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Age is just a number 15 July 2020: Sahil thanks Vaidika. He says Vaidika is being a daughter in law of the family. She first unveiled that Puneesh and now helped Bari Amma recover. She is only afraid to walk with him, one can’t find such love stories in books. He can turn their love story true if she shows a little courage only. Yash then comes to Vaidika to thank her, he says if Bimla Agarwal recovers the countdown to destruction of this family has begun.

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In the evening, the family sat in the room besides Bari Amma on bed. Sahil says the doctor claims Bari Amma is perfectly fine. She needs some rest, then soon she will be able to scold everyone again. He claims Vaidika did miracle. Nidhi was worried that Bari Amma know each of her intention and if she opens her mouth Sahil will kick her out in no time empty handed. She must plan something against Bari Amma tonight. Prachi calls Nidhi inside, she has served Bari Amma a lot. Nidhi offers to stay with Bari Amma in the night, they all appear to be tired. Deepak decisively says no; this isn’t good for her child and winks at her. Sahil says he will stay with Bari Amma.

Deepak says until Bari Amma is fine Sahil has to take care of everything, he will stay tonight to take care of Bari Amma. Nidhi turns around to look at Bari Amma and thinks she must play her last cards before she opens her mouth.

At night, Vaidika instruct the servant to prepare the Kaara. She was trying Aarya’s number and wonders whom she is talking to. Sahil brings the phone to Vaidika and makes her speak to Vaidika. Vaidika tells Aarya she will speak to her later. Sahil says he is always true to his promises, he called Aarya as his sweet angel and will always prove to be her father. But Vaidika is a liar, she is marrying Yash and here she is preparing a Kaara for his Bari Amma. She must remember actions speak louder than words. Vaidika corrects this is only due to humanitarian feelings.

Vaidika shows her engagement ring to Sahil saying this shows she has nothing in his heart for Sahil. He holds Vaidika closer, Vaidika tells him to go to Bari Amma. Sahil says she is fine, as Deepak is there with her. He prepares a cold

coffee for Vaidika like she prepared earlier. Vaidika doesn’t take it. Sahil reminds one shouldn’t ever waste food. Vaidika gulps the coffee in a single go. Sahil asks if it was so good. Vaidika says sugar was less in it. Sahil promises to make better tomorrow. He says he is happy they are under a single roof, but not as close as they want. He wipes the coffee from over her lip with his thumb.

In the room, Nidhi was speaking to her mother that Bari Amma was getting better. Its time they might soon be sent to jail. Deepak silently snatches the phone off her hand and suggests her mother to better take her daughter on a long vacation before they are forced out of this house. Nidhi shouts at Deepak to get out of the room. Deepak tells Nidhi to rethink how she tried to press the pipe of Bari Amma’s ventilator.

The house awaits the confrontation of Yash and Bari Amma, but he is waiting for the confrontation of Nidhi and Bari Amma.
Yash comes to Vaidika and says he has no complaints with Vaidika, somewhere he also wanted so. But he doesn’t feel good whenever something good happens to Bari Amma. Vaidika is a better person than him. Vaidika says it’s not always easy, she stands with Yash as Bari Amma did unjust to him and his mother. She realizes Bari Amma must be planning a strategy to defeat him and fight the situation since the day they came here. And she can go to any extent to give them a defeat.

Later, everyone was ready for celebration while Sahil helps Bari Amma walk down the stairs on her own feet. Anjana makes the aarti. Bari Amma calls Nidhi closer. Sahil stands away from Bari Amma when Nidhi comes there. Bari Amma asks Nidhi to touch her feet and blesses her. She asks about Puneesh. Shruti was worried what if Bari Amma knows about it, Sahil abruptly lies that he went to Lucknow for some important task. Deepak asks if Bari Amma doesn’t remember what happened here in the last few days.

Bari Amma asks if he made some losses in business. They remind Bari Amma about Nidhi being pregnant. Sahil hides his face, while Bari Amma stand up and congratulate Nidhi and Sahil. She blesses them both. The family thinks Bari Amma has lost her memory but were happy she is coming to being normal.
Yash comes in clapping and says he is impressed by her trick. If she is also forgotten about him as well? If she has also forgotten about her husband’s earlier wife? Bari Amma was shocked to see Vaidika and questions if she didn’t spare her son yet? Yash tells her to finish this drama, his name is Yash Leela Agarwal.

He came here to take his right and destroy him. Sahil tells him to stop it and not give her any stress. Yash wasn’t ready, he was determined to speak up the truth. Yash tells Bari Amma to accept the reality of Leela, she must accept she married a man five years younger than herself and married to his mother. She made his mother leave this house with her two children. Bari Amma denies recognizing the man. Sahil pushes Yash out of the house and locks the door, he minds Vaidika that this man shouldn’t enter the house again. Bari Amma’s condition worsened. Nani wasn’t ready to accept she was unwell.

The doctor instructs Sahil to let Bari Amma rest and not to give her any major shocks. After everyone has left the room and the door was locked, Bari Amma removes the oxygen mask and gets out of the bed. She locks the door of her room from inside and thinks about Nidhi’s ill actions, then Vaidika’s entry into the house as Yash’s fiancé.
Bari Amma says she can only win this fight by making her weakness as her power. Today, she has recognized the true face of every person but no one knows her reality. She will throw Nidhi out of the house in a single day. The most difficult task is Yash Kumar who has taken over her house and has also brought Vaidika with him. She can’t let Sahil and Vaidika live under a same roof for long, she was determined to make Yash and Vaidika leave the house disgraced.

Bari Amma was determined to push Vaidika and Yash of the house soon. Nani comes to Bari Amma’s room and decides to spy on Bari Amma. She finds the room locked from inside. Bari Amma unbolts the door and questions what she wants now. Nani laughs that Bari Amma had lost her senses in front of her son in law, she understands all her dramas well. She had brought a wooden rod to hit her head and treat the memory loss. They hear Prachi resisting some orders downstairs.

Bari Amma goes to see what’s happening.
Downstairs, Yash had brought some men from the court. He warns the Agarwals to live in the part of house that is only allotted to them. The Agarwals had an objection. Bari Amma comes to ask what’s happening. Vaidika questions what they will get by snatching their right over the whole house. Prachi blames Vaidika for posing being nice.

Yash asks Vaidika to let him do it in his own way, he wants to torture Bari Amma as much as to accept that she didn’t lose any of his memory. He orders the inspector to get their furniture thrown out of their rooms. Vaidika stops Yash from getting all this done, she asks where they will all go. Anjana wasn’t ready to accept Vaidika’s god will gesture. They all insult. Yash questions if Vaidika wants to help these selfish people? Now they will live in their portion and won’t take a single step in their side. Within fifteen days, this house will belong to him completely. A photo frame of Bari Amma and Sahil fell from the floor and the glass breaks.

Upstairs, Nani made the servants throw Bari Amma’s luggage out of her room. Vaidika comes to her to question how Bari Amma would feel, she is already losing her room. Nani was happy that she will feel bad. Bari Amma comes to insult Vaidika and Nani, she says she knew Vaidika would destroy her son and her family and she proved it. She deters to throw them out of the house in no time. Vaidika stops Nani from fighting Bari Amma anymore. Nani leaves the room complaining Vaidika for being nicer than needed. Vaidika was helpless and wonders where Sahil has gone.

Sahil was with lawyer in the car. The lawyer tells Sahil that Yash had been buying the shares of their company with different names for last few months, and a month ago she bought the shares named after Bari Amma as well. The lawyer says Sahil must handle the situation because they can’t let him leave so easily. Sahil wonders who sold Bari Amma’s shares as Bari Amma has been helpless for the last one month. He suspects Puneesh. He gets a call from Anjana that Yash has created a new drama here.

Nidhi’s mother brings juice for her and insists her to have some juice. Nidhi shouts at her not to do all this. She was tensed that Bari Amma was getting well, and she fears that Yash might find out that she did all this. Puneesh comes there and demands Nidhi five lacs till this evening. The police inspector who spared him is demanding money. Nidhi says Bari Amma is getting better, how she would get the money now. Puneesh says that’s not his problem, he warns he would open up Nidhi’s truth if he is caught.

Sahil comes home and finds Vaidika arranging for food for the family. Sahil brings Vaidika outside and asks why she is playing a double game. Here she takes care of his family, and there she is helping Yash destroy them. When Bari Amma says she doesn’t know Yash she must be true. Vaidika says Bari Amma never gave her a reason to trust her, and Yash never gave her a chance to be suspicious over him. She didn’t trust Sahil initially, but she found the truth in his eyes. Sahil says he is happy she trusts him, but she must remember she is responsible for the biggest mistake of his life; that is marrying Nidhi.

Nidhi was taking money from the locker in Bari Amma’s room that belonged to Yash now. Vaidika came in to find Yash and questions if she is stealing in her own house. Sahil comes from behind and catch Nidhi red handed. He takes a selfie with Nidhi calling her a fraud. Nidhi says she wasn’t stealing. Nidhi says this locker is in Yash’s room these days, she was only transferring the money to Bari Amma’s room. Sahil wasn’t ready to trust. Nidhi says it’s alright, she also doesn’t care. Vaidika takes the key back from Nidhi.

Nidhi promises that nothing will be lost from the locker. Sahil bids a bye to Nidhi. Sahil shows Vaidika this is what she did to him. He says now he will only take an action, no words. Sahil was sure his story will Vaidika will complete in this very life.
The water in the bath was left open to spill outside in the corridor while electric wires were left lose in the water. Nidhi bribes a servant. She decides that Vaidika is the biggest of all hurdles in her way, she got Bari Amma recover, and snatched her only partner Puneesh from her. She must get rid of Vaidika

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