A new life update Thursday 9 June 2022

A new life 9 June 2022: Nimmo taunting everyone that she has made sweets, it will be some good news that they are discussing. Guneet says you don’t know anything. She asks did Amrita’s relation get fixed, will they keep engagement first or direct marriage. She argues with Kuljeet. Guneet stops her and asks her to leave. She shouts I won’t go anywhere, I have to talk to Kuljeet today. She asks Kuljeet to say, how can he send an alliance to her in-laws. Dadi asks her to stop it. Nimmo says we didn’t wait after Ansh’s delivery, you had sent Yuvraj here without telling us, why did you do this. Dadi says calm down, he did a mistake, his intention wasn’t wrong. Nimmo says his intention was wrong, he used Guneet and cheated us.

Amrita comes and says he cheated me, what is your profit and loss, you just want your heir, the question is, what do I want, did you think about my happiness, you worry for my happiness, what makes me happy today, what do I want in future, you don’t know what a woman wants in her life, what I want. Pritam says its Amrita’s voice, how can she come back so soon, no, I m going mad, I will go and see. He looks downstairs. He sees Soni and Kamli. Soni sees him. Kamli asks what happened. Soni asks are you looking for Kabir. He says nothing, did Amrita come back, I felt that I heard her voice. Kamli says yes, she came back. He says no one told me, I will come and meet her. He stumbles. Soni and Kamli run to help him.

Soni asks Kamli to get haldi milk for him. He thinks how did Amrita come back so soon. He says something has happened. She asks what. He says nothing. Guneet and Kuljeet explain Amrita that a woman and a man need each other. Dada ji says Kuljeet didn’t do anything wrong, we all would have thought this, you are free to live your life. Nimmo asks how can a mum get free of her child, do you want Amrita to leave Ansh. Dada ji asks will she waste her young years for Ansh. Amrita asks why are you all deciding this, why will society norms force me to accept someone. Kuljeet says we are not forcing you, I swear on you, I had sent Yuvraj because it was a good alliance, don’t marry if you want, don’t misunderstand me. Amrita says I don’t misunderstand you, but my life is at stake, I didn’t know, Guneet also kept me in darkness. Guneet says no.

Dada ji says they didn’t tell us, they saw a hope and forgot to ask you. Nimmo says they didn’t ask anyone, this is a cheat. Kuljeet says I m sorry for the mistake. Amrita says no need to apologize to anyone, I know you are worried for my future, you could have asked me once, its my life, my rights. Nimmo asks what are you saying, Amrita, you are the bahu of this house, we will think about you. Amrita says no, I will think about myself.Soni asks were you running to meet Amrita. Pritam says I wanted to see Ansh. She says I will get Ansh here, take care, if you need anything, then tell me, you have my number, right, I will save my number in your phone, its locked. He says I have your number saved, its okay. She helps him. Kamli gets haldi milk. Soni asks her to go.

He asks why did Amrita come so soon. Soni says don’t know, Kuljeet also looked upset, have this milk. He says I will meet Kuljeet. She says they are locked in a room, they have a meeting, you have this milk. Nitin comes. She gets away. Pritam asks her to go. Nitin says give the milk glass to me, you go, I need to talk something imp. Soni says you can talk in front of me, I got interest in share market. Pritam asks her to leave. She leaves. Nitin shuts the door. He asks where is that diary, what’s the plan. Pritam says you both do the work, ask Sandy to check the diary, UD is activated now, he will do everything to save his drug empire, we have to act fast. Nitin says yes. Amrita says when you got me married, then I was your daughter, I accepted your decision, now I m not just your daughter. Nimmo says you are our bahu. Amrita says I m a woman and a mum also, I want to decide for myself, no one will take my decisions. Dadi says its not wrong, we just want your happiness. Dada ji says we want to see you happy like you used to be happy with Karan, life gets easy when there is a partner. Guneet says life is a tough journey, you need someone.

Kuljeet says don’t decide like this, think well. Amrita says I have decided it, I don’t want to marry anyone, not today, not anytime in future. Nimmo smiles.She asks Kuljeet did he hear it, lets end this here, Amrita is our bahu, remember this. Amrita says I m my parents’ daughter even today, I m your bahu, I didn’t take this decision for relations, its about my love, my Karan, I love Karan a lot, my relation with Karan is more imp than these relations, I m just of my Karan, this is my love for Karan which has kept me tied. She cries. Guneet asking Nimmo is she shocked after hearing Amrita, her face shows her feelings. She says its clear, Karan is imp for Amrita, that’s it, no question now. He says it was not her answer, but a question for all of us, leave it, you can’t understand. She asks what. Dada ji says she handled both Kuljeet and Nimmo. Guneet says Amrita had to keep respect of her dad and you. Dadi says Nimmo has to accept this. Guneet says you are dealing business of relations, Amrita isn’t just your bahu, she is a woman, she has her own life, she will not live as you want.

Dadi says Karan’s love is stopping her, but its not right. Dada ji says yes, Amrita isn’t doing right, Amrita is tied by Karan, she can’t feel his touch or heartbeat. Guneet says you are happy that Amrita is ready to sacrifice her life for Karan’s love, I m not happy, her life deserves a hope, not a memory. Amrita thinks of Karan. Kuljeet says we couldn’t think of your good, trust me, it was sudden, we didn’t think of hurting your heart, you have kept a relation with a shadow, Karan is the past, don’t do this, take time, your decision is wrong for you, for us, for Ansh, you may not need a husband, but Ansh needs a father, your love for Karan isn’t wrong, but its not right also, you said you are a mum, think about Ansh, you used to walk between Saroj and me, holding our fingers, this happens, if one hand is lost, then the child feels lonely, I will always stand by your decision, because I want to see you happy. He leaves.

Pritam checks the diary. He looks at the door. Nitin asks what happened, is anyone coming. Pritam says no, look at the diary, UD is dangerous. Nitin says you already told that, I will see, don’t worry. Pritam says she has no courtesy, she didn’t come to meet me knowing about my accident. Nitin asks who, commissioner. Pritam says no. Nitin asks when is Amrita coming back. Pritam says she came back. Nitin says so you are upset, she didn’t come to meet you. Pritam says why will she come. Nitin asks are you missing her, it means Monty was right. Pritam gets angry. Nitin runs.

Vishaka says where is Pritam hiding, meet me once. Kabir is busy in the shoot. He recalls Meera. Meera comes there. Kabir calls her out. Kabir drops the girl and runs to hug Meera. Vishaka looks on. He says I was thinking about you. She says leave me. He says this ad is looking incomplete without you, you should have been there instead that model. She laughs. She says everyone is looking at us. He asks who. He sees Vishaka and says she is not a family member, she is Meera, she was in the deo ad pic. Vishaka says yes, I saw her pic with him, welcome Meera, join us. Meera says so sorry to disturb. Vishaka says we will watch Kabir on the monitor. Kabir says I will give the shot well now. Meera says good luck. Meera smiles seeing the shoot.

Kuljeet is leaving. Guneet asks him not to worry, give some time to Amrita. Kuljeet says I know. Dadi says we are with Amrita. He asks for Nimmo. Guneet says she had a headache, she is resting. Dada ji says we will make you talk to her on call. Guneet says everything will be fine. Dada ji says we have to think about Amrita’s happiness, sky and land can’t be of the same colour, time changes everyone, wait for some time. Amrita cries. She asks Kamli to get the tiffin. She gives the tiffin to him and says have it on the way, I have made the parathas. Kuljeet cries. She says forgive me, say sorry to Saroj from my side. He says its okay. She says I couldn’t tolerate that. He says I know you love us a lot, parents can’t be angry on children for long, talk to Saroj on phone. She says ask her not to think much about her. She hugs him and cries. He leaves.

Meera says I had taken much leaves, Naveen responded well, dad has a business here, we came back. Kabir asks is he fine. She says yes, his treatment can happen at home, we have to keep him away from old friends. Kabir says he wants family, its imp, I reached here because of family support. She asks why did you get serious. He says you also got serious. She cries and says I have seen dad crying many times, I have seen Naveen shouting in pain, I have also cried a lot. Kabir holds her hands. Vishaka looks at them. Kabir asks why didn’t you tell me, I would have come there. Meera asks why. He says I care for you as you do. She thanks him.Kabir says I will be with you now, we will give company to Naveen, Amrita is also back. She says wow, but I can’t meet her, I didn’t see Ansh also, I lost your family. Vishaka comes and says liar, you didn’t tell me that you guys are in love. They get shocked.

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