Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 15 July 2020

Zara’s Nikah 15 July 2020: Kabir comes there. He greets everyone and sits beside Zara. All are stunned to see him sitting on chair for dinner. Kabir starts eating. Zara smiles and eats. Ruksaar asks Kabir if he left Sunnat of sitting on floor and eating? Kabir says never, leaving sunnat is against real muslim, right priest? Irfan says yes, you are right.

Kabir says to say the truth, Zara told me difference between sunnat and faraz. Zara smiles at him. Ruksaar fumes in anger and recalls how Zara said that Kabir will break his rules for Zara, she starts to leave but Zeenat stops her. Salma sees it. Zara serves juice to Kabir. Ruksaar cant see it but Zeenat hints her to stay. Salma notices this and looks on.

Scene 2
Kabir serves tea to Kabir and says I am very lucky to have you but there are many people who preach religion but they cant earn, I want to open an institution to make them learn how to earn, how to become useful. Shahbaz says your thoughts are very nice but I think you should focus on becoming head priest. Kabir says I understand and I promise to become head priest, I know its your dram but this project is my dream and I want to start it but I need some funds, investments which I dont have. Shahbaz thinks and says okay, whatever your project is, make papers for it, tell me how much money you need and how much profit there is, once I understand the terms then I will give you money, he leaves, Kabir is happy.

In morning, Ruksaar offers namaz. Zara comes to her room with tea and says have tea. Ruksaar says you brought team for me? Zara says you bring tea for everyday, I thought this is your last tea in this house so I should make it for you, be careful.. its hot. Ruksaar takes tea cup. Zara says you have only 2 hours left, only 2, you are prepared right? Ruksaar angrily throws cup away and glares at her. Zeenat hears it and runs to her room. Zara says to Ruksaar that I have booked cab to come after 2 hours, pack your bags because you wont be able to comeback to this house once you are gone.

Zeenat hears it and is stunned. Ruksaar says you are crossing limits. Zara says I will show your limits today.. keeping a girl in house because of pity and bringing a girl in house as a wife after nikah.. there is a difference between both and I have to show you that, only 2 hours are left for you. Zara turns to leave but sees Zeenat standing near door, Zara greets her and leaves. Zeenat and Ruksaar looks on.

Irfan says to Salma that I got so happy to see Zara and Kabir happy. Salma says but I was not happy, everything was fine, Ayesha takes care of Zara too but that girl Ruksaar, she is like a prick in my eyes, till she is there, our daughter’s happiness could be tarnished, Kabir’s father wants Kabir to become vice head priest, remember he talked to you about it. Irfan recalls it. Salma says make him vice head priest, we dont have anyone other than him and in return, ask Shahbaz to get Ruksaar married. Irfan says yes, he talked to me about it and I told you, you are thinking like him too. Salma says in this case, you have to think like him too. Irfan looks on.

Zara is making breakfast in kitchen. Zeenat comes there and says I want to talk to you, Zara says yes? Zeenat says can you and Ruksaar end this fight? Zara says it will end now, I will be happy in my house and she can be happy anywhere. Zeenat says you cant do that with her. Zara says I can throw her out and you know it because you are involved with her as she couldnt take such big action against me and Kabir without your support. Zeenat tries to keep herself calm and acts emotional.

Zeenat says I have two kids, one Arman and other is Ruksaar. Zeenat says to Zara that Ruksaar is like my daughter, I promised my dying mother that I would never leave her alone, always be with her and if Ruksaar has to leave because of you then I will have to leave this house too. Zara looks on. Zeenat says my husband wont be like with me like your husband, they will forcefully make me separate from my son, my family will break and mother will be separated from a son, please forgive Ruksaar, she is a child, she does things, you have big heart, please forgive her, after today if she does anything with you then me, her elder sister will throw her out of house but please forgive her this time. Zara looks on.

Zeenat says to Zara that please forgive Ruksaar, she is a child, she does stupid things, I know your heart is big, if she does anything with you from now on then I will throw her out, please forgive her this time. Ruksaar hears them too. Zara says think before taking her responsibility. Zeenat says I have thought everything, I have been handling this house for years, your mother in law can love you a lot but daughter in law is always that, she cant be a real daughter, daughter in laws are born to take duties, good daughter in laws are who make homes not break them. Zara looks on. Zeenat pleads her and says please save my family. Zara says fine, you are taking her responsibility so I forgive Ruksaar for first and last time but if she repeats her mistake then remember Zara Siddiqui is a very stubborn girl, she leaves. Zeenat and Ruksaar smirks. Zeenat give her thumbs up.

Zara thinks about how Siraj showed her fake profile, how Ruksaar challenged her to make Kabir believe that it was fake profile. Zara thinks I have done something in this house for first time which I didnt tell my husband, I should tell this to Kabir. Zara comes to her room. Kabir is sitting there. Zara eyes him and sits infront of him, she asks what are you thinking? Kabir says I was thinking about my life, especially my last days at madarasa (islamic school), like every boy, I had dreams too, when we were returning, we had fights, arguments, they recalls their initial moments, Kabir says I saved you from bad guys then got married and stuff. Zara says dont brag, I will save you when time comes. Kabir says now you are in this house, are you happy? Zara nods and smiles.

Kabir says I will start work which I wanted. Zara says whats stopping you? Kabir says I need investment and I dont have money. Zara says your father is rich. Kabir says but I am poor, I dont have anything, even your mahar cheque had Shahbaz’s sign not mine. Zara makes him sit down and holds his hands, he says but you have me, I will pray for you. Zara holds his hands and says InshaAllah your project will be a success, she hugs him. Zara gets a call from Reema. Zara murmurs reema calls at wrong time always.

Irfan says to Shahbaz that I am very happy today, finally we see things in Kabir and Zara’s relation which we wanted to see. Shahbaz says you are right, from the time they have returned from Kashmir, their relationship seems changed. Irfan offers him sweets and says you wanted to make Kabir vice head priest right? Shahbaz nods. Irfan says so soon our Kabir will be vice priest of Lucknow. Shahbaz gets happy and hugs him, he kisses his hands and says what a news, we should celebrate it, whole city will witness this glorious moment. Irfan nods. Shahbaz makes him eat sweets. Irfan says but I have a condition. Shahbaz asks what is it? Irfan says I want you to send Ruksaar away from your house.

Shahbaz says I will fine another place for her. Irfan says you didnt understand my point, I cant ask you to throw an orphan out of your house, I just want you to get her married respectfully. Shahbaz is stunned but thinks I can do anything to make Kabir head priest. Shahbaz says okay Irfan, what you want will happen, I will start finding a good groom for her. Irfan says we will have an oath ceremony, you start preparing. Shahbaz hugs him.

Ayesha shows jewelry to Zeenat, Zeenat says these gold bangles are so pretty. She wears them and they look so nice on me. Ruksaar likes them too. Ayesha says these are the jewelry from my mother in law and both daughter in laws have right on them, my mother in law told me to give them to both daughter in laws as per my will. Ayesha shows her a small gold earrings and says Zeenat these are for you, they will look good on you, wear them.

Zeenat is stunned and says these bangles are for? Ayesha says these are for.. Zara and Kabir comes there. Ayesha says zara you are on right time, I want to give you something. Zara says yes? Ayesha asks Zeenat to give bangles, Zeenat takes them too. Ayesha gives them to Zara and says I want to give my family’s honor to you, these are Kabir’s grandma’s bangles, we have had them from generations and they are taken as our respect, please keep them safe. Zara says okay. Ayesha hugs her. Zeenat and Ruksaar fumes in anger.

Zara wears them. Ayesha says wow they look so nice on you. Kabir says Zara show me your hands. He looks at bangles in her hands. Ruksaar is jealous to see them holding hands. Kabir says my grandma is giving her gifts? isnt this injustice? Ayesha says why injustice, you got such a beautiful wife, isnt that enough for you? Zara raises eyebrow at him and blushes. Kabir is speechless and nods. Zeenat leaves from there leaving her earrings on the floor. Ruksaar sees it and takes them.

Scene 2
Zeenat looks at earring in anger. Ruksaar brings other one and show it to her, she says you have been fighting my fight till now but now your bad days in this house have started too, Zara have started becoming Ayesha’s nice daughter in law, if we dont stop her now then its just about time when she gives them a son and people in this house will forget who Zeenat is and they will chant only Zara’s name. Zeenat says I have a son too. Ruksaar says you have but your son and her son will have same difference like Kashan and Kabir. Zeenat says no that cant happen, I am elder daughter in law of this house.

Ruksaar says that elder daughter in law who got these smaller earrings and younger daughter in law got expansive, precious bangles on which you had rights. Dont try to hide it, Shahbaz loves Zara’s husband more than your husband and Ayesha have started liking Zara more too, now Zara should leave this house not only for Ruksaar but for Zeenat more..

Ruksaar says only Kabir can throw Zara out of house. Zeenat says why will Kabir do that? Ruksaar says Zara didnt tell about fake profile to Kabir, Kabir didnt say anything to me so it means Kabir is not on Zara’s side fully, I will use Kabir against Zara. Zeenat says how will it happen? Ruksaar says man’s ego is way bigger than a woman, we have to provoke Kabir’s ego against Zara, as far as I have understood, Zara is completely falling for Kabir but Kabir is just fulfilling his duty as a husband, before she gets love in return, we have to start a fire between them. Servant calls them down.

Shahbaz comes home. He calls everyone to lounge. He says to Kabir that I am really proud of you. Kabir says thank you but I dont understand? Shahbaz makes everyone eat sweets, Ayesha asks the occasion? Shahbaz says Kabir is going to become vice priest of the city, all are happy to hear it. Ruksaar recalls how Shahbaz promised her that she will get Kabir when he becomes head priest. Shahbaz says oath ceremony will happen here soon. Ayesha says I know this is your biggest dream, I will not leave any room for the celebrations, right Zara? Zara says yes all will be talking about this ceremony.

Ruksaar is sitting and smiling, Zeenat is cooking and asks her to help but she is dreaming, Zeenat ask what she is thinking? Ruksaar says seems like our times are going to come, seems like Shahbaz is going to follow his promises to me. Zeenat says you are trusting him again. Ruksaar says I am trusting situation, making Kabir head priest is his obsession, I will be a good daughter in law than Zara, he knows it, maybe he is not that bad as we think.

Zeenat says but Kabir cant become head priest till Irfan is alive. Ruksaar says yes for Kabir to become head priest, Irfan has to either give resignation or have to die and Irfan has to leave, if there is no Irfan then there is no Zara here. Zeenat says you dont trust Shahbaz, we dont know how Kabir will become head. Ruksaar says I will think like Shahbaz for this.




Kabir is getting ready for ceremony. Zara says you are looking nice, she puts brooch on his sherwani and says congrats on being vice priest. Kabir says I didnt become till now, Zara says I will still congratulate you, with being vice priest, you will be able to work on project more easily. Kabir says I hope so.

Ceremony start, Irfan makes Kabir wear a turban and announces to people that Kabir is going to become vice priest and people will offer namaz behind Kabir after me, all smile. Ruksaar eyes Kabir. Zeenat asks her to not stare too much. Salma says to Zara that congrats you are female priest now. Zara says no I dont want to be a priest, I just want to be a best guide for Kabir. All make Kabir and Zara wear garlands. Irfan hugs Zara and Kabir. Irfan and Salma leaves. Ruksaar says to Kabir that what if Irfan had a son and was able to become vice priest then what would you do? Kabir looks on.

Shahbaz calls someone and says yes we will meet soon, he ends call. Ruksaar comes there with his tea and says congrats for Kabir becoming vice priest, I came to remind you your promise, you promised to give me Kabir after he become head priest.

Shahbaz says yes I remember everything. Shahbaz recalls how he got to know that Ruksaar was behind Kashmir fiasco. Zeenat comes there too. Ruksaar says please give me Kabir back. Shahbaz says I promised you that I will get you married, I will fulfill it, just wait till tomorrow. Ruksaar gets happy.

Kabir says to Zara that you can congratulate me now. Zara says you congratulate me, from now on, we will work together in Sharia board for betterment of people, we will work as couple. Kabir looks on, he is about to answer but Ayesha calls Zara, she leaves.

In morning, Zara greets Kabir. She thinks that my husband is working with my father so he should wear nice clothes, I shouldnt forget that I am not only part of board but also wife of vice priest. She brings out Kabir’s clothes and irons them. Kabir comes out of bathroom wearing only pants. Zara is mesmerized to see his body, she cant look away, she recalls their moments in Kashmir. Kabir sees her staring at him. Zara blushes, she looks away and runs from there. She locks herself in washroom and laughs being caught in checking him out. Adha ishq plays.

Zara gets ready, Kabir asks where are you going? Zara says I am part of sharia board too, we have done all things so I should return to work. Kabir says guests are coming, you should help Ayesha and Zeenat in house, you are daughter in law of this house. Zara says I can handle both works. Kabir says first help in house, he turns to leave. Ruksaar comes there and says Ayesha is calling Zara. Kabir smirks at Zara and leaves.

Zara is working in kitchen. Alina asks who is coming? Ruksaar says Shahbaz’s guests are coming who are very important. Ruksaar thinks today Zara will be out of house.

Kabir is busy in working, Zara calls him but he misses it. Zara thinks where is Kabir?

Ruksaar says to Zeenat that I am so happy today, I will get Kabir today as Shahbaz promised. Zeenat says why you keep trusting him, we dont know who is coming today. Ruksaar says dont worry, he will fulfill his promise today, he said I will get Kabir when he becomes head priest.

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