read so that the baby gets good values, but what values we are giving this to this baby. She asks if we want this baby to be born as scared and if he born with Kavya’s fear and Baa’s hatred, and says if we all want baby to be born this way. She says you don’t want this?

Pakhi talks to Adhik and says Mummy is stuck in Shah house again and I have to work alone. Adhik says I will help you, but don’t tell Anuj, he will forgive me being a big hearted. Anuj thinks Adhik is doing what is more dangerous than raising hand (on pakhi) as when someone raises the hand then the crime is visible, but when someone manipulates his partner then there can’t be any proof. He thinks to handle Adhik. Adhik tells Pakhi that everything will be fine. Anuj thinks Anu is also not picking the call, I hope nothing serious is happening there.

Anupama asks Kavya to say if she wants to say anything. Kavya says the mistake which I have done, was the weakest moment when I fell weak, and says I was wrong very much and then I fell in my own sight. Toshu says then you lied that the baby is of Papa and you attended all the rasams, and asks why you didn’t tell us. She says she couldn’t say as she don’t want to hurt the family. She says she loves Vanraj very much. Babu ji asks if this is love?

Kavya says I love him and that’s why couldn’t say lie to anyone, if I had not told then nobody would have known. She says you used to regard this baby as family and be happy and Vanraj would have been happy that he is the baby’s father, and everything would have gone like it was. She says I know that the love can’t withstand on a basis of a lie. Kinjal says you had told Papa then why did you tell us. Kavya says there are two reasons, first I know that I am wrong and secondly I love you all very much so that you can decide my punishment.

She says people commit crime and seeks punishment. She says she is standing infront of her to seek punishment. She says Toshu is staying in the house after doing the same mistake, questioning and asking me, and even Vanraj has done the same mistake. She says I know that the rules are different for beta and bahu, but I am not asking you to forgive me, but asking punishment.

Adhik ends the call with Pakhi and tells Barkha that lets book a restaurant for celebration, as Romil will be caught due to the money which he had hidden in his room, and then we will celebrate. Romil shouts Adhik and asks how dare you to sit on my I pad. Adhik asks if you were angry for this. Romil says what else, and asks him to stay away from it. Barkha says thank god, he didn’t listen. Adhik says if he had heard then I would have broken his bones and throw him out. He says he will trap him in such a way that even God can’t save him. Romil also says the same.

Kavya says I love you all, please give a chance, but I know that I will not get it. Baa says you will not get anything here. She says you will not get even punishment here, and tells Anupama to take her freedom bag, leave from the house, do job and earn for her livelihood, and leave us. She says Kavya is asking for forgiveness very cleverly, and Anupama is saying that all kids are same. She says we raise only our children and not neighbors’ children and this baby is not ours. She says this baby’s mother is fit and fine, so she shall go out and raise him, but she will not go, as she needs family, but this family doesn’t need you. She asks Toshu to bring Rickshaw and asks Kinjal to pack her stuff and send her from here. Kavya says don’t do this. Vanraj stands shocked. Baa says you have hidden this from us, and this means that you have accepted this baby, and asks him to leave from the house if he wants to support Kavya, and says sin pot can’t stay here in our house.

She gives two choices to vanraj, and says either throw her out or leave with her. Kavya cries. Baa asks her not to stand like shameless woman and asks her to leave. Anupama holds Baa’s hand to stop her from throwing Kavya, and says sorry Baa. She says Kavya asked you for punishment and you punished her to leave from the house. She says Kavya has done a mistake, but I think that you shall understand her situation being a woman, she is pregnant. She says someone shall be with her to take care of her, to sit with her when she feels easy etc. She says if Kavya has to stay alone in future, then she has to get habitual to stay alone. She asks Kavya to come. Babu ji asks where you are taking her? Anupama says to my house, my Anuj will not refuse. She reminds them that Vanraj and Toshu’s mistake was caught, but Kavya has the courage to accept it, then also she is leaving the house.

Vanraj shouts saying Kavya will not go anywhere, as Anupama is about to take Kavya with her. Baa asks have you gone mad? If you want to adopt the baby, then go to the orphanage. He says he is doing penance, and says he has done big mistakes in life, and his biggest mistake is cheating Anupama, what Kavya did with me is my punishment, and this is my penance. He says Anupama got separated from me, then also she didn’t hate me, but forgave me. He says I love Kavya, then why can’t I forgive her. He says you all gave me two chances in life, then why shall I not give her a chance. He says first I felt, how I will accept this baby? He says then I saw choti Anu with Anuj and Anupama, and then I felt own blood is not everything. Kinjal asks if you will forgive Kavya’s betrayal. Vanraj says women always forgive us (husbands) all life.

He says Adhik raised his hand on Pakhi, but she had forgiven him. He says Ankush had baby with some other woman, but Barkha is still staying with him though upset. He says Toshu cheated on Kinjal, but then also Kinjal didn’t leave the house, do you know why, as woman forgives always, it is normal, then why can’t a man forgive a woman today. He says I don’t understand equality, modernism and feminism like Anupama and Anuj. He says I am the part of this society and I am not doing a big thing, and is doing what my heart is saying, that I will accept Kavya and this baby. Anupama smiles.

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