A new life update Wednesday 8 June 2022

A new life 8 June 2022: The Episode starts with Guneet and Dada ji praising Kabir. Dada ji says desires make a person greedy, and dreams make a person passionate. Nimmo asks them to freshen up and come for dinner. Dada ji says ask Pritam if he will come. Soni says I will ask. Kabir says Angad and I will go to him, I have to tell him about shooting. He goes. Amrita sees Karan’s pic and cries. She says they don’t know that I m filled by you and your memories. She recalls Yuvraj’s words. She says no one can have a right on me. Jassi sends the video of Pritam’s dance. Amrita sits talking to Karan. She gets angry recalls Jagbeer’s words. The video plays. She sees Pritam’s video. She cries.

Kabir gets Pritam downstairs and says mum made special chicken today. Guneet says we could have sent the food upstairs. Pritam says I was feeling lonely there. Dada ji asks about Ludhiana trip. Pritam asks where is Biji. Dadi says she is unwell, she slept. Pritam says Amrita’s family is amazing. Nimmo says yes. Angad says I think you liked Amrita’s cousin. Kabir says its solid news, who is she. Pritam says I m so hurt, you are talking such things. Soni asks Angad to have food. He sees the kitchen and smiles recalling Amrita. Guneet asks why are you smiling. Kabir jokes. Soni says Amrita laughed so much that day. Nimmo says yes. Dada ji says we miss her a lot. Kabir says yes, we aren’t habitual to live without her. Guneet says she is innocent. Pritam says she is not innocent, she is Patakhi.

Nimmo asks how can you say that. Pritam says yes, she is a fighter cock. Dada ji says you are saying bad about her. Pritam says you know what happened on the way when we went to Ludhiana, we stayed in the hotel, she got into a fight with three gons, she broke a bottle on one guy’s head, later she saved my life. Nimmo asks did she do this when she took Ansh along, if anything happened to Ansh. He says sorry, I didn’t mean that, the fight just happened. She says why did she get in between someone’s fight. He says Angad knew about it. Angad says yes. Guneet asks why didn’t you tell us. Angad says already house situation was bad. Kabir says Amrita reached her home safely, right. Pritam says yes. Nimmo angrily goes. He says I m sorry, I wanted to say that Amrita is brave. Dada ji says yes, have food.

Pritam comes back to his room. He says I will call Amrita and tell her, she will handle, but no, its too late. Kabir comes. Pritam asks what are you doing here. Kabir says I came to see you, come downstairs to stay with us. Pritam says I m fine, I m not getting sleep. Kabir says me too. Pritam says go and sleep for the shoot, are you in love. Kabir asks are you also in love. Pritam says you got mad, go and sleep. Kabir says I m happy today, I felt I have become something when I had gone for the shoot, I missed Amrita a lot. Pritam says me too, I mean I missed Ansh a lot. Kabir says it was a big day of my life, I couldn’t talk to her since morning. Pritam says call her. Kabir says she might have slept. Pritam says call her, no one sleeps so soon. Kabir calls her.

Pritam says don’t tell about my accident. Amrita disconnects the call. Pritam says something is wrong, call again. She answers. Kabir asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks why were you disconnecting the call. She says nothing, is everything fine, how is mummy. Kabir says she is fine, Pritam and I were sitting and thought to call. She says fine, we will talk tomorrow. Pritam takes the phone and asks are you upset with me. She says no. He asks why aren’t you talking to me, I mean Kabir, he wanted to tell about his shooting. She says give phone to Kabir. She asks how was your shooting. Kabir says it was good. He tells everything. He says creative director came home, Dada ji has forgiven her. Pritam says make me meet that creative director. Amrita says no need, focus on work, I will talk to Dadu. Kabir says fine, sleep now, I will also sleep. She says give phone to Pritam. Kabir says she wants to talk to you. Pritam says yes, I reached safely, I m sorry, I couldn’t meet you before leaving, how are you. Amrita says I will get your jacket. He says alright. She says call me back in some time. He asks what are you saying. She asks can you call me or not. He says sure. She disconnects. He says I have a head ache, go now, let me sleep, go and sleep. Kabir leaves.

Pritam shuts the door. He calls Amrita and says why isn’t she answering now. She answers. She says I was changing Ansh’s diaper. He says tell me, did you want to say something. She asks do you have the car or returned it, can you come and pick me, I have to come back to Delhi. He gets thinking. Pritam asking why, you wanted to stay there. Amrita says you aren’t my inlaws, or parents to ask this, I will come alone. Kuljeet stops Amrita and disconnects the call. Pritam says what’s the matter. Saroj asks why do you want to go back, that too with Pritam, who is he. Amrita says I want to go there tomorrow. Kuljeet says I will drop you home, you lost faith on us, what’s the use for her to stay here. Saroj says don’t go like this. Amrita says I will come later, let me go now. Kuljeet and Saroj try to explain her. He says Karan isn’t in this world, this is the truth. Amrita says he is with me. Saroj says stop this madness, this drama, enough, you find life easy today, when Angad and Kabir get married and get their children, Nimmo and Guneet won’t support you. Kuljeet says maybe we aren’t with you, try to understand. Amrita says I won’t regret, I will handle myself, can you take me to Delhi or not, I feel suffocated here. They cry.

She argues with Saroj. She says my happiness is in that house, I have Karan and my memories there, don’t pluck my roots, I m filled with Karan, I can’t imagine my marriage. He says we won’t talk about this, fine, we will do as you want, I will take you there, keep your bags ready, happy now. He asks Saroj to come with him. They leave. Pritam thinks of Amrita and smiles. He thinks of Umed. Hitman says my man had hit his car with the truck, but Pritam was lucky to get saved. Umed says it means our luck is bad, he has Taneja’s diary, if he understand the clues in it, then he will reach us, then finished. Hitman asks who is he. Umed slaps him and says he attended my engagement, he got Taneja killed, he has the diary and he is still alive. He points gun at him and says I want his dead body in two days. Hitman asks who is he. Umed laughs. He says Pritam, undercover, he got Rathi arrested, he reached us now, I will be busy in my marriage with Jassi, I don’t want to see Pritam’s dance in my marriage, you have just two days.

Its morning, Pritam wakes up. He sees Amrita cleaning the room. He says don’t do that. She says I have to clean the entire house. He sees Amrita in Kamli. Kamli argues. He says what’s happening to me. She asks what happened to you. He asks did Amrita come back. She says no, she went to her Maayka. He says wait, tell me something, she didn’t come back. She asks did you get drunk, let me clean. He says what’s happening.Kabir says Dada ji’s your shoot isn’t here. Angad says creative will tell you later. Guneet asks Dada ji to be at home. Everyone talks to Kabir. Angad asks did you talk to Amrita. Kabir says yes, she was in tension. Soni says maybe she was tired. Angad says yes, they went to their city home yesterday.

Kabir says I will show her live shooting. They see Amrita and Ansh back. Guneet says you here. Dada ji says you came so soon. Nimmo asks what happened, is everything fine. Amrita says yes, its my house. Kuljeet gets her bags. Amrita says I decided to come. Dada ji asks is everything fine. Kuljeet says yes, she was missing you all. Nimmo asks is anyone else also coming. He says no, who else will come. Nimmo takes Ansh and says this is your house. She goes.Amrita says strange, house is of a man, not a woman. She goes to her room and talks to Karan’s pic. She says I have come back, leaving everything. Kabir and Angad ask her what’s the matter. Soni says Kuljeet is saying he will go back in the afternoon. Angad asks did anything happen there. Amrita says don’t worry, everything is fine, all is well. Angad says we are very happy that you came back. They hug Amrita. Amrita asks them to get to work. Kabir says come with me on shooting, my creative is your fan. She asks how does she know me. Angad says she came home also. Amrita says I will come some other day. Angad says she would be tired, we will go. Kabir says fine, we will play carrom when I come back. Amrita asks Soni about Nimmo. Soni says she is much upset. She tells everything. Amrita gets shocked. Dadi asks did Amrita do such a big thing. Guneet asks did she fight with Saroj and you. Kuljeet says yes. Dada ji says she didn’t do right. Kuljeet says we should have told her before. Nimmo comes.

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