This is fate 2 November 2020 teasers

This is fate November teasers 2020: Preeta is accused of harming Mahesh once again and Karan decides to marry Mahira to get revenge on her for real.

Zee world This is fate November teasers 2020.

Sunday 1 November 2020

Ramona ask Karina to inform the police that Preeta must have kidnapped Mahira but Rahki ask them to hold on and not take irrational decision. Mahira confesses to Preeta and Shristi that she and Sherylin are the one behind the incident and blamed her so she can marry Karan.

Everyone is worried about Mahira’s whereabout. Mahira lies that Preeta tried to kill her with a truck and that she barely escaped. Everyone believed her.

Monday 2 November 2020

Rishab got kidnapped by Pritivi in order to make him sign over his property. Preeta goes to save him but also get kidnapped. Same as Karan, Rahki fainted on hearing the kidnap of her sons. Mahira accuses Preeta

Preeta manage to escape as Pritivi insist rishab must sign over all his property to him. Shristi and sameer went to find Preeta and the Luthra’s son at the hotel to save them. Priviti and Sherylin are arguing at the reception when Preeta saw a glimpse of them and hide.

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Preeta tries to sneak on the kidnapper but her dupatta got stuck.Sameer and Shristi won’t stop arguing. Rahki and Karina make out time also go to the hotel to save them. Mahira calls Sherylin to inform her about the movement.Preeta almost got caught by the manager whom Pritivi has bribed.

Preeta manage to escape from the manager by cooking up story. Pritivi advice Sherylin to leave and not ruin his plan.
Karan reminisce over his time with Preeta. Preeta finds Shristi and Sameer and they all went to save Rishab and Karan.
Mahira threatened Sherylin if she didn’t tell her where she was, Ramona called Mahira ask her to return home and inform her father to help them.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Mahira is angry with her mother for suggesting they inform her father.
Pritivi move Rishab to another location but also got caught by Mahira.Sherylin is worried that Mahira might ruin her plan as she not smart enough

Preeta,Shristi and Sameer makes to find Rishab. Preeta blindly defend Pritivi that he’s not the kidnapper.Sherylin told Mahira about Pritivi when Mahira threatened to tell on her to everyone.Sherylin ask Mahira to pretend to go save Karan while she go find and save the love of her life before he gets caughtKaran finds Sameer, Shristi and Preeta and blames Preeta for not saving him or been able to find Rishab since.

Thursday 5  November 2020

Karan thinks Preeta is defending the kidnapper. Rahki and Karina ask Pritivi about Rishab. Preeta called the police to help find the kidnapper. Preeta finds the kidnapper and run after him. Sherylin helped Pritivi to escape.

Pritivi escape after being injured by Preeta.
Karan and Preeta caught Rana who they thought was the kidnapper even though Preeta doubt it having found a ring that belong to Pritivi are the crime scene.
Rana accuse Preeta of employing him to kidnap Rishab, Preeta is shocked .

Friday 6  November 2020

Rana (goon) blames Preeta for the kidnap. Rahki defends Preeta while Mahira said Preeta did that to stop her marriage with Karan. Sarla asked the girls where they have been and Preeta was force to say the truth as Sarla is very angry with them.

Sara scold Preeta and Shristi for always helping the Luthra’s family who never cease to think bad of them. Mahira is angry with Sherylin but Sherylin ask her to shift her focus on making sure Karan marries her.Mahira trys to get Karan to assure her that he will marry her.Sameer tellls Karan he was mentioning Preeta’s name all through the night meaning he misses her.

Saturday 7  November 2020

Shristi is scolded by Preeta and Sarla.
Karan pays the Aurora’s a surprise visit and forces her to attend his wedding.
Sarla was robbed in the market and Karan appear to help her. Everyone is worried about Preeta’s wellbeing.

Preeta is worried about her mother’s whereabout. Meanwhile Sherylin thinks something will go wrong with the marriage as Karan is no where to be found.
She advices Mahira to be extra cautious and not take chances. Sarla is angry with everyone for allowing Karan in the house let alone inviting Preeta to his marriage.
At the Luthra’s house everyone is shocked to find out Karan invited Preeta to his marriage. Karina says he invited destruction.

Sunday 8 November 2020

Karan made it know to the family he has invited Preeta to revenge what happened to his father and make her realize she means nothing to him.Preeta is sad and wonders why Karan would invite her for his wedding but Shristi thinks it best as it will mean they no more have any relationship with the Luthra’s.Preeta agrees to go to the wedding to prove she no longer care about the Luthra’s.Sameer and Shristi plan to stop the marriage ritual from happening.

Preeta tries to convince Sarla to allow her attend the marriage. Sarla agrees after much persuasion stressing that she won’t come to their aid should anything go wrong.Rishab confronts Karan and ask him to stop Preeta stating that its wrong to invite his own wife to his marriage in bid for revenge but Karan insisted she has been in attendance. Pritivi is thinking how pretty and clever Preeta is and it will be great for him to marry her.

Monday 9 November 2020

Sherylin compliments Mahira for being able to convince Karan to marry her but warning her to make sure Preeta is not in attendance as this could spark old love
Rishab is upset with Karan over his hatred for Preeta, same as Rahki.
Preeta arrived at the wedding and Karan dances with her in a vigorous way.
Shristi is angry that Karan manhandled Preeta. Karena calls Preeta aside to reprimand her, Sherylin is happy.

Karina challenge Preeta of being rude and coming to ruin the marriage but Preeta defended herself. Karan ask kartika to find Preeta as he wants her to witness every moment of the function. Sherylin ask Rishab to stop thinking about helping Preeta but Rishab shuns her. Karan is making sure Mahira does not wear him the warmala but seeing Preeta smiling got him distracted.

Tuesday 10  November 2020

At the wedding, Karan picks up the haar to put on Mahira but becomes reluctant thinking about Preeta. Karan is upset that Preeta is okay with everything and takes her to Manesh room to blame her for his father’s condition but Preeta shouts back at him and told him to stop blaming him for everything that goes wrong.

Sherylin attack Shristi but Shristi fires back at her seriously. Karan asked Preeta if she doesn’t want him to marry Mahira but Preeta answered he’s only blindly by anger.
Rishab tries to convince him seeing he’s broken but Karan is adamant. Sherylin taunt Preeta that she’s attending her husband marriage. Shristi thought of a plan to stop the marriage

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Shristi plan on how to remove Mahira from the picture but sameer got scared that if the plan didn’t work will result in him been sent out of the house. Sherylin continues to taunt Preeta which made Preeta to cry.
Karan insisted they find Preeta as he won’t continue with the wedding until she’s around. Sarla tells Janki how worried she is for Preeta. Meanwhile Preeta steps on the mandap to get a closer view of what’s happening.

Karan tries to irritate Preeta when she was talking to kartika. Preeta over hears Sherylin and Mahira’s conversation in Manesh roomShristi scolds Sameer for backing out to help her stop the marriage and sameer finally agrees to help. Sherylin and Mahira plan to kill uncle Manesh after her wedding with Karan. Preeta thought of how to stop their plan as Karan walks in on her that he warned her not to leave his sight.

Thursday 12 November 2020

Everyone is surprised as Karan insisted Preeta must witness part of the marriage function else the marriage won’t hold.
Pritivi is around and when ask by Sherylin why he came said he wants to make sure Karan and Mahira get married because he believes Preeta is really brilliant and can stop the marriage from happening which made Sherylin jealous.Police arrived demanding the wedding be stop, everyone is shocked as to why the police is here.

Everyone thinks Preeta had called the police to stop the marriage function.
The police officer told them they got information that the kidnapper is in their house. Pritivi unmask himself which Sherylin frowns at. Shristi plan with Sameer to drug Karan to Sleep in order to stop the marriage.Rishab asked the police to search the whole house while Sherylin hides Pritivi in their room. Sameer and Shristi offers Karan the drink. Karan gets a hint that the kidnapper might be hiding in Rishab’s room.

Friday 13 November 2020

Preeta catches Sherylin hiding the kidnapper in the wardrobe in Rishab room. Shristi and Sameer tries to stop the wedding by giving Karan spiked drink.
Rishab ask the police to thoroughly search his room.

Karina blames Preeta for everything as the kidnapper manage to escape through the window using Shristi.
Rahki and Rishab defends Preeta. Preeta tries to inform Karan about Mahira and Sherylin’s plan but Karan doesn’t believe her.

Saturday 14 November 2020

Rishab confronts Sherylin as to why she had him kidnapped.Preeta made up her mind to stop the wedding at all cost to in order to abort Sherylin and Mahira’s plan. She confronted Mahira.

Karan express his hate for Preeta to his unconscious father.Preeta knock Mahira unconscious while trying to save herself from Mahira.Rishab think of ending his marriage with Sherylin after Karan’s wedding.

Sunday 15 November 2020

Preeta panic as Mahira went unconscious but determine to save Manesh from Sherylin and Mahira’s evil plan disguised herself as the bride.Sherylin scolds Mahira for drinking alcohol not knowing it’s Preeta.
Karan feels a vibe as Preeta sits beside him.

Karan fainted as he wanted to remove preeta’s veil to know if it’s truly Mahira as he felt Preeta’s presence.
Shristi and Sameer are happy as they felt their plan is working while Mahira regains cconsciousness.Sherylin taunts Shristi thinking her plan has work.

Monday 16 November 2020

Shristi and Sameer tries to knock Karan out with a dosed juice but Shristi stops it after finding out Preeta is under the veil.
Sherylin discusses with Pritivi how happy she is that their plan is working out.
Shristi knock Mahira unconscious again with a vase.

Mahira escape to stop that wedding after hitting Shristi with a vase.
Preeta and Karan are finally married the second ttime. Everyone is shocked to see that Mahira is not the bride.
Everyone is angry with Preeta and accuse her of wanting to take over the family’s wealth and that’s why she married Karan again.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Karina ask the Pandit to undo marriage. Manesh moved and Rahki and Rishab noticed.Mahira rushes to the kitchen to stab herself. Preeta rushes to Manesh begging him to wake up and defend her. Manesh respond by moving.
Karina is angry with Preeta and Sherylin pours kerosene on Mahira.

Preeta is thrown out of the house by Karina and Rahki.Rishab question why Rahki would allow Preeta to be thrown out but she says she’s doing the right thing.

Wednesday 19 November 2020

Mahira fights Sherylin for instigating Preeta thereby making her to marry Karan again.
Sherylin is worried Mahira might expose them due to anger and tries to calm her down.Rahki is worried about Preeta and prayed for her meanwhile Pritivi called Sherylin to find out if the marriage between Karan and Mahira is concluded but is shocked to find out Preeta got married to Karan instead.

Thursday 20 November 2020

Karan worried about not being able to protect Preeta as he vowed started destroying the decorations in his room.
Sherylin infuriate Mahira against Preeta. Shristi tries to get auto but Sherylin throws the key away and starts to lash out on her.
Mahira blames Sarla and Preeta warn her never to say anything against her mother.

Karan asked Rishab if is shocked at everything happening but Rishab told him he is but still believe Preeta is not guilty.
Mahira threatens to kill Preeta if she doesn’t leave the town. Preeta broke down in tears.Pritivi informs Sarla about Preeta second marriage to Karan and got slapped as they refuse to believe him.
Sherylin and Mahira taunts Preeta but Shristi came to her rescue.

Friday 21 November 2020

Sarla sent Pritivi out of her house after much talking. Karina praises Rahki for her boldness of throwing Preeta out as she never thought Rahki was strong enough to do that.Sarla scold and ask Preeta to leave the house for betraying her trust and marrying Karan, then lock Shristi up.

Sarla angry throws preeta out of the house. Pritivi burn Karan photo and swears to revenge and take over all his property.
Shristi threatens to leave the house if Preeta is thrown out.
Sherylin and Mahira make another plan to get Karan and Mahira married.

Saturday 22 November 2020

Sarla encouraged Preeta go back and fight Sherylin and Mahira at least to earn back her respect from the Luthras.
Preeta moves into the Luthra house with all her bag with the Woman Right NGO and Rahki is happy with her decision.
Pritivi under the influence of alcohol destroys things at the Aurora house.

Pritivi is hurting Sarla and Janki but Shristi came to their red.Preeta introduces everyone to the NGO personnel. Karan is warned to treat Preeta with respect or will face the consequences of his actions toward her.

Sunday 23 November 2020

Ramona told the NGO that Preeta is trying to become Karan second wife but Rishab told them that Preeta is the legal and only wife.Karan calls the police to help throw Preeta out as she refusejd to leave when asked by him to.Rishab warns Karan against involving the police but he is adamant.

Sherylin lied to the police that there was no wedding at the house and that Preeta is just lying.Preeta showed the police videos of both wedding recorded by Shristi.
The inspector warn them not to do anything against Preeta or they will all be arrested.

Monday 24 November 2020

Karan challenge Rishab for always defending Preeta.Karan finally accept Preeta as his wife after much talking everyone is amazed at his decision.
The inspector promise Preeta check on her. Mahira is angry as Sherylin tries to calm her down.


  1. I’m sure it must be an Indian child of primary school age that wrote this story… In fact, it’s so immature unrealistic, unreasonable and illogical…

  2. Why are they wasting time unnecessarily?
    This series should have been concluded by now. Just running around in circles and repeating same thing over and over again. So annoying

  3. This is fate is so boring. Like how do you air one day (wedding day) for over two or three weeks. No wonder it gets poor ratings. Would be better if you aired other series.

  4. Like seriously..sherlyn should have been exposed since around September but nooooo they had to go and drag everything…Indian series prolong tactics are coma; memory lost and reincarnation. And this is fate’ s own has already gotten out of hand just like twist of fate.

  5. Please l hate this movie,it is full of drama.since the beginning you haven’t exposed sherilyn and long will it take ??. zeeworld please cut it we will be grateful

  6. The worst series ever. Really the script writer and producer fucked up. To slow and too boring. Do they think the viewer are gullible and senseless? Trying to catch two criminals for two years and Karan throwing tantrums like a 5 years old. Terrible.

  7. All of you just shut up if you dont like it why are u whatching it motivational speaker if u don’t know how to speak English leave it 😒🙄

  8. This film needs award for most pointless film in zeeworld, how can a person will be doing bad things when he finally almost to the point of getting cut he’ll maneuvre the situation. Having a constant villain in two season I’d unreasonable the writer, is so confused ah swear

  9. This is fate writers or script writers most have left something hidden or the director of the series because the big scene created by Sherlling and her boyfriend supported by Mahira a with blind love for Karan and his firm. The two are supposed to be exposed somehow along the line by accident or through a scene created between either Sherlling and her boyfriend or Sherlling and Mahira and by a splids of tongue the two can be exposed

  10. The series have potential characters but very stupid as well. Evil deads does not last but in this series they want to prove otherwise. Long with no lesson, according to me the executive were not well prepared to shoot it
    # this is fate 2

  11. Most unbearable and annoying to watch…
    The person that wrote this script has to be psychotic and needs help.
    How can women abuse be promoted….is this how men in power supposed to treat their wives….story is far fetched…boring and unrealistic…cant wait for it to end

  12. Finally preeter have gotten justice, i cant believe karan will ever accept preeter, thank goodness for the mum too who gives her courage, i think i am beginning to enjoy it now that was what i have ever wished for preeter, soon the devil herself will be caught i mean sharlin

  13. Oh my God can this series end already it’s so annoying it gets me so angry when it’s time for this series plz plz plz bring back jodha and Akbar


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