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Anupama 18 January 2023: Hasmukh asks Jignesh if he doesn’t him to accept money from Anupama. Jignesh nods no and says its daughter’s money. He asks why didn’t he say anything when Vanraj gave him money. He takes about gender equality, son and daughter being equal, and decides to break the taboo and keep his daughter’s earned money. He says everyone should feel proud of their daughters when they accept their daughter’s earnings like they accept son’s earnings. He keeps Anu’s cheque with pride. Devika wishes every father is like Hasmuk and reveals that her father never accepted her contributation during her wedding and instead withdrew his PF, sold mother’s jewelry, and took loan. He even now considers her an outsider and never accepts a favour from her as she is a girl. Kinjal and Malvika praise Hasmuk with their explanation. Dolly says she is proud being Hasmukh’s daughter and regrets for not contributing during her wedding. Hasmuk asks her not to regret and says he doesn’t say every daughter should work, but whoever works should get a respect the son gets.

Dolly praises Anupama that she always changes society’s old myths and brings in new changes. Anuj and Malvika back. Malvika says she is lucky to have Anuj as her brother who changed the percepton that girls should get bidayi/farewell and boys should get property, he gave her property and kept bidayi for himself instead. Anuj wipes her tears. Samar praises Hasmuk for accepting cheque proudly and describes his side of the story. Anuj then jokes Anupama is silent today. Everyone smile at Anupama. Anupama asks if he means she always speaks and everyone listens. Anuj says yes. Anupama says Hasmuk never thought her to listen silently and motivated her to speak. Pakhi overhears their conversation and returns to her room. Malvika asks Anuj to disclose about his new job. Anuj decides to wait for the right time to surprise Anupama.Vanraj questions Kavya for speaking to Anirudh. Kavya asks if he can talk to his ex-wife each day, but doesn’t want her to speak to her ex-husband. He says his story is different and insists to tell why she spoke to Anirudh. Kayva says she sought help from his for a job. He says she shouldn’t. She says its the same way like he begged help from Anupama’s help to open his cafe.

Malvika plans to a grand wedding for MaAn as the budget has increased now. Everyone agrees. Mamaji jokes. She jokes back. Anuj says he doesn’t want any delay in his wedding now. Devika taunts him. Bapuji backs Anuj. Anuj complains him that Anu scolds him often. Bapuji warns Anupama not to scold his son. Devika says if the drama is over, he can drop them home. Anupama enters kitchen. Anuj walks to her and says he didn’t want to go before meeting her and says he is proud of her and she deserves the best. Devika and others greet him bye and leave in taxi. Anupama serves him water. They both share quality moments. Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Me Tum Bahar Banke.. song plays in the background. He talks romantically holding her pallu. She feeling shy asks him to leave. He says he doesn’t feel like going. She says even she. He draws pallu over her head. Their romance continue and she continues feeling shy.
Vanraj and Kavya’s argument continues. He tongue lashes her for seeking help from Anirudh and taunts that Anirudh is a loser. Kavya says Anirudh was working on an idea and got successful after rectifying his mistake, unlike him who is a superegoistic. Vanraj irked says she can divorce and walk out of his life if she wants to. Kavya says it easy for him to break the relationships and he always keeps his ego above everything. Vanraj gets more irritated and asks her to leave him as she is unlucky for him and his luck will shine once she leaves him. Kavya stands shocked hearing that. Anupama misses Anuj while continuing to work in kitchen and gets an electric shock.

Anupama slips in the kitchen. Toshu holds her on time and asks her to be careful as she is soon to be married. Anupama says he married without her blessings, but she needs his wishes during her wedding; he must have missed her then, even she will miss him and her happiness would be incomplete without him. He leaves. Samar hugs him and tells him that they fear the world, but it can’t be bigger than mummy. He requests Toshu to attend mummy’s wedding and just do nothing there; says he even asked Pakhi to attend the wedding; says they would be lucky to perform their mummy’s bidayi/farewell, etc. Kinjal comforts him.Pakhi walks down with her old lehanga and asks Anu to loosen it a bit. Anu asks if she has a dance competition at school. Pakhi says its for her wedding and says she doesn’t want to increase her expenses and will manage with old ones for other rituals but needs a new lehanga for wedding. Anu emotionally tries to hug her and says she will do whatever she wants to, she can wear new lehanga and take slow motion selfies with her and post maa-beti rock on social media. Pakhi tells Toshu that Samar is right that everyone don’t get a chance to perform mother’s bidayi, so they shouldn’t miss that. Pakhi hugs him and says when mummy can fight with the whole world for them, can’t they fight with their friends. She suggests him to get his new kurta stitched and says she will attend mummy’s wedding, its up to him whether he wants to attend it or not.

Toshu looks at Anu and walks away. Anu feels very happy with Pakhi’s involvement and while walking bumps on Vanraj.Toshu recalls Samar and Pakhi’s advice, Anupama’s care for him, Malvika kicking him out of job, him pleading Rakhi for job and then insulting Vanraj. Vanraj walks to him. Toshu asks when did he come here. Vanraj says just now and says he saw Anupam’s happiness after Pakhi agreed to attend her wedding. He suggests him to attend the wedding if he wants to and says for every son, his father is his role model; Toshu is exactly like him. He says his whole life he was in two state mind, but he doesn’t want him to be the same. He suggests that Toshu can walk on his footprints, but he doesn’t want him to be like him. He says he should change for Kinjal at least and should prioritize his happiness and not run behind success, etc.

Anupama video calls Anuj and shares that Pakhi agreed to attend her wedding. Anuj also gets happy and jokes that now Pakhi will also accept him like Samar and not give him a mummy snatcher look. She looks at him confused. He says Kanhaji will set everything right and he feels Toshu will also forget everythig and attend the wedding. He recalls meeting Pakhi and convincing her to attend her mother’s wedding for her mother’s happiness and describes how they would feel after they lose their parents and feel why didn’t the inform how much they love them, etc. Pakhi also gets teary eyed recalling the event and message thank you to Anuj. Anuj asks Anu to stop crying or else he will come there. She says okay and stops. He says he wanted to see her crying. She says she failed his plan, asks him to have a beauty sleep as she wants him to look handsome during wedding, and disconnect call.He calls her back and says he wants to go frow old with her. She says she too and disconnects call. He calls back and says they should short form of I want to grow old with you. She says its more difficult that the sentence and suggests hastag MaAn (#MaAn) and says this word has respect and their whole love story is involved in it. He says correct. She says I MaAn you. He says I MaAn you too. She disconnects call again and thinks she cannot believe how can so much happiness come in ther life.

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