Age is just a number update Sunday 11 October 2020

Age is just a number 11 October 2020: Nani complains to Bari Amma that Sahil left her daughter. Vaidika says she can’t leave her husband so easily. Bari Amma tells Vaidika that Sahil married Pankti, he signed the papers she had sent. Vaidika says no law can break their relation, they are connected through heart and for ages. She will have to stop Sahil anyway.

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Pankti asks Sahil to reconsider his decision.Pankti’s mother tells Puneesh that Sahil and Pankti have left for airport. Prachi says this won’t happen, Vaidika has left to stop Sahil. Nothing stops them from loving each other. Puneesh makes a call.
Sahil and Pankti reach the airport. He comes out of the car thinking about his past times with Vaidika. There, Vaidika was in the car, following Vaidika. All at once, Sahil hears someone call his name from behind. He stops by, Pankti however comes to take him along.

Vaidika hurries the car driver. Some goons with wooden sticks try to stop their car. Vaidika hurries the car driver, and understands these goons must be sent by Pankti’s mother. She asks the driver to be fast. She looks behind and turns their car into a dodging path. The goons take the same path as well.
At Agarwal house, Nani curses the network which didn’t connect Sahil. Prachi fakes that she can also not connect, then thinks she got the network jammed. At least tonight, no one must be able to contact Sahil. Bari Amma and Nani discuss that only Vaidika can stop Sahil, they wish Vaidika is able to meet Sahil.

The goons stop by Vaidika’s car. They were shocked to see Maya, not Vaidika in the car. Maya instead asks them to help her take the car out of this path. The goons leave. Maya was happy that she finally reached Vaidika and she left in her car. She wish Vaidika is able to stop Sahil.

Pankti gets a warning call from her mother.
Vaidika reached the airport. She tries to go inside but wasn’t allowed to enter without passport and ticket. The security guard doesn’t let her inside and pulls her aside. Puneesh’s goon had reached the airport. Vaidika tries to hide herself but was covered by the goons. She moves to another corner, followed by the goons. Sahil and Pankti were in the boarding process and proceed to security check in.
Vaidika comes in airport cleaning uniform and gets a way inside the airport. She comes running inside and finds a young man with his bags sitting on the chair. She cries in relief but soon notices it was not Sahil and some other guy.

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