A new life update Tuesday 7 June 2022

A new life 7 June 2022: Kabir and Angad going with Pritam. Nimmo and Guneet ask Soni to make tea for Pritam. Pritam sees Amrita’s call and recalls her. He thinks what’s happening to me. Nimmo says I m worried for Amrita and Ansh, they were with Pritam. Amrita says Pritam told me to massage by palm. Saroj says yes, he is right. Kuljeet asks how does he know it. He jokes. Jagbeer comes and greets. He says sorry, I couldn’t come in Jassi’s engagement. Saroj asks Amrita to take Ansh. Amrita goes. Jagbeer says I came to meet Amrita, did she like Yuvraj. Saroj asks him to talk slowly. Jagbeer says tell me if you don’t want Amrita to marry Yuvraj. Amrita hears this and gets shocked.

She asks how can you get such a bad thing on your mind. Jagbeer says we want to settle you down again. Kuljeet asks him to leave. Saroj says Amrita knows it now, we will talk to her. Jagbeer says I m saying the same. Kuljeet tries to explain. Amrita is shocked. Saroj says we had sent Yuvraj to meet you. Amrita says it means he had come there to see me, I didn’t even know, you cheated me and my family. He says no, we told this to Guneet. She asks what. She recalls Guneet’s words.Amrita says you thought he isn’t hurt, its so disgusting. She cries. Jagbeer goes. She says I used to feel proud of you, but not today. Saroj sas we want your betterment, what shall we do, do you want to live as a widow all life. Amrita shouts yes, because I m my Karan’s widow, I don’t want to talk to you. She goes and locks the door. Pritam gets Amrita’s earring and recalls her. Angad and Nitin come.

Nitin says I got the medicines. Angad says these are some fruits. Nitin says Monty went to get your car and finish paperwork. Pritam imagines Amrita and says you… Nitin and Angad ask what happened. Angad says take rest. Pritam keeps imagining. Nitin says you have a head injury, I will stay with you.Pritam says no, go. Angad says come downstairs with me. Pritam says just go, I will call if needed. Angad asks Nitin to go. He laughs and asks who are you talking to. Nitin says he is talking strange because of head injury. Angad asks is he in love, did you like any of Amrita’s cousins, did you have fun there. Pritam recalls Amrita. Angad says I think you are in love. Pritam says strange, I m hurt here. Angad and Nitin go. Pritam sees the earring again. He sees Amrita again and says what’s happening with me.

Dada ji wants to see Pritam. Kabir stops him. He gets emotional talking to the family about his first ad. He says I felt that I also have a value now, I missed Karan and Amrita, he would have felt really proud of me, Amrita went on a wrong time. Angad consoles him. He asks Kabir to call Amrita. Kabir says I had called, she isn’t answering, maybe she is busy. Amrita argues with Kuljeet and Saroj. They say we want your happiness. She says no one can take Karan’s place, go from here, I m already settled, Sakhuja family is mine, Ansh is Karan’s Ansh, I don’t need anyone. Amrita cries and recalls Yuvraj’s words. She says I couldn’t understand anything. She recalls Pritam’s words. She says even Pritam understood that Yuvraj came to see a girl, I couldn’t understand. She cries.

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