A magical love story Update Wednesday 14 July 2021


A magical love story 14 July 2021: The Episode starts with Aman calling Tabeezi. She asks how can’t Baazigar reach you, are you in some jungle. He says yes. She says it means you are in Kala jungle, Baazigar can’t come to you, magical door won’t work, its Jinn’s area, they are mighty in the place they live, is Ayana with you. He says yes. She says she doesn’t know her powers, just she can save you. He asks what shall I do. She asks him to make a circle of the magical powder, it will protect him for some time, hurry up, Jinns may attack him, there is a illusion well…. Aman asks what. His phone gets disconnected.

He makes the circle by the magical powder. Raakh Jinn and Ada look on. Raakh jinn says we have to find some other way to reach them now. Aman holds Roshni. Its night, Roshni wakes up. He says don’t go out of this circle, whatever happens. She sleeps. She feels cold. He covers her with his coat. Tabeezi says nothing will happen to Aman and Ayana, don’t worry. Dadi tells everything to Parveen. Parveen gets shocked and says that black jungle is Jinn’s house, if Roshni was Ayana, Aman would have not got trapped this way, Roshni is Jinn’s pawn.

Dadi says we have to help Tabeezi in getting Aman and Roshni out. Parveen says none can help them now, I have to do something. Roshni talks in sleep. She says its Aman’s mistake, he wanted to do baking, that’s why I fell in bad boys’ trap, I m brave, but I was scared today, I m stuck here because of him. Aman smiles. She says he was annoyed as I didn’t leave paneer for him, his eyes are cute and heart is of stone, dangerous combination. He says total rubbish. Sara and Saima say we will come along. Dadi says no, stay here. Phupi says take care of Parveen, we are going to Tabeezi. Roshni says Khan baba is bad, but when he is with his family, he is perfect gentleman, he really loves his family, that is so cute, I regret one thing a lot, he will never accept me, I can’t become part of his family, because he thinks I m a bad girl. Aman says no Roshni.

He recalls Parveen’s words. He says who are you, liar or innocent. She asks who are you, caring man or stone hearted bad man. Raakh Jinn says I can’t cross this circle. Ada asks how can you lose. Raakh Jinn says you just watch. She calls Sinsa. She asks illusion well to appear. Dadi and Phupi get shocked.Tabeezi says illusion well, hundred innocent people were thrown in this well, their angry souls create illusion and call people towards them. Dadi says that circle will protect them right. Tabeezi says I regret I couldn’t get time to tell Aman about this illusion well. Phupi asks what would happen when souls get awakened. Tabeezi says just Ayana can save him, but she didn’t learn using her powers. Aman wakes up by the falling dew drops. He sees Roshni sleeping. He holds the drops in hand. Kahani hamari….plays… Raakh Jinn says illusion well knows everyone’s nature, it will create such an illusion that Ayana has to come out of the circle. She creates a little boy crying and sitting near the well.

Roshni wakes up and gets shocked. She thinks who left this child near the well. She recalls Aman’s words. She says I have to save the child. She steps out of the circle. Roshni goes towards the well. Aman wakes up. He gets shocked seeing Roshni going to help the child. He runs to her. Roshni goes to pick the child. Aman pulls her back. She says that child and well… He says there was no child, it was an illusion to pull you towards the well, this place is dangerous, we have come out of the circle, we have to leave fast, lets go. They hold hands and run. Raakh jinn uses her powers. She creates some barriers.

Aman gets Roshni back. Roshni looks at him. The Sifrati Jinn soldiers come to attack. They shoot arrows at Roshni. Aman turns Roshni away. Roshni looks at him. He gets shot in his back. She asks are you fine. She gets blood on her hand. She gets shocked. He falls down. She cries. She sees the Jinn soldiers. She recalls Baazigar bearing the arrows to save her before. Ada asks what did you do, you had to kill Roshni, Aman is shot. Raakh Jinn says Aman has sympathy for Roshni, he saved Roshni, get Aman, Ayana will come after him, I will kill her. Aman asks Roshni to run, they have come for her. Roshni says I will give my life with you, I won’t leave you. He looks at her. He says please go. He pushes her away. Roshni cries.


Roshni seeing the Jinn soldiers chaining Aman. She shouts Khan baba. She asks them to leave him. The soldiers take Aman backwards. Roshni shouts please leave him. Aman screams in pain. He sees Roshni. Roshni angrily shouts leave him…. The rocks break by her scream. Aman gets shocked seeing her Ayana powers. Dadi asks what will happen now, Aman doesn’t have Baazigar, Ayana doesn’t know her powers. Tabeezi says when Ayana feels for Aman, her powers will get awakened. They see Roshni’s sketch on the book. Roshni opens eyes and looks on. Aman cries. Ada says she is really Ayana. Raakh Jinn gets shocked. Roshni runs to save Aman. Roshni shouts leave him. She throws her hair clips, which transform into her weapons. Aman gets freed from the chains.

Roshni holds her weapon in hand. The Jinn soldiers take the chains to catch Roshni. They attack Roshni. Roshni jumps over and gets saved from all the chains. Aman gets amazed. She attacks the soldiers. They disappear. Roshni breaks the evil jungle effect by throwing the weapon in the sky. Aman calls out Baazigar. Baazigar comes. Aman sees Roshni fainting. He still has the arrows shot in his back. He runs to Roshni. The book shows their sketch. Dadi asks what’s this. Tabeezi says Ayana has to use her powers carefully, if she uses her powers without learning, then she can even die. Dadi worries. Aman lifts Roshni and takes her to the magical door. Raakh Jinn says Roshni is developing love for Aman, so she has realized her powers, we have to take illusion well to her. Aman and Roshni are sleeping in the room. Roshni wakes up. She sees Aman with arrows. She recalls the incident. Dadi, Parveen and Phupi come there. They get shocked. Parveen scolds Roshni and cries for Aman. She asks Roshni to get away from him.

Dadi removes the arrows. Phupi says there should be some way to save him. Parveen says I will go and get Tabeezi’s kada. Chotu comes. Phupi stops him and asks what happened. Chotu says Saima’s in laws have called, they are coming. Dadi worries. He asks what happened to Aman. Dadi says nothing, he is fine, he is resting. She asks Phupi to ask them to come tomorrow. Phupi asks how can I forget my inlaws are coming. Chotu says Saima’s inlaws are coming. She says fine.Dadi asks Roshni to take care of Aman, she will talk to Tabeezi. Dadi says Tabeezi said Roshni can save Aman if she cares for Aman’s life first, I can’t ask for her life, we have to find some other way. Phupi says Saima’s inlaws want to come and talk to you. Dadi asks why. She talks. Parveen calls Ada.

Ada asks how is Aman, I feel restless today, I m worried for him, can I call you Ammi. Parveen says yes. Ada says thanks Ammi, tell me how is Aman. Parveen says he isn’t fine, he is unconscious, mum said Ayana should be ready to give her life to save his life. Ada consoles her. Parveen feeds kada to Aman. Dadi asks Roshni to help Aman. Parveen says Roshni will not risk her life for Aman. Roshni keeps the flower bud on Aman’s chest. She cries and asks him to get up. The bud blooms. Aman gets conscious. He sees Roshni and recalls the incident. He says you didn’t leave me. Parveen looks on.Roshni says you would be tired, please rest. Parveen goes angrily. Dadi asks Aman to rest. Aman holds Roshni’s hand. They all go. Roshni says when injured Nawab holds Ayana’s hand, there is a strange feeling. He smiles. She says leave me, I think you should rest. He says I m sorry. Another flower blooms on the tree. She smiles.

Parveen has hatred and jealousy. She can’t see Aman getting close to Roshni. Raakh Jinn gives a dagger to Ada. Ada’s dad calls Parveen and asks what did you tell Ada that she tried to give her life. She asks what, when did she do this. He says after speaking to you, she tried to commit suicide, she was saying she has to save Aman, we saved her with difficulty. She says we will come soon to take Ada. He goes. Ada smiles and sees her bandage. Raakh Jinn smiles. Parveen says Ada tried to give her life, so Aman came out of death trap, it means Ada is Ayana, she didn’t care for her life.

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