Aaliya to be replaced on Twist of fate

Heads up people, Shika Signh who has always played the role of Aaliya on twist of fate will be replaced by Reyhna Pandit who is currently playing the role of Mohini in curse of the sands.

Aliyah is the latest long time actor to leave the set of Twist of fate, after the likes of Tanushree, King, Kiara had since left.

Although this change had happened since last year 2020, we will be learning of it on Wednesday when a new episode will air on zee world.

Further research shows that this exit was  during the Covid era of 2020 that saw the entertainment industry all over going on a halt and even Zee world stopped showing some popular soaps then.

While speaking to Times of India,

Rehyna has this to say:

Yes, I am happy I have bagged the role of Aaliya in ‘Kumkum Bhagya. It is a powerful role and challenging. I am glad I am doing it.”

Ask her about stepping into Shikha’s role and she says,

“I don’t see it that way. Shikha has embraced motherhood and I am happy for her. I feel her little baby girl has blessed both of us, because I have got this role.”

When asked if she is happy doing negative or vampish roles in TV shows, she said,

“I feel every role has different shades and Aaliya is also very different from Svetlana or any other role that I have played in the past. They maybe negative roles but they are different. I started shooting yesterday.” She added, “In fact, the last three months have been so confusing and I had constant thoughts of my career. I was not able to understand what will be my next role and how will I get something in this situation but I seriously feel that God has blessed me and I am thankful to the production house for choosing me.”

Recall that it was during this period that Sihka  had her first child and probably while she decided to walk away from the show to face the new phase of her life.

We can only hope that Rehyna gives us all the villainous Vibe that Sighn gave us all these years she acted as Aliyah.

What’s your opinion about this upcoming change?



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