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Age is just a number 14 July 2020: Yash asks Vaidika how she would celebrate her victory. Vaidika says there is nothing to celebrate. This family has no mistake in all this, she needs to keep the family connected. Nani over hear the conversation. Yash says everyone take advantage of her good will, no one from the family stood with Vaidika when Puneesh hurt her. Nani comes to second Yash but Vaidika says there is something called humanity. She still has the feelings.

Deepak was in the room drinking.

He makes Gauri take his shoes off and shouts at her to wash his feet and drink it. He minds Gauri that they won’t get someone like him. Bari Amma considered that Puneesh superior than him, and he looted the respect of a daughter of this house. He sends Gauri to get the dinner and was happy that Bari Amma’s hand moved today. Tomorrow she would stand up, and Yash will have to leave. Even Nidhi has fallen weak after Puneesh. The paths are getting clear for him.

Vaidika apologizes Anjana but she had no other option to bring the truth to all of them in such a way; Shruti isn’t pregnant, she said this to Puneesh on her advice. Anjana was relieved a little, but says her respect has been ruined. Vaidika suggests that they must marry Shruti. They need to assure Shruti that she can get a man whom she can trust, a man can love and respect her and be a good friend. Anjana wonders who would marry her.

Vaidika says not all men are bad, her son always respect women. He never blames a girl, and had the courage to love a woman older than him and a widow as well. Sahil stood outside the room and heard this. He wonders what kind of a game is God playing with him. He gets a call from the inspector that Puneesh is being released and planned an escape from Kanpur. Sahil decides he can’t let this happen.
Vaidika watch Sahil leave.

There, Puneesh offers the inspector any help needed from him. He was about to leave when Sahil reach there. He kicks and punches Puneesh then pulls a revolver from under his coat. Puneesh pleaded Sahil not to shoot. Vaidika was about to following Sahil in the cab. Sahil shouts that he would punish Puneesh for all his wrong doings and won’t spare him in hands of law.

In the pensive Sahil can see a visual of being killed by a female. Sahil questions the fortune teller why his story with Vaidika doesn’t move forward. The lady knew Vaidika Mathur’s name already, and tells Sahil about his past life around 100 years ago. She says it was Karampur and a lot of people in this life were still with him. The Maha Rani of Karampur (Bari Rani Maa of today) arrive in the court and asks about the birthday preparations of her daughter Vaidika. She place orders of all the arrangements. Daai Maa (Nani of today) of the court appreciates her love for Vaidika, Maha Rani says Vaidika is the eldest child of her husband Raja Sahib and she had promised him to take care of her until she is able to take care of his throne. Daai Maa was hopeful that the day would soon be there. She then asks about Deepak, but Raani Maa changes the topic and instead asks about Vaidika.

Vaidika was riding a horse in the gardens outside. A guard comes to inform Raani Maa that Vaidika was seen going out of the court. Raani Maa was furious and parts the neck of the guard right there. She announces that if any guard let Vaidika cross the limits of security of the palace will reach such an end. She orders the guards to go and find Vaidika.

Vaidika boasts about being brave and able to protect herself outside the palace. She vows that in her throne horse riding and learning swords would be a mandatory for girls. There was an attack over her. She defends herself but Sahil jumps in and finds the enemies killing them with his sword. Vaidika smiles looking towards Sahil. A few ladies from the palace come to take Vaidika back to palace and says these must be enemies. Vaidika wish he had introduced himself to her.

In the palace, Raani Maa punished Vaidika’s guard. Gauri questions if she would really get spices thrown in their eyes. Raani Maa says Vaidika’s life is really precious for her. Vaidika comes there and requests her to spare all of them, she dodged all of them. They make is possible for her to sleep peacefully and must be rewarded. Raani Maa was worried watching a wound on Vaidika’s arm, the ladies say she was attacked in the forest but a young man saved her. Daai Maa rubs her hand to heal the wound. Rani Maa tells Vaidika she invited the King and Prince Sahil of Mandhara and wants her to marry Sahil. Vaidika didn’t want to marry Sahil but they all convince that Mandhara is a peaceful state. Daai Maa show Sahil’s face in her magic bowl, Vaidika smiles recognizing Prince Sahil was the same man who saved her life.

Vaidika come into the court. Rani Maa introduces her as her daughter, Princess Vaidika. She smiles while Rani Maa introduces her to Mandhara’s Raja Sukh Dev and his son Sahil. She announces a show of dance in their welcome.

Princess Vaidika day dream about dancing for Prince Sahil. Gauri comes to take her attention, Vaidika realizes the guests had long left. Gauri says Prince Sahil’s behavior was a little odd at the proposal of Rani Maa. Vaidika was irked, she decides she can’t let them leave without giving a valid reason. She takes on him in the corridor and asks for the reason of his denial. Prince Sahil says he can foresee many difficulties in this proposal due to difference in status and age. He is lesser in both. Vaidika tries to convince that she has seen true love for herself in his eyes; he might regret not accepting such a love today which is beyond age and status. Sahil wasn’t convinced and turns to leave. On the way, his dress takes a fire from the candle on the way. Vaidika runs to put the fire off. Sahil holds her in his arm to save her from falling, they share an eye lock. As they straight up, Vaidika sends him to bath promising to send clothes through a servant.

Prince Sahil was in the bath when he notices someone had been stalking on him. He comes to take on the stalker silently and questions who he is. The stalker says he is happy that Prince Sahil has rejected Prince Vaidika’s proposal and touches Sahil sensually. Sahil pushes him away and leaves. Deepak says he would show how stubborn he is and right now only wish for Sahil.

Rani Maa scolds one of her guards that he was still unable to take Vaidika’s life. She is her step daughter and it’s hard for her to bear Vaidika’s face and her parents took promise from her to take care of their daughter. The guard apologizes that it was Sahil who saved her this time. Rani Maa cuts the guard’s neck with a sword. Dev asks why she filled her hands with the blood of a mere guard. Rani Maa was worried that Vaidika was the heiress of this throne, she can’t bear her alive anymore and wants Dev to be the heir of Karampur. Deepak come to her demanding a price to stay silent upon hearing her planning.

Daai Maa was worried knowing Vaidika’s life was endangered for the next fifteen days. Prince Sahil comes there to help Daai Maa help save Princess Vaidika. He had heard the planning about Vaidika’s murder in a room in the palace and vows to protect her at any cost. Daai Maa says she values Vaidika’s life dearer than her owns. The next morning, Daai Maa appoints Sahil as Vaidika’s guard. Vaidika wasn’t convinced, but Daai Maa insists as she is the heiress of this throne.

Vaidiaka calls Yash not to eat the food and runs towards him but he was busy on call.Nani finds her sarees being used for cleaning of floor and questions the servant who asked him to do this. The servant silently points towards Bari Amma.

Nani deters that she would use all of Bari Amma’s dresses as floor cleaner now. She soon realizes that such a helpless lady can’t plan all this, she understands Bari Amma isn’t as ill as she shows herself to be and says she will now make Bari Amma to speak and confess everything in front of Yash. They hear Prachi deny mixing any poison in Yash’s food. Nani goes there. Vaidika says someone tried to mix poison in Yash’s food and it could be anyone else’s food as well. Yash says he knows who did this, its Sahil who is jealous of him for marrying

Vaidika. They have an argument but Vaidika says she is sure Sahil can’t do this. She says they will find whoever did this crime and punish the person.
Prachi comes to meet Puneesh in a car and angrily asks why he called her. Puneesh cries and asks her forgiveness. He blames Vaidika for trapping him. Prachi asks if what he did to Shruti was also because of Vaidika. Puneesh says Shruti forced herself to him through various tactics, he also made mistakes and is apologetic. He hugs Prachi who melts silently for him. Puneesh says Vaidika presented everything in a way that he was proven wrong and parted from his family. He takes a revolver and tells Prachi to kill him. Prachi leaves the car. Puneesh calls from behind and laughs that if you shout a lie, it’s proven true.

At Agarwal house, Sahil speaks to Shruti that he must have been with her, but she must now promise him she will always ask him for help in any problem in her life. Shruti was crying and promises Sahil before leaving. Sahil stops Yash and Vaidika in the corridor and asks Yash if he didn’t die of the poison he had fed. His fiancé even sided him. He tells Yash that soon their drama would end. Vaidika clarifies to Sahil that every time he thought she loved him, he was wrong.

She was just nice to him as a land lady. Nani says she knows who gave the poison to Yash and takes them to the person. They come to Bari Amma’s room. Sahil was in a disbelief. Nani blames Bari Amma, she says Bari Amma made the servants turn her dresses into floor cleaners and could have asked someone to mix poison to Yash’s food as well. Vaidika asks Bari Amma if it’s really a drama. Sahil tries to interfere but Vaidika doesn’t listen, she asks Bari Amma why is she doing all this? She is posing being helpless and must be planning against them all in her mind.

She knows well to get the truth now and drags her wheel chair out of the room in spite of Sahil’s resistance. She calls everyone from the home and stops Bari Amma’s wheel chair at the verge of stair case. She tells Bari Amma to confess to her family she is only posing being paralyzed. The family tries to stop Vaidika but Vaidika deters to push the wheel chair off the stairs if Bari Amma doesn’t speak. Bari Amma moves her hair, pushes the wheels of the chair behind.

She struggles to stand up the chair and slap Vaidika on her face. Everyone from the family was happy to see this. She fell on the wheel chair again, Sahil holds her. They give a few sips of water into her mouth. Deepak thanks God, and whispers to Nidhi that she is gone. Prachi curses Vaidika but Sahil understands Vaidika’s trick of getting a reaction from Bari Amma. He couldn’t use the shock treatment he read from the book. He convinces Bari Amma that if Vaidika wanted to hurt her she wouldn’t have gathered the family.Vaidika says she had seen the movement in Bari Amma’s hands and feet; as per her aggressive behavior shock treatments should work.

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