Anupama Starlife update Saturday 24 December 2022

Anupama 24 December 2022: Anupama tells Baa that she knows Baa will ask her to marry Anuj if she has to stay together, but.. Vanraj taunts why will she marry her boyfriend who has roadpati/poor from crorepati. Anu replies as if he had oil wells when she married him, relationship is made with a person and not his money. Vanraj says she must be feeling bad that Anuj doesn’t have anything to give her. Anu says he shouldn’t be in that misunderstanding as Anuj has everything to give her, love, modesty, honor; even empty handed, Anuj has a lot to give, but Vanraj has nothing to give. She asks Kavya if Vanraj ever gave her love, equality, honor. Kavya stands silently bending her head down. Anu apologizes Baa and Bapuji to discuss this issue in front of them and says she can’t help when Mr Shah asks same questions and she has to give same answers. Baa says this question will arise for sure, so she should marry to shut society’s mouth. Anu says they marry for themselves and not society, society doesn’t come to apply mangalsutra or sindhoor or bring baraat; when society has nothing to do with her marriage and just knows to pull her down, why should she bother; people stop living in fear of society, but she will not and will take her wedding decision herself as she in fear of society once married at a right age to a right man and was facing problems, then society didn’t come to support her; what kind of society is this which only points finger and not a supporting hand; she is not bothered by pointing finger and her relationship is different and will always be, so they shouldn’t talk about it.

Baa says why don’t they marry when they are living together. Anu says marrying or not will be their decision and not people’s.Bapuji praises her. Anu thinks she came here to inform Samar and Bapuji that she expressed her feelings to Anuj, but will inform them later. She asks them what was happening here and insists Samar. Samar takes her to dance academy and informs her that Nandini left him and he let her go, he felt it wasn’t right to stop her this time as she had gone far away from him by heart and hence she was going away from him repeatedly, he didn’t want his love to be a bondage for her. Anu asks if he is fine. He says he will have to if he is not right now. Anu says she is sure Nandini must be having some reason to leave him. He says many reasons. Anu says she had many reasons to go and he had many reasons to stop her, but he did right by not stopping her as they cannot force anyone to love them. She hugs emotionally and says its important to love themselves along with loving others as one who cannot love themselves cannot love others; when her heart broke, her desire to love ended, but he shouldn’t do that. He says he doesn’t know, he just want to focus on his work now. Anuj walks in. Samar greets him and says he made arrangements for promotional video. Anu says its amazing and says until he helps Anu’s academy successful, he will not focus on his work.

Vanraj thinks Anuj and Anu’s determination hasn’t deterred a bit, he thought they would be broke and lying crying in some corner, but they are rebuilding themselves; he needs to do something. Baa notices Pakhi chatting to her boyfriend over phone smiling and thinks her intentions are not right. Anuj smilingly watches while working. Anu says they are here to work. He says he took break. She says he working between breaks. He senses her tension and says she need not worry as Samar would be fine. She says something also must have happened in that house seeing Mr Shah’s frustration. He asks if he said something. She remembers Vanraj and Baa’s bitter words and goes aside in lieu of making a call. Baa continues spying on Pakhi. Pakhi catches her and asks if she was listening to her chat. Baa asks what was she discussing in English, she should chat in Hindi. Pakhi argues with her and says its waste to talk to her. Vanraj hears that and warns her behave with Baa. Baa says Pakhi suspiciously talks to someone over phone. Pakhi says she was discussing about homework with her friend. Baa says she used to shout earlier over phone, now she murmurs suspiciously. Anu dances on Meri Bindiya Teri N indiya Na Udate To Kehna.. song while Anuj records it. He then joins her and dances with her. Dil Hai Ke Manta Hi Nahi.. song plays next. Anuj remembers their first meeting at office and recites shayari.

Anuj tells Anupama that they should record a new dance on a new song. Samar says props have finished, so he needs to get new one. Anu says why to spend more when they can get props on rent and reminds they used to rent props for Pakhi’s school dramas from Jignesh bhai’s shop. Anuj asks her to go and buy other items. He asks why he wants to send her away. He gets nervous. She says its okay if he doesn’t have any answer and picks her bag. He asks if she will come soon. She says yes and leaves. Anuj looks at Samar.At Shah house, Vanraj tells Baa its normal that kids speak to each other over phone. Baa says he and Dolly didn’t do that. Vanraj says this generation is different and should get freedom which they didn’t get, but that doesn’t mean they can misbehave with elders. Pakhi apologizes Baa. Vanraj asks why she is returning late from school. Baa asks her to open the pandora of excuses now like she had friend’s birthday, missed auto, forgot books with friend, etc. Pakhi says she really had missed books and Sheena had birthday the other day, she is telling this as mummy asked to prove her sincerity always, Baa thinks she always lies. Baa says grandmaa is a lie detector and says she is busy on phone whole day. Pakhi says its online studies. Baa asks who shows teeth whole day online; Vanraj and Toshu are busy at work, Kavya doesn’t bother, she doesn’t listen to Samar and Kinjal, only she has to keep a tab on everyone in Anupama’s absence. Pakhi asks if she is spying on her, she will go to washroom only after informing her.

Anu enters and taps her head. Pakhi says Baa. Anu says Baa did right, elders should know everything happening at home. Pakhi walks away fuming. Vanraj taunts when mother is flying, how will daughter stay behind. Anu asks morning drama was not enough that he started in the afternoon or doctor prescribed him to fight after each meal, children belong to father till they get medal and trophy at school and when they make mistake, father disowns them, doesn’t father have any responsibility towards children. Vanraj says one who left her children shouldn’t talk about responsibility. Anu says she left the house and not children, he is here and should talk about his responsibility and tell how much time he spends with children. Vanraj says he is busy at work. Anu says a person who cannot take out time for children between his work doesn’t have right to talk about responsibility. Bapuji nods yes.Anuj notices Samar busy listening to a song and advices him that some stars are fated to be broken and unless they break, how will someone’s wish fulfill; only when one story ends another one starts, that is life; happiness is their own responsibility and they themselves should find it, he is lucky that he is getting a biggest chance of happiness this month. Samar says mummy’s birthday. Anuj says exactly. Samar says he is sad, but he will dance happily at mummy’s birthday as her last birthday was not good. Anuj says this birthday will be very special.

Anu assures Baa that Pakhi will inform her before leaving from hereon and tells Vanraj that children belongs to them both and if something happens to them, they will be in deep sorrow; properties and wealth can be divided, but not upbringing; the more they fight, the more adverse affect it will be on the kids. Vanraj says they will have adverse affect even when they see their mother romancing her boyfriend. Anu asks if a well-taught and modest relationship makes a bad impact on children and a secret illicit affair by betraying wife and family makes a good impact on children. Kavya interferes and shouts why is she fighting with her husband. Anu asks if she wasn’t fighting with her husband until he got a wealth. She says yes, but she later realized that. Anu completes her sentence that he is rich and adjusting with him is a wife decision. Kavya says whatever. Anu says he heard of a song jahan piya wahan mai, she should change it to jahan paisa wahan mai. Kavya says she should be blamed for that, Anuj was rich and became poor after she entered his life and Vanraj was poor and became rich when she left him. Vanraj asks if he was poor, what nonsense is this. Kavya says she didn’t mean it. Vanraj says Kavya is right that Anu is poor now and has a lot of time to barge into their house uninvited.Bapuji confronts him that just a few minutes ago, he had a problem that Anu doesn’t concentrate on children and now asking her to leave, what does he really want. Baa says their life is stuck at fighting and arguments like an old CD stucks at same scene. Vanraj says she is right, he doesn’t have time for repeat telecast as he is handling a big business and Kavya is working in same big company.

Anu tells Bapuji that she learnt in life that she shouldn’t seek anyone’s help but didn’t learn whom not to help, looking at Kavya. Vanraj asks when will she return share her gyaan/knowledge. Anu says she will return to share a shocking news. Anu thinks she learnt to reveal the news at the right time and hence she will inform family at the right time that she expressed her feelings to Anuj. Vanraj thinks which news she is holding, are they starting a new business.Anu walks to Pakhi. Pakhi says she is not in a mood to listen to her lecture. Anu says she came to meet her daughter and and inspecting her hair insist to oil them. Pakhi feels relaxed with massage. Anu giving an example explains that Baa is worried for her, so she shouldn’t bother. Pakhi gets normal with her pampering. She gets a call and looks serious. Kavya and Toshu suggest Vanraj to arrange a board of directors’ meeting. Vanraj thinks if Anupama wants to change her game again. Samar and Nandini walk in. Kavya ask why they look sad. Anu says Nandini had called her and said they want to talk, so she called them here. Samar says they are separating, Nandini says she will return to USA, Samar says he will concentrate on his career. Family is shocked and asks if the fought again, they just fought and runited again. Anu says they think they will fight again after marriage and hence want to move on. Kavya says its not a wise decision. Bapuji says one has a right to take their life’s decision. Nandini says she got a job offer in USA and wants to spend time with her amma. Anu says its not important that every relationship ends with marriage, there are many relationships which will continue for life like her relationship with this house hasn’t ended yet. Baa says that’s because her children are here, but Nandini doesn’t have anyone here; if she can’t be Samar’s, she can’t be of anyone, she should go back to USA and lead her selfish life there; she should be thankful to them that they accepted her for Samar or else who will marry her, she is better rottening in USA. Nandini says Samar deserves a better girl, maybe marriage in not in her fate; she wants to be in touch with them forever. Baa says they don’t need it. Vanraj says was always opposing this relationship, but someone/Anu wanted to be mahaan/great.

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