A perfect lie 11 February 2020 update


Dev gets ready. Suchitra comes to him and ties his shoe lace. He says leave it mum, I will do. She is annoyed. He apologizes to her and says I really mean it, he holds his ears and says sorry, saying I did not know this would happen. She says if anything happened to you then. He says its small wound. He says what I do now, all tension will end, just smile. She smiles. Dev comes in the living room and sees Shaurya. He brings a file. Sakshi asks how are you feeling now Dev. Dev says I m fine now. He says Shaurya, I want to give you something. Shaurya asks what. Dev says Payal rape case file, which I got by Sonali’s help through RTI.

He says Sonali did this as I asked her to, but now I don’t need it, I don’t want it anymore. Shaurya takes it. Dev says I wanted to know why it happened and how. I did not know it will be right or wrong, I wanted to calm my heart. Sakshi asks now what, did you know the truth. Dev says yes, I did not come back to go against my family, I hope Shaurya also knows this. Shaurya says yes and hugs him. Dev thimks sometimes to know the truth, we have to back out few steps, I signed Shaurya that I will not investigate and I will find that man who has attacked me and Gautam. Shaurya thinks good drama Dev, but I know you will prove Nitya and Payal innocent and you won’t stay away from Durga.

Shaurya brings the file and gives it to his friends. He says Dev has given it back to me with love. Dev talks to Gautam and says I did not have any choice, I can’t risk anyone’s risk, if anything happened to you in that accident. So I gave the file back to Shaurya. Gautam asks do you think Shaurya made the accident. Shaurya says Dev is a coward and thinks now I will be quiet, but no, I thought of a big surprise. Karan says no way, Thank Lord he got saved, else you might have killed your brother. Shaurya says we all will kill him. He says we all were caught in rape case and he wants to expose us, so why should I kill him, support me in killing him.

Dev asks Gautam and Sonali to leave form the city and he will call them back later. Gautam says we won’t go, this is unfair. Dev says I want to protect you, so just start packing. Shaurya’s friend Rishi does not agree to kill Dev and understand that Shaurya is crazy for Durga and he is afraid he will lose to Dev so he wants to kill him. Shaurya beats him and says I can kill many as the punishment is same. Karan asks Shaurya to leave him. Shaurya thinks yes, he wants to kill Dev because of Durga.

Shaurya says before Dev reaches us, we should kill him by correct plan. Karan says we have to be smart and alert as your parents doubt you, if they know we did this, they will not leave us. Shaurya says this time I will not let anyone doubt on me, I have a perfect plan. Suchitra asks Dev to rest. He works and gets pain. She cares for him and asks him to stop working. She asks him to go for xray. Durga comes there and hears them. She says its fine Dev, lets go for Xray, aunty is right.

She comes with a bouquet. He asks her how did she know. She says its city’s breaking news. He smiles. Suchitra says he feels he has grown up and did not need me. Durga says we are going for xray now. Suchitra smiles seeing them together. Dev agrees and says I will come. Suchitra thanks Durga. Durga says we will go by my car, I will drive. He says fine, lets go. Durga asks Suchita to take care and thinks she will be alone with Dev and try to know why did he go to Bhishnupur.

Sakshi meets Durga and Durga tells her that she is taking Dev to doctor. Sakshi taunts Durga calling her Dev’s driver. Durga says its fun to be in driver’s seat as risk is first for driver. She says I like to drive my life myself. Dev says lets go. They leave. Durga thinks she will take Sakshi for ride too. Sakshi thinks its good Shaurya is not at home, don’t know how would he react seeing them. They come for the x ray. The nurse asks Dev to give his watch and ring to his wife. He says she is not my wife. She says girlfriend. Dev goes for x ray while Durga waits outside. He is shocked to realize he lost Nitya’s locket.

He says how did I not know and asks Durga to come with him, its urgent. They leave. Dev asks Durga to drive little faster and says I can’t lose it. Durga thinks what, whom, what happened to him. She asks where are we going. Dev says Bhishnupur. She gets tensed and thinks why, did he found out about Payal, is this his plan to reach Payal. He brings her to the accident site and says stop there. She says tell me why you came here. He says I will tell you later. He runs to find the locket.

Police seals that place and does not allow Dev to go inside the marking. Dev says this is my car, I m Dev Goenka. I lost my precious thing, I m sure its in car. He says don’t come here. Dev says try to understand. Durga says Dev relax, tell me what is it. Durga says tell me, they will help you. Dev says what happened at accident time, but he is not getting it, where did it go, I value it a lot, what to do now. Dev goes ahead and looks for the locket. He finds it and is glad to get the locket. The inspector stops him. Dev takes the locket and Durga is shocked seeing it that Dev still values it as it was given by Nitya. Dev holds the locket and smiles. She thinks about Nitya gifting Dev a good luck locket. She thinks did Dev loves it more than his life. Dev smiles looking at it.

Dev holds Nitya’s locket and smiling. He says thank God I got it, I did not realize when it got away from my neck, you know what I can lose my life, but not this locket. He says lets go. Durga thinks. He says Durga, and asks what happened. He says I was worried for this locket, why are you worried. She says nothing, I m thinking you came here without having the xray for this locket. He says yes, for this locket, now I got it, so will go wherever you say, lets go for the xray now. He walks towards his car. Durga thinks that Nitya gifted Dev the locket. Dev calls Durga loudly and asks what happened, come, your doctor can go, come on lets go.

She thinks about her and Dev’s friendship. She sees him valuing the locket. They leave from there. Shekhar finds out about Durga Thakur but does not get anything. He checks the old pics of Durga. He thinks she met with an accident and was hospitalized, was it accident or something else, don’t think anyone knows about the hospital name. He says this info will be helpful for Sakshi. He calls the hospital and asks about Durga Thakur being admitted two years before. They end the call. He tries some other numbers and he does not get any details as its against their policies.

Dev wears the locket. Durga says I don’t believe this, is it special. Dev says very special, Thank God I got this. Durga asks whats special in it. She says I drove you there, you owe me the truth, come on tell me. He says this is not ordinary locket, Nitya gave me this and said I have to put my girlfriend’s pic in this. He smiles and says she was mad, you don’t know her. When I get her, if she sees I m not wearing this, don’t know what she will do.

Shekhar comes to meet Sakshi and Raima. Sakshi says don’t waste my time, tell me if there is anything useful to know. Shekhar says sure and I used my time for your work. He says I have golden info that you will be proud of me. He says Durga has a surgery in a US hospital. Sakshi asks whats special in this. Shekhar says she was in hospital for three months, what happened in the accident. Dev asks Durga what happened, I m telling you the secret and you are not giving any reaction. Durga says I m sorry but Nitya is dead.

Dev says you know Durga, Nitya and I were great friends that when one thought, other spoke, it was our connection, Nitya is somewhere and I will find her. Shekhar says I got full info and got the doctor’s number who did her surgery. Sakshi talks to the doctor Kane. She asks about Durga’s surgery. He says yes, tell me. She asks about her accident, how serious was it and what happened. He says we can’t give any details. She says I understand, I respect, but it important matter, I need to know about her. He says she is a strong girl, she will fight for yourself. He does not give any details.

Raima asks did you know anything. Sakshi says nothing. She scolds Shekhar and says bring useful info in 24 hours else forget your dream to become a businessman. Shekhar says I will prove that my doubt is confirmed now, that this Durga is fake. He leaves. Dev gets some info from a man and says Arpit De is the one who called me and Gautam to Bhisnupur. Dev pays him money. Dev says now I will know who tried to kill me, maybe someone hired him to kill me.

Dayal is cooking at home. Durga comes home and is thinking. Dayal asks her what happened. She says she was with Dev, took him to hospital and ………… She tells him everything what happened. She says id don’t understand how did Dev preserve the locket all these years as if its his life, he could not bear losing it. She says you should have seen him, he was so worried, and was talking me, I mean Nitya, as if she is alive for him, like nothing happened, he regards me his best friend even today, but he did not support me in my bad time, how can he say this now. Dayal says Durga I told you before, Dev is not like other Goenkas, I m happy that you also feel this.

She says no, it can be wrong to trust anyone at this stage, it can be a gameplan. She says Dev knows I have Payal’s info and Nitya’s diary, he wants to win my trust and reach Payal. Dayal says you are saying something and want to believe something else. He gets Dr. Kane’s call. Dayal says I have to tell you something important. Sakshi plays piano and Shaurya praises her. She says being the best is not everyone’s cup of tea. He asks what is this taunt for. He says you mean you doubt me for Dev’s accident, wow, your trust on me is so great. He says you made me a villain.

She says I know you very well, you are my son. He gets a call and someone blackmails him asking him for Rs. 10 crores. Sakshi hears this. The man says I know Goenkas are putting much many in the project. Shaurya says you are threatening me, how dare you. Sakshi asks who is daring this to threaten Goenkas on your personal phone. He says looks like someone is joking. She says this empire is not a joke. He says relax, I will tell Mukherjee to get this call traced. I will find out who is this.



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