A magical love story Update Thursday July 2021


A magical love story 15 July 2021: The Episode starts with Parveen asking Roshni to leave from the house. Everyone asks what is she doing. Parveen throws out Roshni. Roshni cries and gets hurt. Dadi and Phupi come. Parveen says I m saving my son, Roshni isn’t Ayana, Ada is Ayana, I told her that Ayana had to give her life to save Aman, so she tried to give her life, Roshni took Aman to the jungle, you got trapped in Raakh Jinn’s trap. Dadi asks Parveen to get aside and let her open the door. They see some Saira’s in laws at the door.

Dadi greets them and welcomes them. Aman wakes up and recalls Roshni. He looks around and calls her. Parveen disconnects the phone. She recalls servant giving her Roshni’s phone. The lady says our dad’s health isn’t fine, he is asking if we could keep the marriage this week instead next year. Dadi says we have to talk to Aman. Aman looks for Roshni and comes. Parveen says they were waiting for you, come.

Roshni comes home. Salma hugs her and asks is everything fine. Roshni cries. The lady says thanks for agreeing. Dadi says its our duty to respect your dad’s wish. The lady says we shall leave now. They leave. Farah asks how could she push you, you are Ayana. She asks why are you mad when Aman is behaving mean. Roshni says nothing, just normal concern, nothing else. Farah says look at yourself, you get glad hearing his name. Roshni asks her to eat sweets. Farah asks why did Parveen push you. Aman asks where is Roshni. Dadi and kids show the video.

He sees the video of Parveen throwing out Roshni. He says this girl saved my life, what did you go. Parveen says I have done it right, Roshni isn’t a nice girl, we can’t trust a dancer’s daughter. Aman says I m married to Roshni. Parveen says marriage can break too. He says I m going to take her. She says you won’t go anywhere. Roshni says I don’t think Aman will come to take me, he said he won’t accept a girl like me. Aman makes Parveen away and leaves.

Farah asks her about the cheque. Roshni says I don’t know anything about her. Farah asks her to ask Salma about it. Aman calls Roshni. Parveen throws the phone and breaks it. She cries. Aman says why is her phone switched off. Roshni comes to Salma and asks why did Sameer give 21 lakhs cheque. Salma gets shocked. She says he gave the cheque, but I didn’t take it. Salma says he gave money as he was married, he had a wife and child, I did this for your betterment. Roshni says no, I always defended you, but you broke my trust. Salma says you got married to Aman. Roshni says its not marriage but a deal, I married him for that blank cheque for you, you always prefered money over relations. She cries and says Aman will never come to take me now. She goes and recalls Aman. Aman comes home. Salma looks on. Salma goes to him. He recalls her lie. He leaves. Roshni cries.

Dadi asking did you meet Roshni. Aman says no, you want me to get her, so that we insult her again and make her out. Dadi smiles and asks are you feeling bad for her. He says no way. She says you touched your ear as you are lying, you feel bad for her. He says no, she took a cheque from me to marry me. She says you weren’t in love to marry her, you did deal to save your mom, how can her deal be a cheat. He ends call. He goes to his car. Roshni stops him and comes to him. She says mum is recovering now, doctor said she has to be careful. He asks really. She says yes, you should also do yoga, you look as if you are angry all the time. She hides her wound. He asks what happened to your hand. She says nothing, I m stupid, my hand came in between when I was closing the window. He thinks are you really good or just act.

She says come in, else mum will feel bad. He says come home with me. She says you came home by main door for the first time, come in. He gets in the car. She thinks he is showing attitude, but its good he came to take me. She smiles.Tabeezi opens a book. They see Aman and Roshni’s sketch. She says we want Aman to fall in love with Ayana, this shadow won’t let this happen, Aman’s heart will be divided in two sides. Dadi asks can we make him love Ayana. Tabeezi says their love has to fight Jinn’s shadow, there will be darkness and light on either sides and Aman in between. Raakh jinn sees Aman. Ada looks on. Aman sees Roshni and says you are seeing me. Roshni says no, I will directly stare at you if I want, I was just thinking, are you fine, when you were opening eyes, I was scared. He asks why, why do you care.

She asks how won’t I care, I don’t care….The car goes unsteady. She gets hurt. He asks are you fine. She says yes, why did you stop the car. He takes the car backwards. She asks him to say, just answer. He says shut up Roshni. She says fine, I won’t ask anything. He calls Baazigar. He does the magic and makes his car fly. Roshni gets shocked. She holds him. She says car is flying in the car, you did this so that I don’t get hurt, you are so cute. He says you are dumb, I got new tyres in the car. She says you did this for me, yes. He says no Roshni.

She says yes. She sees the birds flying and extends her hand. He says Roshni get in. She asks him to drive well. Raakh Jinn sees the car coming. She pushes Ada in front of the car. The couple gets down and asks are you fine. Raakh Jinn jumps over the car. Dadi says this shadow can’t keep Aman away from Ayana. Tabeezi says yes, one day Ayana will make Aman away from Jinn by her love. Raakh Jinn puts two people in the illusion well and asks the well to give her Roshni. Dadi goes. Tabeezi sees the book and says Aman will love Ayana when she gives her life for him.

Aman gets Roshni home. They see Ada. Parveen says I got Ada here, a decent family girl deserves this house, not any dancer. Dadi asks Sara and Saima to take Chotu inside. Parveen says stop, they should also know this girl’s truth, she isn’t Ayana. Aman sends them in. He asks why are you doing this. Parveen says a mum protects a child, I m doing the same, her mum taught her to trap people, you are getting trapped. Aman asks Roshni to go to room. Roshni cries. Parveen stops her. Raakh jinn gets the well inside a mirror to get Roshni trapped. Parveen says you wanted to save my life, else you would have never seen such a girl, you would have got married to Ada. Aman says Roshni, go in. Roshni goes.



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